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Nonimaging Optics and Efficient Illumination Systems
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Volume Number: 5529
Date Published: 29 September 2004
Softcover: 31 papers (304) pages
ISBN: 9780819454676

Table of Contents
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LED projection displays
Author(s): Won Yong Lee; Young Chol Lee; Kirill Sokolov; Hee Joong Lee; Il Moon
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Optimal design of a nonimaging TIR doublet lens for an illumination system using an LED source
Author(s): John C. Bortz; Narkis E. Shatz; Matthijs Keuper
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Light guide based optical engine for light-valve-projection
Author(s): Marcel C.P.M. Krijn; Bart A. Salters; Ad J.S.M. de Vaan
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Etendue efficient illuminator with a retro-reflecting aperture
Author(s): Dae-Sik Kim; Kirill Sokolov; Kun Ho Cho; Ji Hwan Nho
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Review of SMS design methods and real world applications
Author(s): Oliver Dross; Ruben Mohedano; Pablo Benitez; Juan Carlos Minano; Julio Chaves; Jose Blen; Maikel Hernandez; Fernando Munoz
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Design and optimization of tapered light pipes
Author(s): Kenneth K. Li; Seiji Inatsugu; Sheldon Sillyman
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Flux propagation in light pipes: further development of the flux confinement diagram
Author(s): John Felix Van Derlofske; Thomas Hough
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Source numerical aperture control for efficient light emission from notched, side-lighting fiber optics
Author(s): Sheldon Sillyman; Kenneth K. Li; Seiji Inatsugu
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Transport theory for light propagation in random media
Author(s): Arnold D. Kim
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Fermat’s principle and conservation of 2D etendue
Author(s): Juan Carlos Minano; Pablo Benitez
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Radiance aa a paradigm for a wave description of optical measurements
Author(s): Roland Winston; Yupin Sun; Robert G. Littlejohn; Keith A. Snail
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Offence against the Edge Ray Theorem?
Author(s): Pablo Benitez; Juan Carlos Minano
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Virtual filaments that mimic conventional light bulb filaments
Author(s): Julio Chaves; Fernando Munoz; Juan Carlos Minano; Pablo Benitez; Bill Parkyn; Waqidi Falicoff; Yupin Sun
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Tailored imaging optics for concentration and illumination at the thermodynamic limit
Author(s): Jeffrey M. Gordon; Daniel Feuermann
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An optical source for characterizing CMOS imagers
Author(s): Jed J. Hancock; Doran J. Baker; Gene A. Ware
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A taxonomy of optical architectures for LCOS projection displays
Author(s): John D. Corless; Michael R. Greenberg; S. Craig Olson
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Collection efficiency of conical reflectors
Author(s): Henning Rehn
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Simple optics that produce constant illuminance on a distant target
Author(s): Julio Chaves; Waqidi Falicoff; Yupin Sun; Bill Parkyn
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Optimal design of a bifurcated refractive coupler for the HEDlight program
Author(s): Narkis E. Shatz; John C. Bortz; Roger Buelow; Jim Cirillo; John Davenport; Douglas Kirkpatrick
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On the analysis of microstructured surfaces
Author(s): Pablo Benitez; Juan Carlos Minano; Maikel Hernandez
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Imaging in multiplexed illumination
Author(s): Yoav Yosef Schechner; Shree K. Nayar; Peter N. Belhumeur; Harish S. Peri
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Aspects of illumination system optimization
Author(s): R. John Koshel
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MicroDish: a novel reflective optic for flat-plate micro-concentrator
Author(s): Akira Terao
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Photovoltaic concentration at ultra-high flux
Author(s): Jeffrey M. Gordon; Eugene A. Katz; Daniel Feuermann; Mahmoud Huleihil
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Nonimaging solar concentrator with uniform irradiance
Author(s): Roland Winston; Joseph J. O'Gallagher; Randy C. Gee
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Filter solarization, understanding, and mitigating degradation
Author(s): David Vaughnn; Gary A. Poczulp
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Theoretical study and applications of Talbot effect
Author(s): Wei Wang; Changhe Zhou
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The application of parabolic and hyperbolic shapes for pillow optics
Author(s): Valeriy K. Berger
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Effects on illumination uniformity due to dilution on arrays of LEDs
Author(s): Ivan Moreno; Roumen I. Tzonchev
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Light recycling for light-valve-projection with sparkling video
Author(s): Michel C.J.M. Vissenberg; Marcel C.P.M. Krijn; Bart A. Salters
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Absolute spectral response measurements of different photodiodes useful for applications in the UV spectral region
Author(s): Maria Guglielmina Pelizzo; Paolo Ceccherini; Denis Garoli; Pietro Masut; Piergiorgio Nicolosi
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