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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5571

Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere IX
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Volume Number: 5571
Date Published: 30 November 2004
Softcover: 45 papers (474) pages
ISBN: 9780819455185

Table of Contents
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Assessing cloud spatial and vertical distribution with cloud infrared radiometer CIR-7
Author(s): Iliana Genkova; Chuck Long; Thierry Besnard; Didier Gillotay
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Cloud properties retrieval using neural networks
Author(s): Abidan Cerdena; Juan Carlos Perez; Albano Gonzalez
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New approach for studies of time series of satellite observations of rainstorms: I. Mutual information calculations
Author(s): Lisheng Xu; Yongzhong Wang; Jilie Ding; Andrew Yuk Sun Cheng; Xiuwan Chen; Lian Duan
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New approach for studies of time series of satellite observations of rainstorms: II. The mutual information dimensions
Author(s): Lisheng Xu; Yongzhong Wang; Jilie Ding; Andrew Yuk Sun Cheng; Xiuwan Chen; Lian Duan
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New approach for studies of time series of satellite observations of rainstorms: III. Extraction of periodic components
Author(s): Yongzhong Wang; Lisheng Xu; Jilie Ding; Andrew Yuk Sun Cheng; Xiuwan Chen; Lian Duan
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First TOA fluxes from the Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget (GERB) instrument
Author(s): Cedric P. Bertrand; Didier Caprion; Nicolas Clerbaux; Steven Dewitte; Luis Gonzalez; Alessandro Ipe
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Simple approximate solutions of the radiative transfer equation for a cloudy atmosphere
Author(s): Alexander A. Kokhanovsky; Vladimir V. Rozanov
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Evaluating layer precipitable water and lifted index from SEVIRI
Author(s): Miguel Angel Martinez; Mercedes Velazquez
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Lidar observations of temperatures, waves, and noctilucent clouds at 69° N
Author(s): Jens Fiedler; Gerd Baumgarten; Gotz von Cossart; Armin Schoch
New results from CRISTA
Author(s): Klaus-Ulrich Grossmann; Oleg Gusev; Jens Oberheide; Peter Knieling
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GWIM: a satellite instrument for gravity wave characterization
Author(s): Robert P. Lowe; Neil Rowlands; Marco Olivieri
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Tidal and layer structure in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere from TIMED/SABER CO2 15-µm emission
Author(s): Richard H. Picard; Peter P. Wintersteiner; Jeremy R. Winick; Chris J. Mertens; Martin G. Mlynczak; James M. Russell; Larry L. Gordley; William E. Ward; Chiao Yao She; Robert R. O'Neil
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Retrieval of chlorofluorocarbon distributions from Envisat MIPAS measurements
Author(s): Lars Hoffmann; Reinhold Spang; Martin Riese
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Ozone, NO<sub>2</sub> and aerosol retrieval from SAGE III limb scatter measurements
Author(s): Didier F. Rault
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Height assignment of atmospheric motion vectors with Meteosat 8
Author(s): Régis Borde; Arthur De Smet; Arlindo Arriaga
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End-to-end simulation of a K-band LEO-LEO satellite link for estimating water vapor in the low troposphere
Author(s): Luca Facheris; Fabrizio Cuccoli; Fabrizio Argenti
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Automated algorithm for remote sensing of atmospheric aerosols and trace gases using MFRSR measurements
Author(s): Mikhail D. Alexandrov; Barbara E. Carlson; Andrew A. Lacis; Brian Cairns; Alexander Marshak
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Determination of mixing layer heights from ceilometer data
Author(s): Klaus Schafer; Stefan M. Emeis; Andreas Rauch; Christoph Munkel; Siegfried Vogt
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Satellite remote sensing of aerosols: information content of different measurement types
Author(s): Otto P. Hasekamp; Jochen Landgraf
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Aerosol extinction and absorption in Évora, Portugal, during the European 2003 summer heat wave
Author(s): Thierry Ghislain Elias; Ana Maria Silva; Maria João Figueira; Nuno Belo; Sergio Pereira; Paola Formenti; Gunter Helas
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Atmospheric environment monitoring by the ILAS-II onboard the ADEOS-II satellite
Author(s): Hideaki Nakajima; Takafumi Sugita; Tatsuya Yokota; Yasuhiro Sasano
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Fusion of air pollution data in the region of Munich, Germany, by the ICAROS NET platform
Author(s): Klaus Schafer; Andreas Harbusch; Gabriel Peicu; Stefan M. Emeis; Herbert Hoffmann; Carsten Jahn; Dimosthenis A. Sarigiannis; Alberto Gotti; Nikos Soulakellis; Nicolaos I. Sifakis
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Monitoring of environmental nitrogen dioxide concentration using visible acousto-optic differential optical absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): Andrew Yuk Sun Cheng; Mau Hing Chan
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Remote measurement of the plume shape of aircraft exhausts at airports by passive FTIR spectrometry
Author(s): Klaus Schafer; Carsten Jahn; Selina Utzig; Edgar Flores-Jardines; Roland Harig; Peter Rusch
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Iterative method for the retrieval of the aerosol backscatter coefficient and the Ångström exponent from bi-wavelength lidar data in low-transmittance atmospheres
Author(s): Michael Sicard; Francesc Rocadenbosch; Adolfo Comeron; Miguel Angel Lopez
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Cloud statistics-based estimation of land surface albedo from AVHRR data
Author(s): Terhikki Manninen; Niilo Siljamo; Jani Poutiainen; Laurent Vuilleumier; Fred Bosveld; Annegret Gratzki
Apportionment of emission source strengths using optical remote sensing and dispersion modeling
Author(s): Gregor Schurmann; Klaus Schafer; Stefan M. Emeis
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Submillimeter/far-infrared channel selection simulations for a cirrus radiometer
Author(s): Darren J. Hayton; Peter A. R. Ade; K. Franklin Evans
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Assimilation of microwave radiance measurements over land and sea-ice in a regional weather model
Author(s): Jakob Grove-Rasmussen; Bjarne Amstrup
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Simple signal-to-noise parameterization scheme to assess lidar performance and its applications
Author(s): Ravil R. Agishev; Adolfo Comeron; Barry M. Gross; Fred Moshary; Samir Ahmed; Alexander A. Gilerson; Valery A. Vlasov
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Remote sensing of carbon monoxide by open-path FTIR spectroscopy: comparison of different analysis techniques
Author(s): Susana Briz; Sarai Diez; Antonio J. de Castro; Fernando Lopez; Klaus Schafer
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Air pollution monitoring with two optical remote sensing techniques in Mexico City
Author(s): Michel Grutter; Edgar Flores-Jardines
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