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Earth Observing Systems IX
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Volume Number: 5542
Date Published: 26 October 2004
Softcover: 46 papers (480) pages
ISBN: 9780819454805

Table of Contents
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SeaWiFS lunar calibration methodology after six years on orbit
Author(s): Robert E. Eplee; Robert A. Barnes; Frederick S. Patt; Gerhard Meister; Charles R. McClain
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MODIS instrument status and operational activities
Author(s): William L. Barnes; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Vincent V. Salomonson
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MODIS on-orbit calibration: key issues and approaches
Author(s): Xiaoxiong Xiong; K. Chiang; Junqiang Sun; Nianzeng Che; William L. Barnes
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Relative radiometric characterization and performance of the QuickBird high-resolution commercial imaging satellite
Author(s): Keith S. Krause
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AIRS infrared polarization sensitivity and in-flight observations
Author(s): Thomas S. Pagano; Hartmut H. Aumann; Denis Elliott; Steven E. Broberg
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Correction of drifts in the measurements of the Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System scanning thermistor bolometer instruments on the Terra and Aqua satellites
Author(s): Peter L. Spence; Kory J. Priestley; Edward A. Kizer; Susan Thomas; Denise L. Cooper; Dale R. Walikainen
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Performance results of CERES instrument sensors aboard EOS Terra and Aqua spacecraft using tropical ocean measurements
Author(s): Susan Thomas; Kory J. Priestley; Peter L. Spence
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CALIPSO: lidar and wide-field camera performance
Author(s): Carl Weimer; Ron Schwiesow; Mark LaPole
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Meteosat third generation: user requirements and sensors concept
Author(s): Jean-Loup Bezy; Donny Aminou; Paolo Bensi; Rolf Stuhlmann; Stephen Tjemkes; Antonio Rodriguez
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Concept of a new multiangular satellite mission for improved bidirectional sampling of surface and atmosphere properties
Author(s): Alexander P. Trishchenko
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APEX: current status of the airborne dispersive pushbroom imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Jens Nieke; Klaus I. Itten; Johannes W. Kaiser; Daniel R. Schlapfer; Jason Brazile; Walter Debruyn; Koen Meuleman; Pieter B. Kempeneers; Andreas Neukom; Hans Feusi; Peter Adolph; Renzo Moser; Thomas Schilliger; Marie van Quickelberghe; John Alder; Dominique Mollet; Lieve De Vos; Peter Kohler; Markus Meng; Jens Piesbergen; Peter Strobl; Michael E. Schaepman; Jose Gavira; Gerd Joachim Ulbrich; Roland Meynart
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Medium-sized aperture camera for Earth observation from space
Author(s): Eugene D. Kim; Young-Wan Choi; Myung-Seok Kang; Ee-Eul Kim; Ho-Soon Yang; Abdul Aziz Abdul Rasheed; Ahmad Sabirin Arshad
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Development of small-sized aperture camera (SAC) for high-performance imaging on small satellites
Author(s): Young-Wan Choi; Eugene D. Kim; Myung-Seok Kang; Seung-Uk Yang; Jongun Kim; Ee-Eul Kim; Sung-Dong Park; Ho-Soon Yang
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Tunable solid-etalon filter for use in lidar receivers
Author(s): Yakov Sidorin; David Lunt; Michael A. Krainak; Mark A Stephen
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Solid-etalon for the CALIPSO lidar receiver
Author(s): Neal H. Zaun; Carl Weimer; Yakov Sidorin; David Lunt
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Atmospheric chemistry experiment (ACE): mission overview
Author(s): Peter F. Bernath
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On-orbit commissioning of the ACE-FTS instrument
Author(s): Serge Y. Fortin; Marc-Andre A. Soucy; Christophe Deutsch
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On-orbit performance of the ACE-FTS instrument
Author(s): Francois J. Chateauneuf; Serge Y. Fortin; Henry L. Buijs; Marc-Andre A. Soucy
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Science commissioning of the atmospheric chemistry experiment (ACE)
Author(s): Kaley A. Walker; Jiansheng Zou; Florian Nichitiu; Kathleen L. Gilbert; David Turnbull; C. Thomas McElroy; Wayne F. J. Evans; Chris S. Ferguson; Eldon Puckrin; Chris Boone; Sean D. McLeod; Michael Butler; Clive Midwinter; James R. Drummond; Peter F. Bernath
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SciSat-1 retrieval results
Author(s): Chris Boone; Ray Nassar; Sean D. McLeod; Kaley A. Walker; Peter F. Bernath
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Experimental data on O2 absorption using Fabry-Perot-based optical setup for remote sensing atmospheric observations
Author(s): Elena Georgieva; Emily Wilson; Mariusz Miodek; William S. Heaps
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Infrared remote sensing of atmospheric composition over the polar region
Author(s): Tom Hawat; Frank Murcray; Ronald Blatherwick; Pierre Fogal
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Retrievals from the Limb Ozone Retrieval Experiment on STS107
Author(s): David E. Flittner; Ernest Hilsenrath; Scott J. Janz; Robert P. Loughman; Richard D. McPeters; Didier F. Rault
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Rapid technique to cross-calibrate satellite imager visible channels
Author(s): Louis Nguyen; David R. Doelling; Patrick Minnis; J. Kirk Ayers
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Concept for a full-Earth albedo radiometer on a GOES satellite
Author(s): James C. Bremer; Joseph C. Criscione
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Inter-comparison of radiometric calibration of Terra and Aqua MODIS 11-μm and 12-μm bands
Author(s): Aisheng Wu; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Changyong Cao; Xiangqian Wu; William L. Barnes
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Instantaneous sampling accuracy of the Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget (GERB) experiment
Author(s): Grant Matthews
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Operational calibration of solar reflectance channels of the advanced very high resolution radiometer (AVHRR)
Author(s): Xiangqian Wu
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On the use of deep convective clouds to calibrate AVHRR data
Author(s): David R. Doelling; Louis Nguyen; Patrick Minnis
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Vicarious calibration of Terra ASTER, MISR, and MODIS
Author(s): Kurtis J. Thome; Stuart F. Biggar; Hyun Joo Choi
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Assessment of uncertainty in ROLO lunar irradiance for on-orbit calibration
Author(s): Thomas C. Stone; Hugh H. Kieffer
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BRDF measurement and calculation for SBUV/2 radiance calibration test diffuser
Author(s): Zongying Wei; Kevin W. Kelly
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Long-term comparison of spectralon BRDF measurements in the ultraviolet
Author(s): Georgi T. Georgiev; James J. Butler
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Speckles and their effects in spectrometers due to on-board diffusers
Author(s): Hedser H. van Brug; Ramon Vink; Jos Groote Schaarsberg; Gregory Bazalgette Courreges-Lacoste; Bart Snijders
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Modeling studies of the MODIS solar diffuser attenuation screen and comparison with on-orbit measurements
Author(s): Eugene Waluschka; Xiaoxiong Xiong; David Moyer; Bruce W. Guenther; William L. Barnes; Vincent V. Salomonson
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Wide Field Collimator 2 (WFC2) for GOES Imager and Sounder
Author(s): Shahriar Etemad; James C. Bremer; Barbara J. Zukowski; Bert A. Pasquale; Tmitri J. Zukowski; Robert E. Prince; Patrick A. O'Neill; Robert W. Ross
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Spectral Irradiance and Radiance responsivity Calibrations using Uniform Sources (SIRCUS) facility at NIST
Author(s): Steven W. Brown; George P. Eppeldauer; Joseph P. Rice; Jun Zhang; Keith R. Lykke
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Laminated electroformed shape memory composite for deployable lightweight optics
Author(s): Steven J. Varlese; Melville P. Ulmer; Lisa R. Hardaway; Matthew Everhart; Semyon Vaynman; Gary Emerson; Michael Graham; Jonathan Echt; Matvey Farber; Stephen Vining
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Intelligent systems technologies to assist in utilization of Earth observation data
Author(s): Hampapuram K. Ramapriyan; Gail R. McConaughy; Stephen Morse; David Isaac
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The impact of aerosol spatial inhomogeneity on the design and performance of spaceborne multiangular instruments
Author(s): Shelley B. Petroy; Richard E. Nicholson; Rainer M. E. Illing; Robert d'Entremont; Hilary Snell
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Atmospheric aerosol loading polarimetry: full-orbit satellite data simulation
Author(s): Rainer M. E. Illing; Shelley B. Petroy
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Autonomous trending system for the AIRS/AMSU-A/HSB instruments on the Aqua spacecraft
Author(s): Stephen J. Licata; Steven E. Broberg; Denis Elliott; Steven L. Gaiser
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Relative radiometric correction of QuickBird imagery using the side-slither technique on orbit
Author(s): Bradley G. Henderson; Keith S. Krause
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MODIS thermal emissive bands calibration uncertainty analysis
Author(s): Kwo-Fu Chiang; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Aisheng Wu; William L. Barnes
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MODIS reflective solar bands uncertainty analysis
Author(s): Joseph A. Esposito; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Aisheng Wu; Junqiang Sun; William L. Barnes
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Radar target recognition by probabilistic filtering
Author(s): Anatoliy V. Popov; Oleksiy Pogrebnyak
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