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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5499

Optical and Infrared Detectors for Astronomy
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Volume Number: 5499
Date Published: 29 September 2004
Softcover: 55 papers (568) pages
ISBN: 9780819454317

Table of Contents
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A 4K x 4K HgCdTe astronomical camera enabled by the JWST NIR detector development program
Author(s): Donald N. B. Hall; Gerard Luppino; Klaus W. Hodapp; James D. Garnett; Markus Loose; Majid Zandian
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VIRGO-2K 2.25-um HgCdTe dark current
Author(s): Roger M. Smith; Marco Bonati; Dani Guzman
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2K X 2K molecular beam epitaxy HgCdTe detectors for the James Webb Space Telescope NIRCam instrument
Author(s): James D. Garnett; Mark C. Farris; Selmer S. Wong; Majid Zandian; Donald N.B. Hall; Shane Jacobson; Gerard Luppino; Susan Parker; David Dorn; Steve Franka; Edward Freymiller; Stuart McMuldroch
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Performance of large-format 2Kx2K MBE grown HgCdTe Hawaii-2RG arrays for low-flux applications
Author(s): Gert Finger; Reinhold J. Dorn; Manfred Meyer; Leander Mehrgan; Joerg Stegmeier; Alan F. M. Moorwood
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2K X 2K InSb for astronomy
Author(s): Alan W. Hoffman; Elizabeth Corrales; Peter J. Love; Joseph P. Rosbeck; Michael Merrill; Albert Fowler; Craig McMurtry
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2K X 2K HgCdTe detector arrays for VISTA and other applications
Author(s): Peter J. Love; Alan W. Hoffman; Ken J. Ando; Elizabeth Corrales; William D. Ritchie; Neil J. Therrien; Joseph P. Rosbeck; Roger S. Holcombe; David J. Gulbransen
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4K X 4K detectors for astronomy
Author(s): Michael Lesser
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Development of fully depleted back-illuminated charge-coupled devices
Author(s): Christopher J. Bebek; Donald E. Groom; Stephen E. Holland; Armin Karcher; William F. Kolbe; Nick P. Palaio; Natalie A. Roe; Bojan T. Turko; Guobin Wang
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EMCCD technology and its impact on rapid low-light photometry
Author(s): Niall Smith; Colin Coates; Alan Giltinan; John Howard; Aidan O'Connor; Stephen O'Driscoll; Marcus Hauser; Stephan Wagner
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Performance of the Advanced Camera for Surveys CCDs after two years on orbit
Author(s): Marco Sirianni; Max Mutchler; Mark Clampin; Holland Ford; Garth Illingworth; George Hartig; Doug van Orsow; Thomas Wheeler
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The orthogonal-transfer array: a new CCD architecture for astronomy
Author(s): Barry E. Burke; John Tonry; Michael Cooper; Gerard Luppino; George Jacoby; Richard Bredthauer; Kasey Boggs; Michael Lesser; Peter Onaka; Douglas Young; Peter Doherty; David Craig
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Ultra-low-noise high-frame-rate ROIC for visible and infrared focal plane arrays
Author(s): Atul Joshi; John Stevens; Anzhelika Kononenko; John Blackwell
Large infrared and visible arrays for low-background applications: an overview of current developments at Raytheon
Author(s): Alan W. Hoffman; Peter J. Love; Ken J. Ando; Elizabeth Corrales
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Wafer-scale scientific CCDs at Fairchild Imaging
Author(s): Paul Vu; Steven Onishi; Robert Potter
Advanced technology trends for astronomy at Rockwell Scientific
Author(s): Selmer S. Wong; Markus Loose; Eric C. Piquette; James D. Garnett; Majid Zandian; Mark C. Farris
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Future optical detectors based on Al superconducting tunnel junctions
Author(s): Guy Brammertz; Peter Verhoeve; Didier Martin; Anthony Peacock; Rob Venn
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Curved CCD detector devices and arrays for multispectral astrophysical applications and terrestrial stereo panoramic cameras
Author(s): Pradyumna Swain; David Mark
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Follow the yellow-orange rabbit: a CCD optimized for wavefront sensing a pulsed sodium laser guide star
Author(s): James W. Beletic
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Energy resolution of a superconductor quantum detector
Author(s): Alexei Semenov; Andreas Engel; Heinz-Wilhelm Hubers; Konstantin Il'in; Michael Siegel
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Gain depression in MCPs utilized in CCD-readout image intensifiers
Author(s): Annelie W. Glazenborg-Kluttig; John L.A. Fordham
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Astronomical imaging with L3CCDs: detector performance and high-speed controller design
Author(s): Craig Mackay; Alistair Basden; Mick Bridgeland
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Development of thick back-illuminated CCD to improve quantum efficiency in optical longer wavelength using high-resistivity n-type silicon
Author(s): Yukiko Kamata; Satoshi Miyazaki; Masaharu Muramatsu; Hisanori Suzuki; Kazuhisa Miyaguchi; Takeshi Go Tsuru; Shin-ichiro Takagi; Emi Miyata
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Performance of a GaAs JFET at cryogenic temperature for faint light detection system
Author(s): Mikio Fujiwara; Masahide Sasaki; Makoto Akiba
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The infrared detectors for the wide field camera 3 on HST
Author(s): Massimo Robberto; Sylvia M. Baggett; B. Hilbert; John W. MacKenty; Randy A. Kimble; Robert J. Hill; David A. Cottingham; Greg Delo; Scott D. Johnson; Wayne Landsman; Eliot M. Malumuth; Elizabeth Polidan; Anne Marie Russell; Augustyn Waczynski; Edward Wassell; Yiting Wen; Allan Haas; John T. Montroy; Eric C. Piquette; Kadri Vural; Craig Cabelli; Donald N. B. Hall
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1K X 1K Si:As IBC detector arrays for JWST MIRI and other applications
Author(s): Peter J. Love; Alan W. Hoffman; Nancy A. Lum; Ken J. Ando; William D. Ritchie; Neil J. Therrien; Andrew G. Toth; Roger S. Holcombe
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Performance limitations of small-format high-speed infrared arrays for active control loops in interferometry and adaptive optics
Author(s): Gert Finger; Roger M. Smith; Serge Menardi; Reinhold J. Dorn; Manfred Meyer; Leander Mehrgan; Joerg Stegmeier; Alan F. M. Moorwood
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The MPIA detector system for the LBT instruments LUCIFER and LINC-NIRVANA
Author(s): Sebastiano Ligori; Rainer Lenzen; Holger Mandel; Bernhard Grimm; Ulrich Mall
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Determination of the optimal electrical bandwidth in CCD- and CMOS-based image detector applications
Author(s): Robert H. Philbrick
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Position-dependent CCD charge diffusion: results from HST/ACS
Author(s): John E. Krist
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Are 16 bits really needed in CCDs and infrared detectors for astronomy?
Author(s): Fernando Gago; Luis Fernando Rodriguez-Ramos; Jose V. Gigante; D. Lopez-Arozena
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Theoretical modeling of optical and x-ray photon counting kinetic inductance detectors
Author(s): George A. Vardulakis; Stafford Withington; David J. Goldie
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A novel CCD design for curvature wavefront sensing
Author(s): Reinhold J. Dorn; James W. Beletic; Barry E. Burke
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Nod-shuffle 3D spectroscopy with PMAS
Author(s): Martin M. Roth; Thomas Fechner; Thomas Becker; Andreas Kelz
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Update report on FlyEyes: a dual CCD detector system upgrade for PUEO
Author(s): Kevin Ho; Jean-Charles Cuillandre; Pascal Puget; Derrick Salmon; Olivier Lai; James W. Beletic; Gerard Luppino; Reinhold J. Dorn; Barry Burke
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High-speed SALT instrument CCD detectors
Author(s): Darragh O'Donoghue; Luis A. Balona; Dave B. Carter; Geoff P. Evans; Piet Fourie; Willie P. Koorts; James O'Connor; Faranah Osman; Chantal Petersen; Hendrik Steyn
Characterization, testing, and operation of Omega2000 wide-field infrared camera
Author(s): Zoltan Kovacs; Ulrich Mall; Peter Bizenberger; Harald Baumeister; Hermann-Josef Roser
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AAO2: a general purpose CCD controller for the AAT
Author(s): Lew Waller; John Barton; Don Mayfield; Jason Griesbach
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Design and initial test results of a CCD fan-out board with integrated preamplifier and ESD protection for the scientific instrument ELMER at the GTC 10-m telescope
Author(s): Marcos Suarez Valles; Ralf Kohley; Rafael Vilela; Agustin Casanova
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A USB 2.0 computer interface for the UCO/Lick CCD cameras
Author(s): Mingzhi Wei; Richard J. Stover
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Orthogonal transfer array control solutions using the MONSOON image acquisition system
Author(s): David Sawyer; Peter Moore; Gustavo Rahmer; Nick Buchholz
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IOTA: the array controller for a gigapixel OTCCD camera for Pan-STARRS
Author(s): Peter Onaka; John Tonry; Gerard Luppino; Charles Lockhart; Aaron Lee; Gregory Ching; Sidik Isani; Robin Uyeshiro
The CRIRES InSb megapixel focal plane array detector mosaic
Author(s): Reinhold J. Dorn; Gert Finger; Gotthard Huster; Hans-Ulrich Kaeufl; Jean-Louis Lizon; Leander Mehrgan; Manfred Meyer; Jean-Francois Pirard; Armin Silber; Joerg Stegmeier; Alan F. M. Moorwood
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Packaging design for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory high-resistivity CCDs
Author(s): Richard J. Stover; William E. Brown; Lloyd B. Robinson; D. Kirk Gilmore; Mingzhi Wei; Christopher Lockwood
Mosaic packaging for large-format infrared devices
Author(s): Roger S. Holcombe; Alan W. Hoffman; Peter J. Love
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Effects of radiation damage on astrometric CCDs: comparison of STA700 and e2v Model 43 detectors
Author(s): Bryan N. Dorland; Scott D. Johnson; Augustyn Waczynski
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Comparisons of the proton-induced dark current and charge transfer efficiency responses of n- and p-channel CCDs
Author(s): Cheryl J. Marshall; Paul W. Marshall; Augustyn Wacynski; Elizabeth Polidan; Scott D. Johnson; Art Campbell
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L3CCD results in pure photon-counting mode
Author(s): Olivier Daigle; Jean-Luc Gach; Christian Guillaume; Claude Carignan; Philippe Balard; Olivier Boisin
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