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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5570

Sensors, Systems, and Next-Generation Satellites VIII
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Volume Number: 5570
Date Published: 4 November 2004
Softcover: 64 papers (648) pages
ISBN: 9780819455178

Table of Contents
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JAXA future Earth observation programs
Author(s): Haruhisa Shimoda
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Comprehensive rock-type classification by ASTER data over the Ethiopian Rift Valley
Author(s): Hiroshi Watanabe
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Concept study of multispectral imager for next generation
Author(s): Toshiyoshi Kimura; Yoshio Tange; Kazuhiro Tanaka; Nobunari Itoh; Hiroko Matsuyama; Yoshihiko Okamura; Marehito Kasahara; Yoshiaki Honda
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Status of future ESA Earth observation missions
Author(s): Amnon Ginati; Roland Meynart; Alberto Tobias
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Meteosat-8: Europe’s new geostationary meteorological satellite
Author(s): Regis Borde; Marianne Konig; Johannes Schmetz
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Meteosat third generation: preliminary design of the imaging radiometers and sounding instruments
Author(s): Donny M. Aminou; Jean Loup Bezy; Paolo Bensi; Rolf Stuhlmann; Stephen Tjemkes; Antonio Rodriguez
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Results of the pre-development of ALADIN, the direct detection Doppler wind lidar for ADM/Aeolus
Author(s): Yannig Durand; Roland Meynart; Alain J.F. Culoma; Didier Morancais; Frederic Fabre
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Microwave payloads development for ESA’s future Earth Explorer missions
Author(s): Chung-Chi Lin; Wolfgang Leibrandt; Ulf Klein; Pierre Vogel; Björn Rommen; Miguel Aguirre; Juan Guijarro; Pierluigi Silvestrin
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The L-band SAR pre-development
Author(s): Pierre Vogel; M. Ludwig; K. van't Klooster; A. Head
Study of highly integrated payload architectures for future planetary missions
Author(s): Stefan Kraft; Joseph Moorhouse; Arjan L. Mieremet; Maximilien Collon; Jarno Montella; Marco Beijersbergen; J. Harris; Marcel L. van den Berg; Alessandro Atzei; Aleksander Lyngvi; Daniel Renton; Christian Erd; Peter Falkner
NASA’s future Earth observation plans
Author(s): Steven P. Neeck; Granville E. Paules; J. Douglas McCuistion Ramesh
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Next-generation Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES-R series): a space segment overview
Author(s): Alexander Krimchansky; Dino Machi; Sandra A. Cauffman; Martin A. Davis
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The advanced baseline imager: the next generation of geostationary imager
Author(s): William Lebair; Jeffrey A. Kronenwetter; Sandra A. Cauffman; Martin A. Davis
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Low-cost mid-wave IR microsatellite imager concept based on uncooled technology
Author(s): Brian D. Oelrich; Arnaud Crastes; Craig I. Underwood; Stephen Mackin
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Multiple instrument distributed aperture sensor (MIDAS) for remote sensing
Author(s): Joseph T. Pitman; Alan Duncan; David Stubbs; Robert Sigler; Rick Kendrick; Eric Smith; James Mason; Greg Delory; Jere H. Lipps; Michael Manga; James R. Graham; Imke de Pater; Sarah Reiboldt; Edward Bierhaus; James B. Dalton; James Fienup; Jeffrey W. Yu
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The Space Metrology Program
Author(s): David B. Pollock; Alexander Panfilov; Inessa Glazkova; Thomas W. Humpherys; Victor Privalsky; Victor I. Sapritsky; Svetlana P. Morozova; Boris Khlevnoy; Raju U. Datla; Victor Misnik; Valery M. Sinelschikov
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Spectral band difference effects on radiometric cross-calibration between multiple satellite sensors in the Landsat solar-reflective spectral domain
Author(s): Philippe M. Teillet; Gunar Fedosejevs; Kurtis J. Thome
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Status of Aqua MODIS on-orbit calibration and characterization
Author(s): Xiaoxiong Xiong; William L. Barnes; Kwofu Chiang; Hector Erives; Nianzeng Che; Junqiang Sun; Alice T. Isaacman; Vincent V. Salomonson
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Use of the Moon as a reference for satellite-based climate change measurements
Author(s): James J. Butler; Gerhard Meister; Frederick S. Patt; Robert A. Barnes
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Terra MODIS RSB on-orbit calibration and performance: four years of data
Author(s): Hector Erives; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Junqiang Sun; Joseph A. Esposito; Sanxiong Xiong; William L. Barnes
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Validation of spacecraft active cavity radiometer total solar irradiance (TSI): long-term measurement trends using proxy TSI least squares analyses
Author(s): Robert Benjamin Lee; Robert S. Wilson
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Assessment of long-term vicarious calibration efforts of MERIS on land product quality
Author(s): Michael E. Schaepman; Raul Zurita-Milla; Mathias Kneubuehler; Jan Clevers; Steven Delwart
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MERIS spectral calibration campaigns
Author(s): Steven Delwart; Ludovic Bourg; Rene Preusker; Richard Santer
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SCIAMACHY on ENVISAT: instrument monitoring and calibration two years after launch
Author(s): Manfred W. Wuttke; Stefan Noel; Jochen Skupin; Konstantin Gerilowski; Heinrich Bovensmann; John P. Burrows
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Realization and preliminary tests on an innovative deployable structure for a high-resolution telescope for microsatellite
Author(s): Roberto Gardi; Giulia Pica
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Cryogenic infrared spectrometers and telescopes for the atmosphere: new frontiers
Author(s): Andreas Kullmann; Martin Riese; Friedhelm Olschewski; Fred Stroh; Klaus-Ulrich Grossmann
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Radiometric performances of the Fourier transform spectrometer for the Radiation Explorer in the Far-Infrared (REFIR) space mission
Author(s): Luca Palchetti; Giovanni Bianchini; Marco Pellegrini; Francesco Esposito; Rosa Restieri; Giulia Pavese
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Characterization and deployment of large-format, fully depleted back-illuminated p-channel CCDs for precision astronomy
Author(s): Hakeem M. Oluseyi; Armin Karcher; William F. Kolbe; Bojan T. Turko; Greg Aldering; Chris J. Bebek; Stephen E. Holland; Michael E. Levi; Natalie A. Roe; Samiyah Farid; Marcus Jackson
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Recent development in infrared technologies at LETI for Earth observation
Author(s): Jean Jacques Yon; Gerard Destefanis; Eric Mottin
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Space activity at Sofradir and new results for hyperspectral detectors
Author(s): Philippe Chorier; Michel Vuillermet; Philippe M. Tribolet
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Research-grade CMOS image sensors for remote sensing applications
Author(s): Olivier Saint-Pe; Michel Tulet; Robert Davancens; Franck Larnaudie; Pierre Magnan; Philippe Martin-Gonthier; Franck Corbiere; Pierre Belliot; Magali Estribeau
Fast MTF measurement of CMOS imagers at the chip level using ISO 12233 slanted-edge methodology
Author(s): Magali Estribeau; Pierre Magnan
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SiC focal plane assembly for the Pleiades HR Satellite
Author(s): P. Pranyies; D. Deswarte; I. Toubhans; Roland Le Goff
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Controls with remote sensing of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) arable- and forage- area-based subsidies: a yearly more than 700-images and 3-M euro affair
Author(s): Par-Johan Astrand; Csaba Wirnhardt; Bruno Biagini; Michaela Weber; Rani Hellerman
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Stable band set selection for the preprocessing of AVIRIS and Hyperion hyperspectral data
Author(s): Michelle L. Aten; Lance D. Yarbrough; Gregory Easson
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A commercial tunable diode laser (TDL) system for on-line remote measurements of automobile emissions
Author(s): Konradin Weber; Alexander Ropertz; Thomas Schwabe; Christian Fischer; Gunther van Haren
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Radiometric characterization of the NASA GSFC radiometric calibration facility primary transfer radiometer
Author(s): John W. Cooper; Steven W. Brown; Peter Abel; John E. Marketon; James J. Butler
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Characterization and performance of optical input systems for a calibration transfer spectroradiometer
Author(s): John E. Marketon; John W. Cooper; Gilbert R. Smith
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The effect of incident light polarization on spectralon BRDF measurements
Author(s): Georgi T. Georgiev; James J. Butler
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Calibration of the NPL transfer standard absolute radiance source (TSARS) and its use with GOME 2-FM3 spectral radiance measurements
Author(s): Heather M. Pegrum; Emma R. Woolliams; Nigel P. Fox; Luud van Riel; Gerard Otter; Matthew Kowalewski
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Automatic MTF measurement through a least square method
Author(s): Christophe Latry; Vincent Despringre; Christophe Valorge

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