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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5507

XVI International Conference on Spectroscopy of Molecules and Crystals
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Volume Number: 5507
Date Published: 20 July 2004
Softcover: 56 papers (432) pages
ISBN: 9780819454447

Table of Contents
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Surface molecular light scattering in glasses
Author(s): Ivan V. Blazhnov; Anatoliy I. Fisenko; Nicolay P. Malomuzh
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Chaotic regime of tunneling through double-barrier system and its stabilization
Author(s): Vladimir N. Ermakov; Elena A. Ponezha
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Fluctuation-induced reconstruction of defect structure
Author(s): D. O. Kharchenko; I. A. Knyaz
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Two-phonon Raman spectra of tetragonal crystals ZnP2, CdP2, and TeO2
Author(s): S. G. Garasevich; Victor O. Gubanov; P. Korenyuk; Sergiy Koryakov; A. V. Slobodyanyuk; Z. A. Yanchuk
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Electronic structure and optical spectra of novel rechargeable lithium batteries
Author(s): Gennadiy E. Grechnev; Rajeev Ahuja; Jinghua Guo; Olle Eriksson
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Change of spectrums of electroluminescence epitaxial lightdiode structures during an acoustic emission
Author(s): Oleg V. Lyashenko; Yuriy O. Myagchenko; Vitaliy P. Veleshchuk
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Spectral properties of different phase composition TiO2
Author(s): Valentyna V. Shymanovska; Tamara V. Bezrodna; Vladimir I. Melnyk; Viktor S. Manzhara; Tatjana A. Khalyavka; Tatjana I. Viktorova; Jan Baran
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Blocking of the luminescence excitation of lanthanide compounds
Author(s): V. I. Tsaryuk
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Exciton absorption of p-GaSe crystals containing 2D hole gas: temperature dependencies
Author(s): Yurij I. Zhirko; Ivan P. Zharkov; Zakhar D. Kovalyuk
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Surface polaritons in the systems air-ZnO-SiO<sub>2</sub> and air-Ge-BeO: experiment and calculations
Author(s): G. I. Dovbeshko; S. P. Makarenko; I. V. Sekirin
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Structure and electroluminescent properties of planar nanocomposites consisting of metal island film and organics
Author(s): Rostyslav D. Fedorovich; Tatiana A. Gavrilko; Anton G. Naumovets; Vladimir Nechytaylo; Galyna O. Puchkovska; Larisa Viduta; Oleg Yu. Posudievskii; Vitaly D. Pokhodenko; Jan Baran; H. Ratajczak
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<sup>1</sup>H NMR spectra of 5CB liquid crystal and 5CB-MCM heterogeneous system
Author(s): I. I. Gnatyuk; Galyna O. Puchkovska; I. Chashechnikova; F. Nozirov; S. Jurga; B. Peplinska
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Surface and bulk states of disordered carbon and their optical properties
Author(s): Nikolay N. Melnik; T. N. Zavaritskaya; V. A. Karavanski
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Guided-wave polaritons in ZnO/6H-SiC structures
Author(s): Evgenie F. Venger; L. Yu. Melnichuk; O. V. Melnichuk; T. V. Shovkoplyas
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Temperature shifts of phenanthrene S<sub>2</sub>&#8592;S<sub>0</sub> spectrum in apolar solvents and in water
Author(s): Igor A. Ar'ev; Nikolai I. Lebovka
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Raman study of molecular associations in methanol
Author(s): Leonid Bulavin; I. Doroshenko; O. Lizengevich; Valerii E. Pogorelov; L. Savransky; O. Veretennikov
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Association of diphenylguanidine molecules and quantum-chemical calculations of the structure of its cyclic dimers
Author(s): S. F. Bureiko; A. Koll; M. Przeslawska
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Peculiarities of absorption spectra of organic dyes in electric field
Author(s): Nikolay A. Davidenko; Aleksandr A. Ishchenko; Mikhail A. Zabolotny
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Comparative analysis of the self-association of ethidium mono- and bis-intercalators in aqueous solution using 1H NMR spectroscopy
Author(s): Maxim P. Evstigneev; Adrian A. Hernandez Santiago; Olga V. Rogova; Alexei N. Veselkov
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<sup>1</sup>H NMR analysis of complexation of hydrotropic agents nicotinamide and caffeine with aromatic biologically active molecules in aqueous solution
Author(s): Anastasia O. Lantushenko; Yulia V. Mukhina; Kyrill A. Veselkov; David B. Davies; Alexei N. Veselkov
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Intermolecular interaction influence on the direction of OH-bond in H<sub>2</sub>O molecule
Author(s): Boris A. Okhrimenko; Galina I. Gaididei; Denis M. Samoilenko
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Unusual behavior of cytosine amino group signal in <sup>1</sup>H NMR spectra in DMSO depending on its concentration
Author(s): Andriy L. Potyahaylo; Svitlana P. Samijlenko; Andriy V. Stepanyugin; Dmytro M. Hovorun
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Factor analysis in IR spectroscopic studies of hydrogen bondings and conformations
Author(s): A. B. Remizov; R. A. Skochilov
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Electro-optical properties of ionic liquid crystals with electrochromic admixtures
Author(s): A. B. Bordyuh; Gertruda V. Klimusheva; A. V. Koval'chuk; Tatyana A. Mirnaya; A. P. Polishchuk
Aging effect and kinetics in glassy 2-biphenylmethanol
Author(s): N. A. Davydova; V. I. Lukashenko; Jan Baran; M. Drozd
Low-frequency dielectric relaxation in liquid crystal-polymer composites
Author(s): L. Dolgov; Oleg V. Yaroshchuk; A. V. Koval'chuk; Diederik S. Wiersma
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Computer-assisted molecular modeling of cholesteric helix induced by chiral dopant in nematic phase
Author(s): Tatiana G. Drushlyak; Alexander P. Fedoryako; Lidiya A. Kutulya
Influence of the light-induced molecular transformations on the helix pitch and lasing spectra of cholesteric liquid crystals
Author(s): Igor P. Ilchishin; Oleg V. Yaroshchuk; Sergiy V. Gryshchenko; Eugene A. Shaydiuk
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Activation spectroscopy of solid Ne
Author(s): I. V. Khyzhniy; O. N. Grigorashchenko; A. N. Ogurtsov; E. V. Savchenko; M. Frankowski; A. M. Smith-Gicklhorn; V. E. Bondybey
Spectral and electric properties of cobalt (II) ions in liquid crystalline metal decanoate systems
Author(s): Gertruda V. Klimusheva; A. V. Grydyakina; A. P. Polishchuk; Tatyana A. Mirnaya; L. S. Sudovtsova; A. V. Koval'chuk; A. G. Tereshchenko
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Arylidene derivatives of 3R-methylcyclohexanone as chiral dopants for induced cholesterics
Author(s): Alexander I. Krivoshey; Lidiya A. Kutulya; Natalia I. Shkolnikova; Nikolay S. Pivnenko
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Investigation of alkylcyanobiphenyl compounds in meso- and crystalline phase
Author(s): Jan I. Kukielski; N. Ponikwicki; Bogumil J. Linde
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Electronic spectra of 2-biphenylmethanol in various environments
Author(s): Jan I. Kukielski; B. Brzostowska; N. A. Davydova; N. Ponikwickia
Smectogenic C* 2,6-bis-arylidene derivatives of 3(R)-ethylcyclohexanone exhibiting inversion of spontaneous polarization sign
Author(s): Nikolay S. Pivnenko; Alexander I. Krivoshey; Lidiya A. Kutulya; V. I. Musatov
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Spectral effects of intermolecular interaction and phase transitions in pure n-paraffin crystals
Author(s): Galyna O. Puchkovska; V. D. Danchuk; A. P. Kravchuk; Jan I. Kukielski
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The photoinduced conformational change in macromolecules
Author(s): Y. Barabash; V. Kharkyanen; A. Kudrjavtsev; M. A. Zabolotny; Nickolai I. Sokolov
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Vibrational spectroscopy and principal component analysis for conformational study of virus nucleic acids
Author(s): G. I. Dovbeshko; O. P. Repnytska; T. Pererva; A. Miruta; D. Kosenkov
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H-Bond network in biological systems: an infrared study
Author(s): Joze Grdadolnik
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Conformational probes in glassy polymers: free volume and relaxation transitions (FT-IR spectroscopy)
Author(s): D. I. Kamalova; S. A. Petrova; A. B. Remizov
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Distinctive features of complexation of anthracycline antibiotic daunomycin with deoxyhexanucleotide d(GCATGC) in aqueous solution: 1D- and 2D-NMR analysis
Author(s): Valery I. Pahomov; Olga V. Rogova; Vladimir S. Volynkin; Kirill A. Veselkov; Adrian A. Hernandez Santiago; Alexander V. Semanin; Leonid N. Djimant; Alexei N. Veselkov
Tautomeric transition in uracil and thymine nucleosides induced by deprotonated carboxylic group: <sup>1</sup>H NMR data
Author(s): Svitlana P. Samijlenko; Andriy V. Stepanyugin; Andriy L. Potyahaylo; Dmytro M. Hovorun
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LIF spectroscopy of dissolved aluminum in water with the use of silica gel sorbent modified by tridecyloctadecylammonium iodide and lumogallion
Author(s): Leonid L. Fedorenko; Leonid A. Kernazhitsky; Vadym V. Naumov; Michael M. Yusupov; Oksana Yu. Nadzhafova
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Spectral and lasing characteristics of dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystals as materials for laser projection screens
Author(s): Igor P. Ilchishin
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Nonlinear effects in the interaction of elliptically polarized laser radiation with the strong absorbing molecular gas
Author(s): Victor I. Romanenko; Yelena G. Udovitskaya; Ruslan A. Malitskiy; Leonid P. Yatsenko
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Experimental and calculated enhancement factor in the SEIRA method
Author(s): G. I. Dovbeshko; Yuri M. Shirshov; Vladimir I. Chegel; O. M. Fesenko
Electron energy distribution function in a hollow-cathode glow discharge in mixtures of nitrogen with electronegative gases
Author(s): Anna G. Kalyuzhnaya; Andrew V. Ryabtsev; Anatoliy I. Shchedrin
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Energy bands and Wannier-Mott excitons in Zn(P<sub>1-x</sub>As<sub>x</sub>)<sub>2</sub> and Zn<sub>1-x</sub>Cd<sub>x</sub>P<sub>2</sub> crystals
Author(s): O. A. Yeshchenko; M. M. Biliy; Z. Z. Yanchuk
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