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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5580

26th International Congress on High-Speed Photography and Photonics
Editor(s): Dennis L. Paisley; Stuart Kleinfelder; Donald R. Snyder; Brian J. Thompson
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Volume Number: 5580
Date Published: 17 March 2005
Softcover: 100 papers (964) pages
ISBN: 9780819455307

Table of Contents
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Image intensified cameras for high-speed imaging applications that require more than just the high frame-rate
Author(s): Thomas F. Lynch; Anjie Zeng
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Novel x-ray imaging diagnostics of high-energy nanosecond pulse accelerators
Author(s): Graham W. Smith; David E. Beutler; John D. Bell; Calvin L. G. Seymour; Robert J. Hohlfelder; Roque R. Gallegos; John Dudley
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Air-bubble entrapment due to a drop
Author(s): Nao Ootsuka; Takeharu Goji Etoh; Kohsei Takehara; Sachio Oki; Yasuhide Takano; Yuya Hatsuki; Sigurdur T. Thoroddsen
Optical probes for continuous Fabry-Perot velocimetry inside materials
Author(s): David R. Goosman; James T. Wade; Raul Garza; George R. Avara; Thomas R. Crabtree; Anthony T. Rivera; David E. Hare; Danny Tolar; Bradford A. Bratton
Motion pictures of propagating ultrashort laser pulses
Author(s): Yasuhiro Awatsuji; Aya Komatsu; Masatomo Yamagiwa; Toshihiro Kubota
Flash x-ray radiography study of the dynamic fracture of metallic discs at the interface between two colliding detonation wave fronts
Author(s): Kevin J. P. Reddy; Cornelis Jean Terblanche; Pieter J. Konig
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Pioneers of high-speed photography and motion analysis
Author(s): Graham Phillip Haddleton
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Influence of internal geometric configuration of soft flash x-ray tube in radiation dosage
Author(s): Makoto Komatsu; Eiichi Sato; Hidenori Ojima; Kazuyoshi Takayama
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CMOS active pixel image sensor with in-pixel CDS for high-speed cameras
Author(s): Toru Inoue; Shinji Takeuchi; Shoji Kawahito
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Color video camera capable of 1,000,000 fps with triple ultrahigh-speed image sensors
Author(s): Hirotaka Maruyama; Hiroshi Ohtake; Tetsuya Hayashida; Masato Yamada; Kazuya Kitamura; Toshiki Arai; Kenkichi Tanioka; Takeharu Goji Etoh; Jun Namiki; Tetsuo Yoshida; Hiromasa Maruno; Yasushi Kondo; Takao Ozaki; Shigehiro Kanayama
High-speed imaging and processing for rail track inspection
Author(s): Dmitry V. Popov; Roman B. Ryabichenko
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Application K008 camera within LIDAR for laser sounding of water width from air
Author(s): Vitaly B. Lebedev; Grigory G. Feldman; Alexander O. Vardanyan; Armen A. Nazaryan; Ashot A. Tsovyan; Yury A. Yedigaryan; Sergey S. Melikyan
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Pulsed broadband incoherent illumination for high-speed and ultrahigh-speed imaging
Author(s): Robert G. Root
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Visualization of laser-induced liquid micro-jet disintegration by means of high-speed video stroboscopy
Author(s): Boleslaw Stasicki; Ales Charvat; Manfred Faubel; Bernd Abel
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Hybrid image sensor with multiple on-chip frame storage for ultrahigh-speed imaging
Author(s): Vincent M. Douence; Yibin Bai; Hakan Durmus; Atul B. Joshi; Per-Olov Pettersson; Debashish Sahoo; Kris Kwiatkowski; Nicholas S.P. King; Christopher Morris; Mark D. Wilke
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Weakly ionized linear plasma x-ray generator with molybdenum-target triode
Author(s): Eiichi Sato; Yasuomi Hayasi; Rudolf Germer; Etsuro Tanaka; Hidezo Mori; Toshiaki Kawai; Toshio Ichimaru; Shigehiro Sato; Hidenori Ojima; Kazuyoshi Takayama; Hideaki Ido
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Quasi-monochromatic cerium flash angiography
Author(s): Eiichi Sato; Rudolf Germer; Etsuro Tanaka; Hidezo Mori; Toshiaki Kawai; Toshio Ichimaru; Shigehiro Sato; Hidenori Ojima; Kazuyoshi Takayama; Hideaki Ido
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Velocimetry using heterodyne techniques
Author(s): Oliver Ted Strand; Leon Val Berzins; David R. Goosman; William W. Kuhlow; Paul D. Sargis; Tony L. Whitworth
Identification and removal of high-frequency temporal noise in a Nd:YAG macro-pulse laser assisted with a diagnostic streak camera
Author(s): Kent A. Marlett; Ke-Xun Sun
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Monochromatic flash x-ray generator utilizing copper-target diode
Author(s): Eiichi Sato; Michiaki Sagae; Makoto Komatsu; Rudolf Germer; Etsuro Tanaka; Hidezo Mori; Toshiaki Kawai; Toshio Ichimaru; Shigehiro Sato; Hidenori Ojima; Kazuyoshi Takayama; Hideaki Ido
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On the theory of temporal aberrations for electron optical imaging systems by using direct integral method
Author(s): Liwei Zhou; Yuan Li; Zhiquan Zhang; Mikhail A. Monastyrskiy; Mikhail Ya. Schelev
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A new method to produce short pulses
Author(s): Rudolf Germer
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Small glass particle cloud generation induced by laser ablation
Author(s): Kunihito Nagayama; Yuriko Kotsuka; Motonao Nakahara; Shiro Kubota
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High-speed photocathodes fabricated from metallic nanostructures
Author(s): Eduard L. Nolle; Yuri B. Khavin; Mikhail Ya. Schelev
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Experimental investigation of the stress wave propagation along a single straight chain of photo-elastic discs
Author(s): Alexander M. Britan; Beni Glam; Ozer Igra; Gabi Ben-Dor
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High-speed photographic investigation of underwater shock wave due to electric pulse power
Author(s): Masahiko Otsuka; Kouhei Inoue; Shigeru Itoh
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Energy-selective high-speed radiography utilizing stroboscopic x-ray generator
Author(s): Eiichi Sato; Etsuro Tanaka; Hidezo Mori; Toshiaki Kawai; Shigehiro Sato; Hidenori Ojima; Kazuyoshi Takayama; Hideaki Ido
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Irradiation of orderly multiline spectra from linear plasma formed by vacuum discharge capillary
Author(s): Eiichi Sato; Yasuomi Hayasi; Rudolf Germer; Hidenori Ojima; Kazuyoshi Takayama; Hideaki Ido
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Studies on degree of freedom for high-speed photography
Author(s): Jingzhen Li; Xianxiang Tan; Xiangdong Gong; Yuexia Ai
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LIL and LMJ laser facility status
Author(s): Claude Cavailler; Noel Andre Fleurot; Jean-Michel Di Nicola
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Dynamic parameters evaluation for femtosecond streak tubes
Author(s): Valentina P. Degtyareva; Gennadii I. Bryukhnevich; V. I. Lozovoi; Mikhail Ya. Schelev; Zoya M. Semichastnova; Nikolai S. Vorobiev
Special tasks on FXR in detonics
Author(s): Manfred Held
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High-speed image-tube photography
Author(s): Mikhail Ya. Schelev
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CMOS sensor for face tracking and recognition
Author(s): Dominique Ginhac; Eri Prasetyo; Michel Paindavoine
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High-speed camera with internal real-time image compression
Author(s): Michel Paindavoine; Romulad Mosqueron; Julien Dubois; Cedric Clerc; Jean-CLaude Grapin; Lionel Pierrefeu; Francois Tomasini
Low-temperature measurements on shock-loaded tin
Author(s): A. Seifter; M. Grover; D. B. Holtkamp; J. R. Payton; P. Rodriguez; William D. Turley; A. W. Obst
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Streak camera diagnostic of femtosecond laser spark
Author(s): Sergei V. Garnov; Vitali I. Konov; V. I. Lozovoi; Alexander A. Malyutin; Mikhail Ya. Schelev; Nikolai S. Vorobiev
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Carl Cranz, his contemporaries, and high-speed photography
Author(s): Peter W. W. Fuller
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ICAM: a smart camera for very high-speed processing
Author(s): Barthelemy Heyrman; Michel Paindavoine; Renaud Schmit
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Planar velocity and scalar concentration measurements in shock-accelerated unstable fluid interfaces
Author(s): Cherie Goodenough; Sanjay Kumar; Mark Marr-Lyon; Adam Boyts; Katherine Prestridge; Paul Rightley; Christopher Tomkins; Michael Cannon; James Kamm; William Rider; Cindy Zoldi-Sood; Greg Orlicz; Peter Vorobieff
Development of a high-speed CMOS drum camera with multiple focal depths
Author(s): Makoto Komatsu; Tsutomu Saito; Eiichi Sato; Kazuyoshi Takayama; Toshio Hukui; Teiichi Ohkouchi; Eiji Ishikawa; Akira Suzuki; Nobuie Konishi; Kenji Mitsui; Shiro Shibasaki; Koji Shibasaki
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Imaging VISAR diagnostic for the National Ignition Facility (NIF)
Author(s): Robert M. Malone; John R. Bower; David K. Bradley; Gene A. Capelle; John R. Celeste; Peter M. Celliers; Gilbert W. Collins; Mark J. Eckart; Jon H. Eggert; Brent C. Frogget; Robert L. Guyton; Damien G. Hicks; Morris I. Kaufman; Brian J. MacGowan; Samuel Montelongo; Edmund W. Ng; Ronald B. Robinson; Thomas W. Tunnell; Phillip W. Watts; Paul G. Zapata
A summary of the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy and the use of digital high-speed photography in the accident investigation and NASA’s return-to-flight effort
Author(s): J. Michael Pereira; Matthew E. Melis; Duane M. Revilock
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A solid state streak camera
Author(s): Stuart Kleinfelder; Kris Kwiatkowski; Ashish Shah
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Single sub-fs XUV pulses: generation and measurement
Author(s): Reinhard Kienberger; Ferenc Krausz
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Full-scale high-speed schlieren imaging of explosions and gunshots
Author(s): Gary S. Settles; Torben P. Grumstrup; Lori J. Dodson; J. D. Miller; Joseph A. Gatto
Demonstration of flash K-edge angiography utilizing gadolinium-based contrast medium
Author(s): Eiichi Sato; Michiaki Sagae; Haruo Obara; Rudolf Germer; Etsuro Tanaka; Hidezo Mori; Toshiaki Kawai; Toshio Ichimaru; Shigehiro Sato; Hidenori Ojima; Kazuhiro Takayama; Hideaki Ido
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Superposition of x-ray spectra using double-target plasma triode
Author(s): Haruo Obara; Eiichi Sato; Etsuro Tanaka; Hidezo Mori; Toshiaki Kawai; Shigehiro Sato; Hidenori Ojima; Kazuyoshi Takayama; Hideaki Ido
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Intense quasi-monochromatic flash x-ray generator utilizing molybdenum-target diode
Author(s): Michiaki Sagae; Eiichi Sato; Haruo Obara; Etsuro Tanaka; Hidezo Mori; Toshiaki Kawai; Shigehiro Sato; Hidenori Ojima; Kazuyoshi Takayama; Hideaki Ido
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Heterodyning time resolution boosting for velocimetry and reflectivity measurements
Author(s): David J. Erskine
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Transient structures of crystals and liquids: an x-ray diffraction and EXAFS study
Author(s): Ivan V. Tomov; Jie Chen; Hua Zhang; Peter M. Rentzepis
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Teaching high-speed photography and photo-instrumentation
Author(s): Andrew Davidhazy
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Femtosecond holography
Author(s): Martin Centurion; Ye Pu; Demetri Psaltis
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Improved probe and analysis for VISAR
Author(s): Matthew E. Briggs; Willard F. Hemsing; Michael A. Shinas; Gerald Whittemore
Measurement system based on a high-speed camera and image processing techniques for testing of spacecraft subsystems
Author(s): Gianluca Casarosa; Bruno Sarti
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A low-cost time-resolved spot diagnostic for flash x-ray machines
Author(s): J. Howorth; Martin B. Ingle; Peter Simpson; Christopher Aedy; Stephen Quillin
High-speed x-ray imaging in high-power laser experiments
Author(s): George A. Kyrala; Steve H. Batha; Jonathan B. Workman; James R. Fincke; P. A. Keiter; James A. Cobble; Nick E. Lanier; T. E. Tierney; C. Christensen
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Infrared images of shock-heated tin
Author(s): Craig W. McCluskey; Mark D. Wilke; William D. Turley; Gerald D. Stevens; Lynn R. Veeser; Michael Grover; Arnold Adams
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Ultrafast three-dimensional microscopy of laser photothermal imaging materials
Author(s): Hyunung Yu; F. Richard Kearney; Dana D. Dlott
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Application of K008 camera within measuring complex of laser diagnostics of shock and detonation waves
Author(s): Vitaly B. Lebedev; Grigory G. Feldman; Maxim A. Karpov; Alexey V. Fedorov; Alexey V. Menshikh; Dmitriy V. Nazarov; Stanislav A. Finyushin; Valeriy A. Davidov
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Features of application of image converter cameras for research on lightning and discharges in long air gaps
Author(s): Vitaly B. Lebedev; Grigory G. Feldman; Boris N. Gorin; Yuri V. Shcherbacov; Vladimir S. Syssoev; Vladimir A. Rakov
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Application of the K008 camera in nonstationary spectroscopy
Author(s): Vitaly B. Lebedev; Grigory G. Feldman; Andrey B. Savel'ev; Ignac Bugar; Dusan Chorvat
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High-speed fluorescence microscopy of cell signaling
Author(s): Howard R. Petty
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New ultrahigh-speed CCD camera achieves sub-electron read noise using on-chip multiplication gain (EMCCD) technology
Author(s): Ravi K. Guntupalli; Vern Hagan; Andrew Cooper; Raymond W. Simpson
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The streak camera development program at LLE
Author(s): Paul A. Jaanimagi; Robert Boni; D. Butler; S. Ghosh; William R. Donaldson; Robert L. Keck
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