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Electro-Optical and Infrared Systems: Technology and Applications
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Volume Number: 5612
Date Published: 6 December 2004
Softcover: 40 papers (406) pages
ISBN: 9780819455659

Table of Contents
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The use of integrated focal plane array technologies in laser microsatellite networks
Author(s): Shlomi Arnon
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Performance of small-pitched Hg1-xCdxTe photoconductors based on MBE-grown multilayer structures
Author(s): Galina V. Chekanova; Albina A. Drugova; Sergey A. Dvoretski; Viacheslav A. Kholodnov; Alexey A. Komov; Alexander V. Kurbatov; Ivan Yu. Lartsev; Mikhail S. Nikitin; Yuri G. Sidorov
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New compact staring detectors for MW and LW applications
Author(s): Alain Manissadjian; Elisabeth Brochier; Philippe Tribolet
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Advantages of SCD detectors for missile warning system applications
Author(s): Ofer Nesher; Shimon Elkind; Tuvy Markovitz
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Third-generation infrared detector program at SCD: InAlSb focal plane arrays
Author(s): Philip Klipstein; Zipora Calahorra; Ami Zemel; Rafi Gatt; Eli Harush; Eli Jacobsohn; Olga Klin; Michael Yassen; Joelle Oiknine-Schlesinger; Eliezer Weiss
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QWIP chip dual-color and multicolor FPAs for military applications
Author(s): Barbara K. McQuiston; Eric Cho; Wah Lim; Sir B. Rafol; Sarath D. Gunapala; Sumith V. Bandara; John K. Liu
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Quantum cascade detection
Author(s): Laure Gendron; Cédric Koeniguer; Xavier Marcadet; Vincent Berger
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Uncooled IRFPA with high-performance and low-thermal time constant
Author(s): Jean Luc Tissot; Michel Vilain; Arnaud Crastes; Sebastien Tinnes; Annick Larre; Olivier Legras; Jean Jacques Yon
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LWIR/MWIR adaptive focal plane array
Author(s): William J. Gunning; Jeffrey L. Johnson; Jeffrey F. DeNatale
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Real-time implementation of image alignment and fusion
Author(s): David J. Dwyer; Moira I. Smith; Jason L. Dale; Jamie P. Heather
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Moving target detection, stabilization, enhancement, and compression of airborne video
Author(s): Jason L. Dale; David J. Dwyer; John Thornton
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A new approach to iris pattern recognition
Author(s): Yingzi Du; Robert Ives; Delores M. Etter; Thad Welch
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Automatic clustering of multidimensional data (ACMD) applied to hyperspectral images
Author(s): Dan S. Shulman; Ido Roth; Stanley R. Rotman
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Passive and active thermal nondestructive imaging of materials
Author(s): Nicolas P. Avdelidis; Antonia Moropoulou; Darryl P. Almond
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Diagnosing concrete structures using innovative merged thermal with visible images
Author(s): Daisuke Sato; Tatsuhito Komiyama; Osami Kudo; Takahiro Nagano
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Mobile surveillance units (MSU) for border protection of the enlarged economic union
Author(s): Christopher Crandon
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Thermal imager for dismounted infantry
Author(s): Christopher R. Bigwood; Lee Eccles; Arwyn Owen Jones; Berwyn Jones; David Lindsay Meakin; Steve Rickard; Rob Robinson
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Advanced sensors for surveying and mapping
Author(s): Andreas Eckardt; Gabriele Arnold; Eckehard Lorenz; Herbert Jahn; Dieter A. Oertel; Anko Börner
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Novel speckle technique for underwater imaging
Author(s): David Leslie Jordan; Greg Innes; D. Hayter
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Imaging spectrometry at visible and infrared wavelengths using image replication
Author(s): Andrew R. Harvey; David W. Fletcher-Holmes; Sean S. Kudesia; Ciaran Beggan
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Superframing: scene dynamic range extension of infrared cameras
Author(s): Austin A. Richards; Brian K. Cromwell
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Multimode interference (MMI) devices in silicon hollow waveguide technology for military electro-optic systems
Author(s): Richard M. Jenkins; Mark E. McNie; Eric K. Gorton; Andrew F. Blockley; Jessica O. Maclean
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Finite-difference time-domain simulation of low-F# Fresnel zone plates coupled to IR antennas
Author(s): Jose Maria Rico-Garcia; Jose Manuel Lopez-Alonso; Brian Lail; Glenn D. Boreman; Javier Alda
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Wavefront coding for athermalization of infrared imaging systems
Author(s): Gonzalo D. Muyo; Andrew R. Harvey
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The challenges of infrared scene projector design
Author(s): Christopher Carl Alexay
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Target detection in hyperspectral images based on multicomponent statistical models for representation of background clutter
Author(s): Ingebjorg Kasen; Pal Erik Goa; Torbjorn Skauli
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Characterization of hyperspectral imagers and scenes: background and equipment artifacts
Author(s): Jose Manuel Lopez-Alonso; Javier Alda
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Target detection cycle criteria when using the targeting task performance metric
Author(s): Jonathan G. Hixson; Eddie L. Jacobs; Richard H. Vollmerhausen
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The effect of noise in MRT/MRC theory
Author(s): Eddie L. Jacobs; Ronald G. Driggers; Richard H. Vollmerhausen
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Target detection in color imagery: on the path to a color target acquisition model
Author(s): Keith A. Krapels; Tarik Jones; Ronald G. Driggers; Brian Teaney
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IRFPA modeling: examples and applications in SWIR and LWIR
Author(s): Alain Durand; Eric de Borniol; Regis Vinciguerra; Thierry Cathala; Jean Jacques Yon; Pierre Castelein; Robert Tronel; Gerard L. Destefanis
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GSIM: a simulator for missile seekers
Author(s): Mikael Lindgren; Asa Engvall; Ralf G. Kihlen
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New pixel-oriented simulation for 3D laser radar
Author(s): Ulrich Schael; Hendrik Rothe
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Atmospheric turbulence at different elevations: consequences on laser beam wander and widening at target
Author(s): Arkadi Zilberman; Norman S. Kopeika
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Modeling and measurements of near-ground atmospheric optical turbulence according to weather for Middle East environments
Author(s): Sergey Bendersky; E. Lilos; Norman S. Kopeika; Natan Blaunstein
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Detecting target velocity and location using a novel optoelectronic sensing system
Author(s): Chi Ching Chang
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Grid-based optimal sensor arrangement within a sensor array for 2D position estimation
Author(s): Dirk T. Linzmeier; Michael Skutek; Temel Abay; Moheb Mekhaiel; Klaus C. J. Dietmayer
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Optimum parameters in image intensifier MTF measurements
Author(s): Sergio Ortiz; Deitze Otaduy; Carlos Dorronsoro
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The design of passively athermalized narrow- and wide-field-of-view infrared objectives for the OBSERVER unmanned air vehicle
Author(s): Richard C. Simmons; Paul A. Manning; Trevor V. Chamberlain
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Prediction of thermal imager range with the help of computer modeling
Author(s): Victor V. Tarasov; Yury G. Yakushenkov
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