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Optomechatronic Sensors, Actuators, and Control
Editor(s): Kee S. Moon
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Volume Number: 5602
Date Published: 25 October 2004
Softcover: 29 papers (274) pages
ISBN: 9780819455550

Table of Contents
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New optical disk system of ultra high density and high data rate using 2D VCSEL array: nanofabrication for evanescent light enhancement by surface plasmon polariton
Author(s): Kenya Goto; Yoshiki Masuda; Takayuki Kirigaya; Kazuma Kurihara; Satoshi Mitsugi
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Repulsive force actuated rotary micromirror
Author(s): Siyuan He; Ridha Ben Mrad
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Waveguide-MEMS cascaded variable optical attenuator with enhanced performance
Author(s): Yunsong Jeong; Sangchul Bae; Kyunghwan Oh; Hoon Jeong; Young June Cho
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Megasonic enhanced KOH etching for {110} silicon bulk micromachining
Author(s): Dirk Nusse; Martin Hoffmann; Edgar Voges
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Two-dimensional actuator using temperature-sensitive ferrite driven by light beam
Author(s): Yukitoshi Otani; Yasuhiro Mizutani; Norihiro Umeda; Toru Yoshizawa
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Light-addressable bacteriorhodopsin photocell
Author(s): Wei Wei Wang; George K. Knopf; Amarjeet S. Bassi
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Light-driven polymer actuator
Author(s): Sergey S. Sarkisov; Michael J. Curley; Aisha Fields; Grigory Adamovsky
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Microgripper design based on the photothermal bending effect of optical fibers
Author(s): Nicholas Jankovic; Marco Zeman; Ningxu Cai; Philip Igwe; George K. Knopf
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Vertical-scanning profilometry having nanometric height resolution and scanning speed more than 40 μms/s
Author(s): Masaaki Adachi
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Optical method for accurate force measurement: dynamic response evaluation of an impact hammer
Author(s): Yusaku Fujii
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Vibration frequency measurement with speckle interferometry
Author(s): Tetsuya Matsumoto; Yoichi Kitagawa; Nobuyuki Kosaka; Yasushi Kinoshita; Masao Shimada; Masaaki Adachi
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Three-dimensional shape sensor based on lateral focused-plane sectioning
Author(s): Akira Ishii; Jun Mitsudo; Yuka Fujinaka
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Simulation and experimental verification of model-based optoelectronic packaging automation
Author(s): Shubham K. Bhat; Timothy P. Kurzweg; Allon Guez
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Development of a nanoindenter using a piezoelectric actuator
Author(s): Heung-Keun Park; Yong K. Hong; Sung Q Lee; Kee S. Moon; Dongil Kwon
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Analysis and design of resonance tuning systems
Author(s): Jeffrey A. Jeltema; Jia Ma; Cevat Gokcek
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Mechanical effects induced by adsorption and hybridization on micromechanical structures
Author(s): Fabien Amiot; Jean Paul Roger; Albert Claude Boccara
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Fabrication of a piezoelectric biosensor based on a PZN-PT/PMN-PT single crystal thin film
Author(s): Yong K. Hong; Heung-Keun Park; Sung Q Lee; Kee S. Moon; Miguel Levy
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Development of a head-mounted visual enhancement device for people with low vision
Author(s): Yong-Jin Jang; Young Kee Ryu; Choon-Suck Oh
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Mobile robot environment recognition using laser light and sonar
Author(s): Kyung-Hoon Kim; Hyun-Ki Lee; Hyung Suck Cho
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Neural-network approach to determine operator hand orientation for teleoperated control of a robot manipulator
Author(s): Cedric Cocaud; Jonathan Kofman; Amor Jnifene
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Fast direct optical position measurement applied to parallel kinematics machines
Author(s): Kristian Schroeder; Stefan Patzelt; Gert Goch
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Design of a compact atomic force microscope to enhance scanning speed
Author(s): Heung-Keun Park; Yong K. Hong; Sung Q Lee; Kee S. Moon
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Halbach array type focusing actuator for small and thin optical data storage device
Author(s): Sung Q Lee; Kang-Ho Park; Mun Chul Paek
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Design and performance of a self-sensing, self-actuating piezoelectric monomorph with interdigitated electrodes
Author(s): Yong K. Hong; Heung-Keun Park; Sung Q Lee; Kee S. Moon; Raghav R. Vanga; Miguel Levy
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SMM actuator for nanoscale positioning
Author(s): E. T. Hu; Kuang-Yuh Huang; Ing-Shouh Hwang
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Theoretical proposal and experimental demonstration of novel first light search algorithm using the tilting stages in the optical fiber assembly process
Author(s): Seungtaek Kim; Heuiseok Kang; Sungbok Kang; Kyungkyun Lee; YoungJune Cho
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Novel all-fiber optic temperature sensors based on hollow optical fibers
Author(s): Sangsoo Choi; Yongmin Jung; Tae-Jung Eom; Byeong Ha Lee; Kyunghwan Oh; Hyohyung Lee; DaeHwa Jeong
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Planar laser light scattering technique for measurement of nonspherical particles
Author(s): Hyun Woo Kim; Man Soo Choi; Dae Hwa Jeong; Hyo Hyung Lee
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A novel approach for precise measurement of angular displacement based on attenuated total reflectance
Author(s): Fan Chen; Zhuangqi Cao; Qishun Shen; Jianghua Gu
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