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Fiber Optic Sensor Technology and Applications III

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Volume Number: 5589
Date Published: 14 December 2004

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Hollow fiber optic waveguide gas sensor for simultaneous monitoring of multiple gas species
Author(s): Wei Peng; Gary R. Pickrell; Fabin Shen; Anbo Wang
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Optical fiber Raman sensor for monitoring hydrocarbon in fuel and industrial chemical processing
Author(s): Vidhu S. Tiwari; Sunil K. Khijwania; Fang-Yu Yueh; Jagdish P. Singh
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Optic fiber sensing technique for evaluating pear fruit maturity using near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy
Author(s): Yibin Ying; Yande Liu; Huishan Lu; Xiaping Fu
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Growing market acceptance for fiber optic solutions in civil structures
Author(s): Thomas Graver; Daniele Inaudi; Justin Doornink
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Sapphire optical fiber strain gage
Author(s): Jon Greene; Corey Paye; Mike Belcher; Anthony Piazza
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State of the art in high-temperature fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Robert S. Fielder; Kelly L. Stinson-Bagby; Matthew E. Palmer
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Profile optimization of tapered waveguide sensors by fluorescence imaging
Author(s): Guoying Chen
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A performance-optimized optical fiber bio-probe for cancerous tissue characterization
Author(s): Chan Kyu Kim; Sunil K. Khijwania III; Jagdish P. Singh
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Qualitative optical fiber laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy for earlier cancer diagnosis
Author(s): Chan Kyu Kim; Sunil K. Khijwania; Jagdish P. Singh
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Quasi-simultaneous en-face imaging using low coherence interferometry
Author(s): Adrian Gh. Podoleanu; Radu G. Cucu; George M. Dobre; David A. Jackson; Richard B. Rosen
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Kilohertz scanning all-fiber optical delay line using piezoelectric actuation
Author(s): David A. Henderson; Conrad Hoffman; Robert Culhane; Dan Viggiano III
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Practical applications in film and optics measurements for dual-lightsource interferometry
Author(s): Todd Blalock; Steve Heveron-Smith
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Development of a 32-element fiber optic hydrophone system
Author(s): Zhou Meng; Yongming Hu; Ming Ni; Shuidong Xiong; Renhe Zhang; Xiuling Li; George Stewart; FengZhong Dong; Brian Culshaw
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Analysis of white-light fiber Fabry-Perot interferometric sensors
Author(s): Bing Yu; Anbo Wang; Gary R. Pickrell
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Low-cost interferometric TDM technology for dynamic sensing applications
Author(s): Jeff Bush; Allen Cekorich
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Dynamic and random-access strain measurement by fiber Bragg gratings with synthesis of optical coherence function
Author(s): Momoyo Enyama; Kazuo Hotate
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Distributed fiber optic strain sensing by synthesizing dynamic grating in polarization-maintaining erbium-doped fiber
Author(s): Xinyu Fan; Zuyuan He; Kazuo Hotate
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Performance evaluation of Brillouin optical correlation domain analysis for fiber optic distributed strain sensing by numerical simulation
Author(s): Toyohiko Yamauchi; Kazuo Hotate
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Asset management and the role for fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Charles M. Crawley
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Optical fiber sensors for oil and gas applications
Author(s): Thomas Bowker; Colin McKay; Fima Vaisman; Heidi M. Brown
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Overview of advanced fiber optic sensor equipment for energy production applications
Author(s): John W. Berthold; Richard L. Lopushansky
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Downhole fiber optic sensing: the oilfield service provider’s perspective
Author(s): Neal G. Skinner; John L. Maida Jr.
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Large-diameter waveguide Bragg grating components and their application in downhole oil and gas sensing
Author(s): Trevor W. MacDougall; Paul E. Sanders
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HT/HP x-tree and down-hole fiber optic connectors and their use on subsea intelligent wells
Author(s): Perry Wright; Stewart Barlow
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Highly sensitive harsh-environment sensor based on innovative long-period gratings
Author(s): Jon Lee; Corey A. Hahn; Sung-Hyun Nam; Bo Wang; Karl M. Reichard; David H. Ditto; Drew Glista; Qing Wang; Shizhuo Yin
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New fabrication technique for random-hole optical fibers
Author(s): Gary R. Pickrell; Navin J. Manjooran; Nitin K. Goel
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The spectral sensitivity of long-period gratings fabricated in elliptical core D-shaped optical fiber
Author(s): Thomas D.P. Allsop; Tim Earthrowl; Helen Dobb; Vladimir Mezentsev; Andrew M. Gillooly; David J. Webb; Ian Bennion
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High-pressure fiber optic acoustic sensor
Author(s): Zhengyu Huang; Jiangdong Deng; Wei Peng; Gary R. Pickrell; Anbo Wang
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A simultaneous pressure and temperature sensor based on a superstructure fiber grating
Author(s): Chia-Min Lin; Wen-Fung Liu; Ming-Yue Fu; Hao-Jan Sheng; Sheau-Shung Bor; Chuen-Lin Tien
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Optimal preparing methods for optical fiber corrosion sensing techniques
Author(s): Saying Dong; Yanbiao Liao; Qian Tian; Yanan Luo; Zhigang Qiu; Shizhe Song
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Harvest-time prediction of apple physiological indices using fiber optic Fourier transform near-infrared spectrometer
Author(s): Yande Liu; Yibin Ying; Huishan Lu; Xiaping Fu
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Near-infrared spectroscopy for sugar-content detection of Fuji apples using optical fiber
Author(s): Xiaping Fu; Yibin Ying; Yande Liu
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Enhancing the measurement range of a Brillouin-based fiber optic distributed-temperature sensor by improving receiver sensitivity through optical preamplification
Author(s): Keith P. De Souza; Trevor P. Newson
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Minimization of temperature cross-sensitivity of EFPI pressure sensor for oil and gas exploration and production applications in well bores
Author(s): Han-Sun Choi; Andy Cantrelle; Clark Bergeron; Paul Tubel
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Intrinsic chemical sensor fibers for extended-length chlorine detection
Author(s): Steven R. Cordero; David Ruiz; Weijie Huang; Leonard G. Cohen; Robert A. Lieberman
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