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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5579

Photonics North 2004: Photonic Applications in Telecommunications, Sensors, Software, and Lasers
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Volume Number: 5579
Date Published: 16 November 2004
Softcover: 90 papers (802) pages
ISBN: 9780819455284

Table of Contents
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High accuracy temperature and strain measurement with cm spatial resolution for distributed Brillouin-based fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Shahraam Vahid Afshar; Liang Chen; Xiaoy Bao
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A study on the jacket effect of fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Yong Ding; Bin Shi; Xiaoyi Bao; Junqi Gao
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Temperature insensitive long-period grating sensors in photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Helen Dobb; Kyriacos Kalli; David J. Webb
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FBG temperature sensor based on the measurement of the reflected signal polarization properties
Author(s): Christophe Caucheteur; Marc Wuilpart; Karima Chah; Frédéric Lhommé; Michel Blondel; Patrice Mégret
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Hydrogen-loaded fiber Bragg grating for high-temperature sensor applications
Author(s): Bowei Zhang; Mojtaba Kahrizi
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High-mechanical-strength single-pulse draw tower gratings
Author(s): Manfred W. Rothhardt; Christoph Chojetzki; Hans Rainer Mueller
Developments towards a fiber optic accelerometer with high responsivity and low crosstalk
Author(s): Harald W. J. Gnewuch; Benoit Barviau; Adrian Gh. Podoleanu; David A. Jackson
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Research of pressure sensor based on the fiber Bragg grating for permanent downwell monitoring application
Author(s): Lina Liu; Pin Long; Tiegen Liu
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Demodulation and multiplexing of optical fiber EFPI sensors
Author(s): Junfeng Jiang; Tiegen Liu; Yimo Zhang; Lina Liu; Yunxin Wang; Pin Long
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Simulation of the distributed fiber optic pump-probe Brillouin sensor
Author(s): Yidun Wan; Sharhraam Vahid Afshar; Lufan Zou; Liang Chen; Xiaoyi Bao
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Intra-cavity polarization switching in optical fiber lasers
Author(s): Juan Hernández-Cordero; Líber A. Sosa-Martínez; Félix Núñez-Orozco
Analysis of fiber-chip coupling for general high-index contrast waveguides
Author(s): Christoph A. Waechter; Dirk Michaelis
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Time domain simulation of photonic crystals using the transmission line matrix method
Author(s): Gerardo Romo; Tom J. Smy
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Extrinsic optical scattering loss in photonic crystal waveguides due to fabrication disorder and surface roughness
Author(s): Lora Ramunno; Stephen Hughes; Jeff F. Young; John E. Sipe
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Evaluation of the length dependence of the pump-depleted Cerenkov SHG
Author(s): Libor Kotacka; Zung-Shik Suh; Hugo J. W. M. Hoekstra; Jir Ctyroky
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TMT/VLOT integrated modeling
Author(s): Jennifer Dunn; Scott C. Roberts; Dan Kerley; Joeleff T. Fitzsimmons; John Stanley Pazder; Glen Herriot; Malcolm J. Smith
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Ongoing developments in ASAP
Author(s): Mary G. Turner
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Noisy optical detection of chaos-based watermarks
Author(s): Aidan Mooney; John G. Keating
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Modeling of the effects of thermal gradients on optical propagation in polymer multimode tapered waveguides in optical backplanes
Author(s): Atef M. Rashed; David R. Selviah
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Modeling of self-organized coherence-collapsed and enhanced regime semiconductor fibre grating reflector lasers
Author(s): Irina A. Kostko; Raman Kashyap
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Transient control for cascaded EDFAs by using a multi-objective optimization approach
Author(s): Marcio Freitas; Sidney Nascimento Givigi; Jackson Klein; Luiz C. Calmon; Ailson R. de Almeida
Stimulated Brillouin scattering modeled through a finite difference time domain approach
Author(s): Andrew E. Marble; Kellie A. Brown; Bruce G. Colpitts
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A design of photonic crystal fiber with variable air-hole radius for broadband dispersion compensation
Author(s): Linping Shen; Wei-Ping Huang; Chenglin Xu
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Transients control in Raman fiber amplifiers
Author(s): Marcio Freitas; Sidney Nascimento Givigi; Jackson Klein; Luiz C. Calmon; Ailson R. de Almeida
Optical eye diagram evaluation for communication systems having PMD, PDL, and CD for chirped input pulse modulators
Author(s): Saeed Hadjifaradji; Liang Chen; Xiaoyi Bao
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Direct measurement of design margins with an optical fiber emulator
Author(s): Nicolas R. Barbeau
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Transient-suppression time requirements for advanced agile optical amplifiers
Author(s): Véronique François; Pierre de Villers; Sergei Likhanski; Chung-Nak Lee; Denis Lafrance
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Thermal modeling of a GaAs-based Mach-Zehnder modulator integrated with a MMIC broad-band driver amplifier
Author(s): Dritan Celo; Tom J. Smy; Xiaoming Guo; Gerardo Romo; Langis Roy
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ASE and cross-gain modulation limitations in a four-channel CWDM transmission system using an SOA
Author(s): Ahmad K. Atieh; Paul J. Vella
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Linear programming as an optimization tool in survivable optical networks
Author(s): Abdelhamid Esway Eshoul; Hussein T. Mouftah
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Comparative performance assessment of switching options
Author(s): Alex Vukovic; Michel J. Savoie
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Comparison of cascaded χ2 wavelength conversions in quasi-phase-matched (QPM) waveguides
Author(s): Bo Chen; Chang-Qing Xu
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Application of optical layer multicast technology in grid
Author(s): Youju Mao; Yi Lv; Weiqiang Zhang
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Generation of ultrashort optical pulses by efficient 10-GHz-order electro-optic deflector
Author(s): Shintaro Hisatake; Kyoji Shibuya; Tetsuro Kobayashi
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Fully differential rates for femtosecond multiphoton double ionization of neon
Author(s): Dirk Zeidler; M. Weckenbrock; A. Staudte; Th. Weber; M. Schöffler; M. Meckel; S. Kammer; M. Smolarski; Ottmar Jagutzki; V. Ravi Bhardwaj; David M. Rayner; David M. Villeneuve; Paul B. Corkum; Reinhard Dörner
High-order solid-surface harmonics for sub-femtosecond pulse generation
Author(s): Tsuneyuki Ozaki; Jean-Claude Kieffer; John A. Nees; Gérard A. Mourou; Hiroto Kuroda
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Truncated ultrashort-pulse small-angle Bessel beams
Author(s): Ruediger Grunwald; Uwe J. Neumann; Gero Stibenz; Stefan Langer; Günter Steinmeyer; Volker Kebbel; Jean-Luc Néron; Michel Piché
Terahertz pump-probe spectroscopy in YBCO thin films
Author(s): Anna K. Kristoffersen; H. Tiedje; Robert A. Hughes; Harold K. Haugen; Thomas Timusk; John S. Preston
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