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Atmospheric and Environmental Remote Sensing Data Processing and Utilization: an End-to-End System Perspective
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Volume Number: 5548
Date Published: 14 October 2004
Softcover: 46 papers (466) pages
ISBN: 9780819454867

Table of Contents
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Minding the gaps: new insights into R&D management and operational transitions of NOAA satellite products
Author(s): Marie C. Colton; Alfred M. Powell; Gretchen Jordan; Jonathon Mote; Jerald Hage; Donald Frank
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Virtual laboratory for satellite training and data utilization
Author(s): James F. W. Purdom; Donald Hinsman; Jeff Wilson
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NPOESS Direct Readout Mission
Author(s): John A. van de Wouw; John Overton; Patrick Coronado
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Remote sensing opportunities for coastal management
Author(s): Edward G. Howard; John J. Pereira; Gerald J. Dittberner; Michael K. Griffin; Hsiao-hua Burke
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Testbed architecture for rapid prototyping and assessment of environmental remote sensing algorithms
Author(s): T. Scott Zaccheo; John Galantowicz; David B. Hogan; Edward J. Kennelly; Hilary E. Snell
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Cluster versus grid for large-volume hyperspectral image preprocessing
Author(s): Jason Brazile; Michael E. Schaepman; Daniel Schlapfer; Johannes W. Kaiser; Jens Nieke; Klaus I. Itten
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Overview of NOAA's hyperspectral sounding data, communication, and compression activities
Author(s): Roger W. Heymann; Timothy J. Schmit
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Predictive partitioned vector quantization for hyperspectral sounder data compression
Author(s): Bormin Huang; Alok Ahuja; Hung-Lung Allen Huang; Timothy J. Schmit; Roger W. Heymann
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Lossless compression of 3D hyperspectral sounder data using the wavelet and Burrows-Wheeler transforms
Author(s): Shih-Chieh Wei; Bormin Huang
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Compression of AIRS data using Emperical Mode Decomposition
Author(s): Irina Gladkova; Leonid Roytman; Mitchell D. Goldberg; John Weber
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Quantifying effects of lossy data compression on animation from geosynchronous imagers
Author(s): Jeffery J. Puschell; Shawn W. Miller
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Lossless data compression for infrared hyperspectral sounders: an update
Author(s): Bormin Huang; Hung-Lung Allen Huang; Alok Ahuja; Timothy J. Schmit; Roger W. Heymann
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Lossy data compression for next-generation imager data
Author(s): Shawn W. Miller; Jeffery J. Puschell
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Satellite Upper Air Network (SUAN)
Author(s): Tony L. Reale; Peter Thorne
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Remote sensing experiment implementation: lessons learned
Author(s): Michael S. Cisewski; William P. Chu; Kory J. Priestley; Larry L. Gordley; Ed Mauldin; Philip L. Brown
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Long-term operation of ground-based atmospheric sensing systems in the tropical Western Pacific
Author(s): Mark D. Ivey; Larry Jones; Bill Porch; Monty Apple; Kevin Widener
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Content framework for operational environmental remote sensing data sets: NPOESS concepts
Author(s): Alan M. Goldberg
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Naval hyperspectral remote sensing research for the oceans, atmosphere, and space
Author(s): Robert P. McCoy; Joan S. Cleveland; Ronald J. Ferek
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Radiative properties of ice crystals within cirrus clouds: application to remote sensing
Author(s): Ping Yang; Heli Wei; Hung-Lung Allen Huang; Bryan A. Baum; Yong X. Hu; K. N. Liou; Michael I. Mishchenko
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Remote sensing of cirrus cloud particle size and optical depth using polarimetric sensor measurements
Author(s): Szu Cheng Ou; K. N. Liou; Yoshihide Takano; Richard L. Slonaker
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Science data processing for the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer-Earth observing system
Author(s): H. Michael Goodman; Kathryn Regner; Helen Conover; Peter Ashcroft; Frank Wentz; Dawn Conway; Elena Lobl; Bruce Beaumont; Lamar Hawkins; Steve Jones
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Ground truth and climate model comparison for TRMM rainfall data
Author(s): Gerald R. North; Kenneth P. Bowman; J. Craig Collier; Qiaoyan Wu; Eunho Ha; Amy Phillips; James Hardin
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Application of a testbed for validating remote sensor data and retrieval algorithms
Author(s): Alan E. Lipton; Jean-Luc Moncet; John Galantowicz; Haijun Hu; Richard Lynch; Sid-Ahmed Boukabara; David B. Hogan; Robert d'Entremont; Yuguang He
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Aerosol optical depth approximation using an optimization-subdivision method
Author(s): Nicolas Pfister; Karyne Charbonneau; Martin Ducharme; Mathieu Houle; Carina Poulin; Marie-Eve Randlett; Christine Rioux-Perreault
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Satellite ocean remote sensing at NOAA/NESDIS
Author(s): Eric J. Bayler
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Mission support role played by MODIS during Operation Iraqi Freedom
Author(s): Steven D. Miller; Jeffrey D. Hawkins; F. Joseph Turk; Thomas F. Lee; John Kent; Kim Richardson; Arunas P. Kuciauskas
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Multispectral satellite training for inexperienced Navy forecasters
Author(s): Arunas P. Kuciauskas; Thomas F. Lee; Philip A Durkee; Roy Ledesma
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Protection of passive radio frequencies used for earth exploration by satellite
Author(s): Guy Rochard
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Distributed real-time operational products from AIRS
Author(s): Mitchell D. Goldberg; Chris D. Barnet; Walter Wolf; Lihang Zhou; Murty Divakarla
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Near real-time AIRS processing and distribution system: from design to operations
Author(s): Walter Wolf; Thomas King; Mitchell D. Goldberg; Lihang Zhou; Chris D. Barnet
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Remote sounding of trace gases with the EOS/AIRS instrument
Author(s): Chris D. Barnet; Mitchell D. Goldberg; Larry McMillin; Moustafa T. Chahine
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Spectral cloud-filtering of AIRS data: nonpolar ocean
Author(s): Hartmut H. Aumann; David T. Gregorich; Diana Barron
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Development of the IASI operational processing and distribution system
Author(s): Thomas King; Walter Wolf; Mitchell D. Goldberg; Chris D. Barnet; Haibing Sun; Lihang Zhou
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USU global ionospheric data assimilation models
Author(s): Robert W. Schunk; Ludger Scherliess; Jan J. Sojka; Donald C. Thompson
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Future data requirements of operational space weather systems
Author(s): David J. Crain
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Space weather comes of age: new sensors and models for ionospheric specification and forecast
Author(s): Robert P. McCoy
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Using insitu satellite data to describe global scale variations in space weather
Author(s): Roderick A. Heelis; Marc R. Hairston; William R. Coley
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C/NOFS: a demonstration system to forecast equatorial ionospheric scintillation that adversely affects navigation, communication, and surveillance systems
Author(s): Frederick J. Rich; Odile de La Beaujardiere; John M. Retterer; Bamandas Basu; Keith Groves; Laila S. Jeong; Theodore Beach; Donald Hunton; Jason Mellein; Kimberlee Kachner
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End-to-end simulation for support of remote sensing systems design
Author(s): Shawn W. Miller; William R. Bergen
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Environmental satellite data utilization: determination of wind vectors by tracking features on sequential moisture analyses derived from hyperspectral IR satellite soundings
Author(s): Christopher Velden
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Some key preprocessing techniques on airborne imaging spectrometer data for quantitative analysis
Author(s): Linli Cui; Wenyi Fan; Jun Shi; Ping Tang; Zhongming Zhao; Zhiqiang Gao
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Analysis of regional high spatial resolution sounding products: demonstration of MODIS and AIRS stand-alone and synergistic processing approaches
Author(s): Li Guan; Hung-Lung Allen Huang; Wei Gao; Elisabeth Weisz; Jun Li
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A modeling approach for aerosol optical depth analysis during forest fire events
Author(s): Martin P. Aube; Normand T. O'Neill; Alain Royer; David Lavoue
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A system design for storing, archiving, and retrieving hyperspectral data
Author(s): Ralph G. Dedecker; Tom Whittaker; Raymond K. Garcia; Robert O. Knuteson
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Far-field diffraction and focal plane misalignment effects on simulated GIFTS data from the IHOP field program
Author(s): Erik R. Olson; Robert O. Knuteson; Hank E. Revercomb; Jun Li; Hung-Lung Allen Huang
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Component-oriented design studies for efficient processing of hyperspectral infrared imager data
Author(s): Raymond K. Garcia; Maciej J. Smuga-Otto
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