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Liquid Crystals VIII
Editor(s): Iam-Choon Khoo

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Volume Number: 5518
Date Published: 15 October 2004

Table of Contents
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Liquid-crystalline elastomers with photomechanical properties
Author(s): Yanlei Yu; Makoto Nakano; Tomiki Ikeda
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Effect of the introduction of supramolecular structure on the photorefractive properties of liquid crystalline polymers
Author(s): Takeo Sasaki; Godai Fukunaga
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Surface charge layers and beam coupling in photosensitive polymer-liquid crystal structures
Author(s): Malgosia Kaczmarek; Andriy Dyadyusha
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Video rate holography in a liquid crystal-photoconducting polymer system
Author(s): Andrzej Miniewicz ; Jaroslaw Mysliwiec; Francois Kajzar; Janusz Parka
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All-optical self-induced polarization switching by two-wave mixing in nematic liquid crystals
Author(s): Iam Choon Khoo; Jianwu Ding; Andres Diaz
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Laser actions in nano-helical-structured liquid crystals
Author(s): Masanori Ozaki; Ryotaro Ozaki; Tatsunosuke Matsui D.D.S.; Katsumi Yoshino
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Light-emitting materials based on liquid crystals
Author(s): Masayoshi Suzuki; Hiromoto Sato; Peer Kirsch; Atsushi Sawada; Shohei Naemura
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Lasing characteristics of a dye-doped nematic liquid crystal layer sandwiched by two polymeric cholesteric liquid crystals
Author(s): Myoung Hoon Song; Byoungchoo Park; Ki-Chul Shin; Takashi Ohta; Yuko Tsunoda; Hajime Hoshi; Yoichi Takanishi; Ken Ishikawa; Junji Watanabe; Suzushi Nishimura; Takehiro Toyooka; Zhengguo Zhu; Timothy M. Swager; Hideo Takezoe
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Glassy nematic conjugated oligomers: materials for organic light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Andrew C. A. Chen; Sean W. Culligan; Yanhou Geng; Shaw H. Chen; Kevin P. Klubek; Kathleen M. Vaeth; Ching W. Tang
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Implementation of diffractive optical elements onto liquid crystal devices
Author(s): Pierre Ambs; Laurent Bigue; Eric Hueber
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Stable dopant for liquid crystals as materials for optically addressed spatial light modulators
Author(s): Oksana Ruzak; Neil Collings; William A. Crossland; Anthony B. Davey; Timothy D. Wilkinson
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Optical response of reflection polymer Bragg gratings to applied gas pressure
Author(s): Michael L. Ermold; Adam K. Fontecchio
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Integrated optic devices using liquid crystals: design and fabrication issues
Author(s): Antonio d'Alessandro; Rita Asquini; Robert Philippe Bellini; Domenico Donisi; Romeo Beccherelli
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Adaptive modally addressed liquid crystal lenses
Author(s): Philip J. W. Hands; Andrew K. Kirby; Gordon D. Love
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Modeling and experimental study of LC alignment induced by nanopatterned structures
Author(s): Hemang J. Shah; Adam K. Fontecchio
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Direct optical holographic fabrication of photonic crystals in polymeric dispersed nematic and isotropic liquid crystals
Author(s): Iam Choon Khoo; Yana Z. Williams; Kan X. Chen
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Photostimulated structural changes of liquid crystal physical gels
Author(s): Masaya Moriyama; Norihiro Mizoshita; Takashi Kato
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Electro-optical behavior of polymer cholesteric liquid crystal flake/fluid suspensions in a microencapsulation matrix
Author(s): Kenneth L. Marshall; Erin Kimball; Shari McNamara; Tanya Z. Kosc; Anka Trajkovska-Petkoska; Stephen D. Jacobs
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Fast electro-optical effect in polymer-stabilized blue phases
Author(s): Hirotsugu Kikuchi; Yoshiaki Hisakado; Kiminori Uchida; Toshihiko Nagamura; Tisato Kajiyama
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Polar nematic liquid crystal formed from aromatic polyesters with head-tail character
Author(s): Masao Koike; Liu Yuqing; Hitoshi Tsuchiya; Tatsuya Imase; Masatoshi Tokita; Susumu Kawauchi; Hideo Takezoe; Junji Watanabe
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Chirality-induced liquid-crystalline nano-structures and their properties
Author(s): Isa Nishiyama; Jun Yamamoto; John W. Goodby; Hiroshi Yokoyama
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New generalized model based on Onsager's transport equations for describing PDLC’s morphology
Author(s): Vincent Rachet; Patrick Feneyrou; Pierre L. Le Barny; Brigitte Loiseaux; Jean-Pierre Huignard
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Electro-tunable liquid crystal waveguide laser
Author(s): Tatsunosuke Matsui; Masanori Ozaki; Katsumi Yoshino
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Propagation effects in a photonic crystal fiber filled with a low-birefringence liquid crystal
Author(s): Tomasz R. Wolinski; Krzysztof Bondarczuk; Katarzyna Szaniawska; Piotr Lesiak; Andrzej W. Domanski; Roman S. Dabrowski; Edward Nowinowski-Kruszelnicki; Jan Wojcik
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