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Ultraviolet Ground- and Space-based Measurements, Models, and Effects IV

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Volume Number: 5545
Date Published: 14 October 2004

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UV and total ozone climatology at the South Pole based on Version 2 NSF network data
Author(s): Germar Bernhard; Charles Rocky Booth; James C. Ehramjian
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Long-term variability in surface UV-B radiation across the United States
Author(s): Jeffrey Hicke; James R. Slusser; Kathleen Lantz
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Measuring aerosol UV absorption optical thickness by combining use of shadowband and almucantar techniques
Author(s): Nickolay A. Krotkov; Pawan K. Bhartia; Jay R. Herman; James Slusser; Gwen Scott; Gordon Labow; Alexander P. Vasilkov; Thomas Eck; Oleg Dubovik; Brent Holben
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Assessment of TOMS UV bias due to absorbing aerosols
Author(s): Antti Arola; Stelios Kazadzis; Nickolay A. Krotkov; Alkis Bais; Jay R. Herman; Kaisa Lakkala
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Impact of clouds with limited horizontal extent on UV radiation measurements
Author(s): John M. Davis; James R. Slusser
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Long-term stability of UV multifilter rotating shadowband radiometers, part 2: lamp calibrations versus the Langley method
Author(s): George T. Janson; James R. Slusser; Gwen Scott; Patrick Disterhoft; Kathleen Lantz
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Evaluation of a calibration constant of a narrowband solar UV-B radiometer
Author(s): Shu Takeshita; Masako Sasaki
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Serious complications in experiments in which UV doses are affected by using different lamp heights
Author(s): Stephan D. Flint; Ronald J. Ryel; Martyn M. Caldwell
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Dosimeter for measurement of UVA exposures
Author(s): Alfio V. Parisi; Michael G. Kimlin
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Impact of cloud cover on erythemal UV-B exposure under vegetation canopies
Author(s): Richard H. Grant; Gordon M. Heisler; Wei Gao
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Direct-sun column ozone from multifilter rotating shadowband radiometers compared with values retrieved from Brewer and Dobson spectrophotometers
Author(s): Roger M. Tree; James R. Slusser
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The USDA high-resolution UV radiation network: maintenance, calibration, and data tools
Author(s): Mark C. Beauharnois; Peter Kiedron; Lee Harrison
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Response of different crop growth and yield to enhanced UV-B radiation under field conditions
Author(s): Youfei Zheng; Wei Gao; James R. Slusser; Richard H. Grant; Chuanhai Wang
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Effect of enhanced UV-B radiation combined with other climate stressors on winter wheat
Author(s): Wei Gao; Youfei Zheng; James R. Slusser; Richard H. Grant
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Effects of enhanced UV-B radiation on secondary metabolites in forage plants and potential consequences for multiple trophic responses involving mammalian herbivores
Author(s): Nicole J. Thines; John H. Bassman; Lisa A. Shipley; James R. Slusser
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The effect of polarization sensitivity of Brewer spectrometers on Direct Sun measurements
Author(s): Alexander M. Cede; Gordon Labow; Matthew G. Kowalewski; Jay R. Herman
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