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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5578

Photonics North 2004: Photonic Applications in Astronomy, Biomedicine, Imaging, Materials Processing, and Education
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Volume Number: 5578
Date Published: 9 December 2004
Softcover: 88 papers (880) pages
ISBN: 9780819455277

Table of Contents
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The Near Earth Object Surveillance Satellite (NEOSSat)
Author(s): Brad Wallace; Frank Lauchie Pinkney; Robert Scott; Donald Bedard; Jim Rody; Martin P. Levesque; Sylvie Buteau; Tom Racey; Doug Burrell; Aaron Spaans; Alan Hildebrand
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Experimental results of parallel multiframe blind deconvolution using wavelength diversity
Author(s): Harry R. Ingleby; Donald R. McGaughey
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Holographic gratings for astronomy: atmospheric lines suppression and tunable filter
Author(s): Sebastien Blais-Ouellette
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Optical coatings for gravitational-wave detection
Author(s): Gregory M. Harry; Helena Armandula; Eric Black; David R. M. Crooks; Gianpietro Cagnoli; Martin M. Fejer; James Hough; Steven D. Penn; Sheila Rowan; Roger K. Route; Peter Sneddon
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Optical delivery and monitoring of photodynamic therapy of prostate cancer
Author(s): Robert A. Weersink; Arjun Bogaards; Mark Gertner; Sean Davidson; Kai Zhang; George Netchev; David J. Giewercer; John Trachtenberg; Brian C. Wilson
Nicotinamide augments the survival and incidence of apoptosis in glioma cells following photodynamic therapy in vitro
Author(s): Stuart K. Bisland; Nayan Modi; Brian C. Wilson
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Simultaneous OCT/confocal-OCT/ICG system for imaging the eye
Author(s): Adrian Gh. Podoleanu; Richard B. Rosen; George Dobre; John A. Rogers; Patricia Garcia; Justin Pedro; Shane Dunne; David A. Jackson; Rishard Weitz
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Examination of yeast cell parameters using light diffusion
Author(s): Patricia S. Schneider; Alex Flamholz; Peter K. Wong; David H. Lieberman; Tak D. Cheung; Harriet Itoka; Troy Minott; Janie Quizhpi; Jacquelin Rodriguez
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Investigation of ultrashort pulse laser ablation of the cornea and hydrogels for eye microsurgery
Author(s): Guillaume Girard; Sheng Zhou; Nicolas Bigaouette; Isabelle Brunette; Mohamed Chaker; Lucie Germain; Pierre-Luc Lavertu; Francois Martin; Gilles Olivie; Tsuneyuki Ozaki; Mireille Parent; Francois Vidal; Jean-Claude Kieffer
Some physical aspects of interaction between a short destructive laser pulse and nonhomogeneous biotissue-like skin
Author(s): Ludmila V. Chernyshova
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Manipulation of optical properties of human skin by light scattering nanoparticles of titanium dioxide
Author(s): Alexey P. Popov; Alexander V. Priezzhev; Jurgen Lademann; Risto Myllyla
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Polarization-sensitive speckle-correlometry as applied to monitoring of thermal modification processes in collagenous tissues
Author(s): Liana V. Kuznetsova; Anna A. Rodionova; Dmitry A. Zimnyakov
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A surface micromachined amorphous GexSi1-xOy bolometer for thermal imaging applications
Author(s): A. H. Z. Ahmed; R. N. Tait; Tania B. Oogarah; H. C. Liu; Mike W. Denhoff; G. I. Sproule; M. J. Graham
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Ultrafast quantum well infrared photo detector
Author(s): Peter D. Grant; Richard Dudek; Lynne Wolfson; Margaret Buchanan; Hui Chun Liu
Heavy ion radiation damage simulations for CMOS image sensors
Author(s): Henok T. Mebrahtu; Wei Gao; Paul J. Thomas; William E. Kieser; Richard I. Hornsey
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Radioluminescence pumping
Author(s): Donald A. Peyrot; Jonathan Duquette; Roger A. Lessard; Rene Roy
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Concept for image intensifier with CMOS imager output interface
Author(s): Paul J. Thomas; Robert S. Allison; Richard I. Hornsey; Winnifred Wong
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Temperature effects in triangulation range measurements
Author(s): Edward Shen; Anthony Paul Badali; Winnifred Wong; Richard I. Hornsey; Paul J. Thomas; Mayes Mullins
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Two-dimensional sensor array for low-level light detection
Author(s): Jeff Hsin Chang; Yuri Vygranenko; Arokia Nathan
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Distributed imaging using compound eye sensors
Author(s): Peter K. Carr; Farhana Ara; Paul J. Thomas; Richard I. Hornsey
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Illumination system for a projector composed of three LCD panels
Author(s): Fang Chuan Ho; Cheng-Wei Chu; William Lee
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Measurement of the length of pedestrian crossings from image data
Author(s): Mohammad Shorif Uddin; Tadayoshi Shioyama
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Scanning white light interferometry for quality control of transparent polymer films
Author(s): Ivan I.K. Kassamakov; Juha P. Aaltonen; Edward Haeggstrom; Mathias Osterberg
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Sub-spot-size CO2 laser micromachining of features in fused silica by V-groove etching
Author(s): Alain Cournoyer; Luc Levesque; Marc Levesque
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Surface modifications during femtosecond laser ablation in vacuum, air, and water
Author(s): Sebastien Besner; Jean-Yves Degorce; Andrei V. Kabashin; Michel Meunier
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Impact of ambient air medium on the surface profile of the material ablated with high-power lasers
Author(s): Shiv Raj Vatsya; Chengde Li; Suwas K. Nikumb
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Laser micromachining of the miniature functional mechanisms
Author(s): Evgueni V. Bordatchev; Suwas K. Nikumb; Wensyang Hsu
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Micro-lens machining on optical fibers by direct laser ablation
Author(s): Thomas Fricke-Begemann; Jianzhao Li; Jurgen Ihlemann; Peter Robert Herman; Gerd Marowsky
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Laser drilling and routing in optical fibers and tapered micropipettes using excimer, femtosecond, and CO2 lasers
Author(s): Alain Cournoyer; Dimitry Antonov; Luc Levesque; Daniel Cantin; Marc Levesque
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Holographic recording of 2D photonic crystals in photosensitized PMMA
Author(s): Rafael Meinhardt; Ansgar Draude; Hilmar Franke; Roger A. Lessard
Laser direct write patterned indium tin oxide films for photomasks and anisotropic resist applications
Author(s): Jun Peng; Glenn H. Chapman; Yuqiang Tu
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Optical fiber sealing with solder glass: design guidelines
Author(s): Raymond L. Dietz
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Formation of densely populated SiOx microtree-like structures on the Si (100) surface using excimer laser irradiation in air
Author(s): De-Quan Yang; Edward Sacher; Michel Meunier
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Relaxation phenomena in optically activated azo-materials
Author(s): Kai Prasuhn; Ansgar Draude; Hilmar Franke; Roger A. Lessard
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Control of femtosecond laser written waveguides in silica glass
Author(s): N. Trang Nguyen; Ali Saliminia; See Leang Chin; Real Vallee
Fabrication of two-dimensional photonic crystal films with As2S3 by laser holography
Author(s): Ismail Aboudihab; El Maati Ech-Chamikh; Roger A. Lessard
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Application of optical system simulation software in a fiber optic telecommunications program
Author(s): Warren L. G. Koontz; Divya Mandloi
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Technician and technologist photonics teaching: an Ontario success story
Author(s): Jay Yatulis; Johann Beda; Peter J. Casey; Brahim Chebbi; Steve Finnagan; Treena Grevatt; Alexander McGlashan; Marc Nantel; Leo Tiberi
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From diploma to degree in photonics
Author(s): Brahim Chebbi; Treena Grevatt; Robert Weeks; Mostefa Mohammed; Peter J. Casey; Almuhtadi Wahab; Abdul Al-Azzawi
Relation between optical and electrical parameters in photonics systems for first year university students
Author(s): Ana P. Gonzalez-Marcos
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Design and implementation of an on-campus free-space laser datalink: a photonics case study for electrical and photonic engineering students
Author(s): Lieven Desmet; Michael Vervaeke; Jurgen Van Erps; Steven Brantegem; Hugo Thienpont
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Advanced optical fiber communication simulations in electrotechnical engineering education
Author(s): Michael Vervaeke; Cac Nguyen Thi; Hugo Thienpont
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New graduate level course in the simulation of optical fiber systems
Author(s): Alan L. Steele
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Collaboration in photonics education and training
Author(s): Judith F. Donnelly; Betti J. Gladue; Randall G. Seebeck; Margaret H. Stroup; Marjorie R. Valentin

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