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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5539

Design and Microfabrication of Novel X-Ray Optics II
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Volume Number: 5539
Date Published: 4 November 2004
Softcover: 30 papers (274) pages
ISBN: 9780819454775

Table of Contents
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Beryllium parabolic refractive x-ray lenses
Author(s): Bruno Lengeler; Christian G. Schroer; Marion Kuhlmann; Boris Benner; Til Florian Gunzler; Olga Kurapova; Federico Zontone; Anatoly A. Snigirev; Irina I. Snigireva
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Nanofocusing parabolic refractive x-ray lenses
Author(s): Christian G. Schroer; Marion Kuhlmann; Olga Kurapova; U. T. Hunger; Til Florian Gunzler; Sebastian Feste; Bruno Lengeler; Stefan Ziegler; Michael Drakopoulos; Manfred Burghammer; Christian Riekel; Anatoly A. Snigirev; Irina I. Snigireva
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Extrusion of compound refractive x-ray lenses
Author(s): Kristina Young; Ali M. Khounsary
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Fabrication of parabolic nanofocusing x-ray lenses
Author(s): Olga Kurapova; Sebastian Feste; Malte Gather; Til Florian Gunzler; U. T. Hunger; Marion Kuhlmann; Jens Patommel; Christian G. Schroer; Bruno Lengeler; Andre van der Hart
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Focusing hard x-rays with large kinoform lenses of mm size
Author(s): Werner H. Jark; Frederic Perennes; Marco Matteucci; Lucia Mancini; Francesco Montanari; Luigi Rigon; Giuliana Tromba; Andrea Somogyi; Remi Tucoulou; Sylvain Bohic
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Imaging with single-dimension kinoform lenses
Author(s): Aaron Stein; James M. Ablett; Kenneth Evans-Lutterodt; Ashley Taylor; Fred Klemens; Avi Kornblit; Sean Polvino
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Hard x-ray Fresnel prisms: properties and applications
Author(s): James M. Ablett; Kenneth Evans-Lutterodt; Aaron Stein
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Development of x-ray pore optics: novel high-resolution silicon millipore optics for XEUS and ultralow mass glass micropore optics for imaging and timing
Author(s): Marco Beijersbergen; Stefan Kraft; Marcos Bavdaz; David H. Lumb; Ramses Guenther; Maximilien Collon; Arjan L. Mieremet; Ray Fairbend; Anthony Peacock
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Lobster all-sky monitor
Author(s): Libor Sveda; Rene Hudec; Ladislav Pina; Adolf Inneman
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Fabrication of collimators for gamma-ray imaging
Author(s): Olga V. Makarova; Guohua Yang; Cha-Mei Tang; Derrick C. Mancini; Ralu Divan; Judith Yaeger
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Investigation of the properties of Bragg-Fresnel gratings
Author(s): Alexei I. Erko; Alexandre Firsov
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Design and fabrication of the diffractive x-ray optics at BESSY
Author(s): Alexandre Firsov; Alexei I. Erko; Alexander Svintsov
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Tapered tilted linear zone plates for focusing hard x-rays
Author(s): Leonidas Ernesto Ocola; Joerg Maser; Stefan Vogt; Barry Lai; Ralu Divan; Gregory B. Stephenson
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Tantalum zone plates for scanning x-ray microscopy between 0.5 and 2.5 keV
Author(s): Timm Weitkamp; Olivier Dhez; Burkhard Kaulich; Christian David
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X-ray optical objective based on Al and Be compound refractive lenses
Author(s): Serguei Kuznetsov; Irina I. Snigireva; Anatoly A. Snigirev; Christian G. Schroer; Bruno Lengeler
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Focusing of synchrotron radiation by compound refractive lenses made from glassy carbon
Author(s): Alexander Artemiev; Anatoly A. Snigirev; Victor G. Kohn; Irina I. Snigireva; Nikolay Artemiev; Maxim V. Grigoriev; Serguei Peredkov; L. S. Glikin; M. Levtonov; V. V. Kvardakov; A. Zabelin; A. Maevsky
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Hard x-ray focusing with extremely long compound refractive lens
Author(s): Irina I. Snigireva; Victor G. Kohn; Anatoly A. Snigirev
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Mechanical bonding of two identical silicon planar refractive lenses
Author(s): Vyacheslav Yunkin; Maxim V. Grigoriev; Serguei Kuznetsov; Anatoly A. Snigirev; Irina I. Snigireva
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A giant linear Fresnel zone plate as a hard x-ray condenser
Author(s): Angel Mazuelas; Anatoly A. Snigirev; Irina I. Snigireva; Christian David; Peter Boesecke; Hamid Djazouli; Till H. Metzger
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Thermo-mechanical analysis and design optimization of front-end compound refractive lens
Author(s): Lin Zhang; Anatoly A. Snigirev; Irina I. Snigireva; Graham Naylor; Anders Madsen; Federico Zontone; Marco Di Michiel; Pascal Elleaume
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Pathways to sub-10nm x-ray imaging using zone plate lens
Author(s): Wenbing Yun; Michael Feser; Alan F. Lyon; Frederick Duewer; Yuxin Wang
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Large-aperture x-ray refractive lens from lithium
Author(s): Nino R. Pereira; Eric M. Dufresne; Dohn A. Arms; R. Clarke
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