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Solid State Laser Technologies and Femtosecond Phenomena
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Volume Number: 5620
Date Published: 23 December 2004
Softcover: 35 papers (330) pages
ISBN: 9780819455734

Table of Contents
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Neutralisation of antipersonnel mines with an Nd:YAG laser
Author(s): Willy A. Luethy; Thomas Rothacher
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Diffraction-limited polarized emission from a multimode Yb-doped fiber amplifier after nonlinear beam cleanup
Author(s): Laurent Lombard; Arnaud Brignon; Jean-Pierre Huignard; Eric Lallier; Gaelle Lucas-Leclin; Patrick M. Georges; Gilles Pauliat; Gerald Roosen
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Nanosecond supercontinuum generation at the mJ level
Author(s): Scott C. Buchter; Bo Andersen; Martin D. Nielsen; Kim P. Hansen; Harald Simonsen
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Thulium-ytterbium co-doped fiber laser with 75 W of output power at 2 µm
Author(s): Yoonchan Jeong; Pascal Dupriez; Jayanta K. Sahu; Johan Nilsson; Deyuan Shen; W. Andrew Clarkson; Stuart D. Jackson
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High-power 2-µm Tm3+-doped fibre lasers
Author(s): Gavin P. Frith; David G. Lancaster; Stuart D. Jackson
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Efficient holmium-doped solid state lasers pumped by a Tm-doped silica fiber laser
Author(s): Deyuan Shen; Jayanta K. Sahu; W. Andrew Clarkson
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Fibre-laser-pumped mid-infrared source
Author(s): Espen Lippert; Gunnar Rustad; Stephane Nicolas; Gunnar Arisholm; Knut Stenersen
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Optical parametric oscillator based on microstructured GaAs
Author(s): Konstantin L. Vodopyanov; Ofer Levi; Paulina S. Kuo; Thierry J. Pinguet; James S. Harris; Martin M. Fejer; B. Gerard; L. Becouarn; Eric Lallier
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Laser-pumped cascaded optical parametric oscillators for watt level mid-IR generation
Author(s): David G. Lancaster
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Femtosecond optical parametric oscillators: a practical approach for power scaling tunable sources
Author(s): Martin V. O'Connor; David P. Shepherd; David C. Hanna
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Studies of optical loss in ZGP OPO devices for near- to mid-infrared conversion
Author(s): Brian J. Perrett; Michael R. Harris
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THz-wave parametric sources and imaging applications
Author(s): Kodo Kawase
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Room-temperature CW operation of (lambda~9 µm) InP-based quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Sebastien Forget; Clemont Faugeras; Elizabeth Boer Duchemin; Jean-Yves Bengloan; Carlo Sirtori; Michel Calligaro; Olivier Parillaud; Hideaki Page; Marcella Giovannini; Jerome Faist
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Thin-disk solid state lasers
Author(s): Adolf Giesen
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High-brightness tapered laser diode bars and optical modules with Al-free active region (lambda = 980 nm)
Author(s): Michel Krakowski; Michel Calligaro; Christian Larat; Michel Lecomte; Nicolas Michel; Olivier Parillaud; Benoit Boulant; Thierry Fillardet
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High-power fiber lasers and amplifiers
Author(s): Andreas Tuennermann; Sven Hoefer; Andreas Liem; Jens Limpert; Matthias Reich; Fabian Roeser; Thomas Schreiber; Holger Zellmer
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Fused fiber components for high-power fiber lasers
Author(s): Andrew Robertson
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Compact solid state sources and their applications
Author(s): John J. Zayhowski
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Linewidth and phase noise characteristics of DFB fibre lasers
Author(s): N. Y. Voo; Peter Horak; Morten Ibsen; Wei H. Loh
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Novel pulsed solid state sources for laser remote sensing
Author(s): Timothy J. Carrig
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Pulsed Doppler lidar at QinetiQ
Author(s): Guy N. Pearson
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Active and passive stabilization of solid state lasers
Author(s): Gareth J. Valentine; Pavel Cerny; Kenneth J. McEwan; David Burns
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Phase stability and diffraction effects in self-focused white-light filaments in water and glass
Author(s): Robert A. Lamb; Kevin J. Cook; Ajoy Kumar Kar
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Comparison between Adachi and Lorentzian models of semiconductor materials for FDTD implementation of femtosecond pulse propagation
Author(s): Steven A. Matsumoto; Richard I. Joseph; Raymond M. Sova; Michael E. Thomas
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Electron excitation in glasses and sapphire followed by time- and space-measuring tools
Author(s): Ernst Wolfgang Kreutz; Alexander Horn; Reinhart Poprawe
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High-resolution direct-write femtosecond laser technologies
Author(s): Jesper Serbin; Boris N. Chichkov
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Development of a multiphoton laser-induced fluorescence diagnosis system for microbiological and tissue applications
Author(s): Georgi Borislawow Graschew; Matthias Bastian; Stefan Rakowsky; Theo A. Roelofs; Evangelos Balanos; Peter M. Schlag
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Semiconductor substrate microchip lasers
Author(s): Junewen Chen; Jun-Ting Lin; Steve C. Chu
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Modelling of thermal effects within a 2-µm pumped ZGP optical parametric oscillator operating in the mid-infrared
Author(s): Richard J. Hutcheon; Brian J. Perrett; Paul D. Mason
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Spectral line narrowing in PPLN OPO devices for 1-µm wavelength doubling
Author(s): Brian J. Perrett; Jonathan A. C. Terry; Paul D. Mason; David A. Orchard
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All-fiber 0.4-mJ high-coherence eye-safe optical source
Author(s): Valery N. Philippov; Jayanta K. Sahu; Christophe A. Codemard; Johan Nilsson; Guy N. Pearson
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Transition-metal-doped chalcogenide glasses for broadband near-infrared sources
Author(s): Mark A. Hughes; Jonathan E. Aronson; William S. Brocklesby; David P. Shepherd; Daniel W. Hewak; Richard J. Curry
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High-power Er:YAG laser at 1646 nm pumped by an Er, Yb fiber laser
Author(s): Peter Jander; Jayanta K. Sahu; W. Andrew Clarkson
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High-power Al-free active region InGaAsP/GaAs (lambda = 852 nm) laser diodes for atomic clocks and interferometry applications
Author(s): Francois-Julien Vermersch; Michel Lecomte; Michel Calligaro; Olivier Parillaud; Shailendra Bansropun; Michel Garcia; Michel Krakowski
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A high-repetition-rate PPLN mid-infrared optical parametric oscillator source
Author(s): Paul D. Mason; Nicholas J. Wood
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