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Optical Transmission Systems and Equipment for WDM Networking III
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Volume Number: 5596
Date Published: 25 October 2004
Softcover: 38 papers (418) pages
ISBN: 9780819455499

Table of Contents
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Status of photonic network research in Korea
Author(s): Yong Hyub Won
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IP over OTH/ASTN: from concepts to real deployments
Author(s): Glenn Wellbrock; Marc Barry; Stefan Bodamer; Jan Spath; Christoph Glingener
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Analysis of GMPLS OSPF-TE protocol and its enhancement for routing in optical networks
Author(s): Hang Liu; E. Bouillet; Dimitrios Pendarakis; Nooshin Komaee; J. Labourdette; Sid Chaudhuri
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Harmonizing an opaque core network with transparent optical elements
Author(s): Michael Y. Frankel; Jeffrey Livas
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Dynamic optical network architectures for future IP traffic
Author(s): Michael Dueser; Ben Puttnam; Tom Lovell; Michael Laws; Polina Bayvel
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Experimental and theoretical investigation of systems with potential for terabit capacity
Author(s): Anders T. Clausen; Leif K. Oxenlowe; Andrei Siahlo; Jorge Seoane; Palle Jeppesen
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Relaxed normalized section concept for robust optical transmission networks
Author(s): Dirk Breuer; Andreas Gladisch
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Multiplexing strategies for the optical network domain
Author(s): Lars Dittmann
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Tolerances and engineering rules for performance estimation and system design in 160-Gbit/s transmission systems
Author(s): Sascha Vorbeck; Malte Schneiders; Ralph Leppla
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Wavelength-selective switching: architecture and technology overview
Author(s): Jack Tomlinson
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Compact low-cost WADM node using multiple-folded 1-layered architecture for optical shared protection ring
Author(s): Benjamin B. Dingel; Aniweta Onuorah; Daniel Tebben; Ming-Jun Li; Richard Wagner
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Benefits and challenges in transparent optical networks
Author(s): Stefan Herbst; Joerg-Peter Elbers; Cornelius Fuerst; Helmut Griesser; Horst Wernz; Christoph Glingener
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Proposal and demonstration of lambda-based internet exchange (IX) point using GMPLS protocols and photonic cross-connect (PXC)
Author(s): Takehiro Tsuritani; Shuichi Okamoto; Nagao Ogino; Tomohiro Otani; Hideaki Tanaka
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Performance requirements for semitransparent DWDM networks
Author(s): Gerardo A. Castanon
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Optical and electrical approaches for reduction of polarization mode dispersion limitations
Author(s): Knut Schumacher; Stefan Boehm; Thomas Merker; Peter Meissner
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Multichannel optical PMD compensator
Author(s): James D. Targove; Steven J. Wein; Arthur Menikoff; Michael J. L. Cahill; Sheng-Hui Yang
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Single-stage all-order PMD compensator using a single polarization controller
Author(s): Yoshiaki Kisaka; Masahito Tomizawa; Mikio Yoneyama; Shoichiro Kuwahara; Yutaka Miyamoto
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All-fiber dynamic residual dispersion compensation for 40-Gb/s systems
Author(s): Michael Sauer; Shenping Li; Dmitri V. Kuksenkov; Daniel A. Nolan
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Temperature influences on chromatic dispersion in dispersion-compensated ultrahigh-speed long-haul transmission systems
Author(s): Franko Kuppers; Sindhu Thekkiniathu; Ismail Emre Araci
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OTU3 transmission with 43-Gbit/s-CS-RZ signals over installed G.652 fiber infrastructure and accelerated PMD outage evaluation
Author(s): Werner Weiershausen; Ralph Leppla; Ottokar Leminger; Frank Rumpf; Ralf Herber; Arnold Mattheus; Andreas Gladisch; Akira Hirano; Yoshiaki Kisaka; Yutaka Miyamoto; Shoichiro Kuwahara; Mikio Yoneyama; Masahito Tomizawa
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Characterization and monitoring of CD, PMD, and PDL of transmission fibers and components
Author(s): Ernst Brinkmeyer; Harald Rosenfeldt; Sven Kieckbusch
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Important advances in PMD tolerance quantification for next-generation lightwave systems
Author(s): Henry H Yaffe; Gregory Simer
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PMD and chromatic dispersion compensation in a 1.76-terabit/s (44 x 43 Gbit/s) optical transmission experiment over 600-km SMF
Author(s): Jens C. Rasmussen
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Polarization mode dispersion and polarization dependent loss in optical fiber systems
Author(s): Ansgar Steinkamp; Sascha Vorbeck; Edgar I. Voges
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Multi-layer resilience in data-centric optical networks
Author(s): Bart Puype; Qiang Yan; Sophie De Maesschalck; Adelbert Groebbens; Didier Colle; Ilse Lievens; Mario Pickavet; Piet Demeester
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Tool to check for consistency in provisioning multilayer recovery
Author(s): Joseph Kroculick; Cynthia Hood
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Design and fabrication of photonic crystal fibers for high-performance systems and devices
Author(s): Satoki Kawanishi
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Photonic bandgap fibers: optical properties and device applications
Author(s): Tuomo M. Ritari; Jesse Tuominen; Jan C. Petersen; Hanne Ludvigsen
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Plastic optical fibers: properties and practical applications
Author(s): Manfred Loch
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All-optical signal regeneration using fiber nonlinearity
Author(s): Masayuki Matsumoto
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Nonlinearity-based all-optical sampling of ultrahigh-bandwidth optical signals
Author(s): Peter A. Andrekson; Mathias Westlund; Henrik Sunnerud; Jonas Hansryd; Jie Li
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Optical signal regeneration at different modulation formats
Author(s): Bernhard Schmauss; Arne G. Striegler; Markus Meissner
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What is new in WDM sources?
Author(s): Jens Buus
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Post-dispersion compensation for 10-Gbit/s RZ, Gaussian, and NRZ pulses for indirect modulated optical links using standard fiber and FBG
Author(s): Ajay K. Sharma; S. K. Wadhwa; T. S. Kamal
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Design and performance of a new node architecture and MAC protocol for WDM metro ring networks
Author(s): Zhizhong Zhang; Fang Cheng; Qijian Mao; Shaofeng Qiu; Yunlin Zhang; Jiangtao Luo
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Design, analysis and implementation of packets cross forwarding for interconnected resilient packet rings
Author(s): Zhizhong Zhang; Fang Cheng; Jiangtao Luo; Shaofeng Qiu; Qijian Mao; Yunlin Zhang
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Delayed diversity for fade resistance in optical wireless communications through turbulent media
Author(s): Sugianto Trisno; Igor I. Smolyaninov; Stuart D. Milner; Christopher C. Davis
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Design and evaluation of a high-performance broadband fiber access based on coarse wavelength division multiplexing
Author(s): Paloma R. Horche; Carmina del Rio Campos
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