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Optical Constants of Materials for UV to X-Ray Wavelengths

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Volume Number: 5538
Date Published: 14 October 2004

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Measuring optical constants from the UV to x-ray wavelengths: how it was (and is) done
Author(s): William R. Hunter
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An assessment of yttrium optical constants EUV using Mo/Y multilayers designed as in the linear polarizers
Author(s): Benjawan Kjornrattanawanich; Regina Soufli; Sasa Bajt; David L. Windt; John F. Seely
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Calculation of x-ray refraction from near-edge absorption data only
Author(s): Chris J. Jacobsen; Steve Yuxin Wang; Wenbing Yun; Sean Frigo
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Rocket Extreme ultraviolet Grating Spectrometer (EGS): calibrations and results of the solar irradiance on February 8, 2002
Author(s): Phillip C. Chamberlin; Thomas N. Woods; Francis G. Eparvier
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Extreme ultraviolet optical constants for the design and fabrication of multilayer-coated gratings
Author(s): John F. Seely; Leonid Goray; David L. Windt; Benjawan Kjornrattanawanich; Yurii Uspenskii; Alexander V. Vinogradov
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Measurement of the optical constants of Sc films in the extreme ultraviolet
Author(s): Jose Antonio Aznarez; Juan Ignacio Larruquert; Jose Antonio Mendez; Sara Covini; Andrea Marco Malvezzi; Luca Poletto
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Measurements of the optical constants of scandium in the 50-1300eV range
Author(s): Andrew L. Aquila; Farhad Salmassi; Eric M. Gullikson; Fredrik Eriksson; Jens Birch
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Iridium optical constants from synchrotron reflectance measurements over 0.05- to 12-keV x-ray energies
Author(s): Dale E. Graessle; Regina Soufli; Art J. Nelson; Cheryl L. Evans; Andrew L. Aquila; Eric M. Gullikson; Richard L. Blake; Anthony J. Burek
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Determining ruthenium's optical constants in the spectral range 11-14 nm
Author(s): Luke J. Bissell; David D. Allred; R. Steven Turley; William R. Evans; Jed E. Johnson
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Direct index of refraction measurement of silicon and ruthenium at EUV wavelengths
Author(s): Kristine Rosfjord; Chang Chang; David T. Attwood Jr.
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Improved techniques for measuring x-ray mass attenuation coefficients
Author(s): Martin D. de Jonge; Chanh Q. Tran; Christopher T. Chantler; Zwi Barnea
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Optical properties and application of uranium-based thin films for the extreme ultraviolet and soft x-ray region
Author(s): Richard L. Sandberg; David D. Allred; Shannon Lunt; Marie K. Urry; R. Steven Turley
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Zirconium and niobium transmission data at wavelengths from 11-16 nm and 200-1200 nm
Author(s): Terry A. Johnson; Regina Soufli; Eric M. Gullikson; Miles Clift
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First-principles ultraviolet and x-ray spectra over broad ranges
Author(s): Eric L. Shirley; J. A. Soininen; J. J. Rehr
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Angle-dependent total electron yield spectra in multilayer films for standing wave measurements
Author(s): Takeo Ejima; Yasuji Muramatsu; Hisataka Takenaka
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Spectral signatures and optic coefficients of surface and reservoir shales and limestones at COIL, CO2, and Nd:YAG laser wavelengths
Author(s): El Tahir Bailo; Ramona M. Graves
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High-accuracy VUV reflectometry at selectable sample temperatures
Author(s): Alexander Gottwald; Udo Kroth; Martin Letz; Hendrik Schoppe; Mathias Richter
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Determination of optical properties of titanium dioxide thin films on different substrates by using spectroscopic ellipsometry
Author(s): Hyun Jong Kim; Yong Jai Cho; Hyun Mo Cho; Won Chegal; Yun Woo Lee; Sang Youl Kim
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