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Space Systems Engineering and Optical Alignment Mechanisms

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Volume Number: 5528
Date Published: 30 September 2004

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Terrestrial Planet Finder Coronagraph optical modeling
Author(s): Scott A. Basinger; David C. Redding
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Structural modeling for the Terrestrial Planet Finder mission
Author(s): Andrew Kissil; Eug Yun Kwack; Timothy Ho; Alice Liu; Carl Blaurock
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Metrology system for the Terrestrial Planet Finder Coronagraph
Author(s): Stuart B. Shaklan; Luis F. Marchen; Feng Zhao; Robert D. Peters; Timothy Ho; Buck Holmes
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TNO TPD contributions to high-precision optical metrology: a Darwin metrology breadboard for ESA
Author(s): Adrianus L. Verlaan; Teun C. van den Dool; Ben C.B. Braam; Bertrand Calvel; Rainer Sesselman; Wolfgang Poeschel; Denys Dontsov; Isabel Cabeza Vega; Eberhard Manske; Thilo Schuldt; Zoran Sodnik
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Experimental observations on material damping at cryogenic temperatures
Author(s): Chia-Yen Peng; Marie B. Levine; Lillian Shido; Robert Scott Leland
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Continued development of a precision cryogenic dilatometer for the James Webb Space Telescope
Author(s): Paul B. Karlmann; Matthew J. Dudik; Peter G. Halverson; Marie B. Levine; Martin R. Marcin; Robert D. Peters; Stuart B. Shaklan; David Van Buren
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Lightweight athermal SLMS innovative telescope
Author(s): William A. Goodman; Marc T. Jacoby
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A new generation of large SIC telescopes for space applications
Author(s): Emmanuel Sein; Yves Toulemont; Jacques Breysse; Pierre Deny; Daniel de Chambure; Takao Nakagawa; Masayuki Hirabayashi
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The role of integrated modeling in the design and verification of the James Webb Space Telescope
Author(s): Gary E. Mosier; Joseph M. Howard; John D. Johnston; Keith Alan Parrish; T. Tupper Hyde; Mark A. McGinnis; A. Marcel Bluth; Kevin Kim; Kong Q. Ha
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Multidisciplinary analysis for large-scale optical design
Author(s): Greg J. Moore; Mike Chainyk; John Schiermeier
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Error modeling of multibaseline optical truss: part I. Modeling of system-level performance
Author(s): Mark H. Milman; Robert E. Korechoff; Liwei D. Zhang
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Minimum-time and vibration-avoidance attitude maneuver for spacecraft with torque and momentum limit constraints in redundant reaction wheel configuration
Author(s): Kong Q. Ha; Michael D. Femiano; Gary E. Mosier
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Control modes of the ST7 disturbance reduction system flight validation experiment
Author(s): Peiman G. Maghami; Oscar C. Hsu; F. Landis Markley; James R. O'Donnell
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Midfrequency band dynamics of large space structures
Author(s): Robert N. Coppolino; Douglas S. Adams; Marie B. Levine
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A component-in-the-loop test methodology for precision deployable structures
Author(s): Joseph N. Footdale; Lee D. Peterson; Jason D. Hinkle
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Passive thermal compensation of the optical bench of the Galaxy Evolution Explorer
Author(s): Virginia G. Ford; Richard Parks; Michelle Coleman
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Characterizing the nonlinear dynamic behavior of membrane optics
Author(s): Eric L. Pollard; Brett J. deBlonk; R. Scott Erwin; Christopher H.M. Jenkins
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Feasibility study of using elastic memory composites for the deployment of precision optical space instruments
Author(s): Will Francis; Mark S. Lake; Jason D. Hinkle; Lee D. Peterson
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A user’s guide of optical mounts and alignment fixtures: example from a Mersenne reflecting afocal Gregory form telescope
Author(s): Leigh Ann Ryder; Joe B. Houston; Rich Bruner
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A small low-stress stable 3-DOF mirror mount with one arc-second tip/tilt resolution
Author(s): Eric Todd Kvamme; Mark T. Sullivan
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Design of a flexure-based alignment device for adjustable and stable mounting of optical components
Author(s): Peter Giesen; Noenke van der Lee
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Refractive beam steering
Author(s): Roland E. Juhala; George Dube
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Dynamic alignment of a Michelson interferometer using a position-sensitive device
Author(s): Carole G. Prevost; Jerome Genest
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Theoferometer for high-accuracy optical alignment and metrology
Author(s): Ronald W. Toland; Doug Leviton; Seth Koterba
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Small adjustable mirror mount for dynamic environments
Author(s): Chris L. Willis; Gavin W. Young
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An economical means for accurate azimuthal alignment of polarization optics
Author(s): Joel R. Blum
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Alignment methods for Cassegrain and RC telescope with wide field of view
Author(s): Ho-Soon Yang; Yun-Woo Lee; Eugene D. Kim; Young-Wan Choi; Ad. Aziz Ad. Rasheed
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Fieldable Fourier transform spectrometer
Author(s): Brian K. Hatchell; Warren W. Harper; John F. Schultz
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Two axes fully elastic pointing mechanism at microarcsec resolution
Author(s): Jan R. Nijenhuis; Peter Giesen; Francoise Delplancke
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Mechanical setup for optical aperture synthesis for wide-field imaging
Author(s): Peter Giesen; Bas Ouwerkerk; Hedser van Brug; Teun C. van den Dool; Casper van der Avoort
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The design of a breadboard cryogenic optical delay line for DARWIN
Author(s): Teun C. van den Dool; Fred Kamphues; B. Fouss; K. Henrioulle; P. P. Kooijman; Martijn Visser; G. Velsink; K. Fleury
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Magnetic bearing optical delay line
Author(s): Teun C. van den Dool; Fred Kamphues; B. Fouss; K. Henrioulle; Harm Hogenhuis
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Error modeling of multi-baseline optical truss: part II. Applications to SIM metrology truss field dependent error
Author(s): Liwei D. Zhang; Mark H. Milman; Robert E. Korechoff
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Design and structural/optical analysis of a kinematic mount for the testing of silicon carbide mirrors at cryogenic temperatures
Author(s): Christopher Chrzanowski; Charles Frohlich; Badri Shirgur; Ronald G. Mink
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Identification and propagation of probabilistic uncertainties for flexible space structures
Author(s): Carl Blaurock; Scott Alan Uebelhart; David W. Miller
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