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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5496

Advanced Software, Control, and Communication Systems for Astronomy
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Volume Number: 5496
Date Published: 15 September 2004
Softcover: 80 papers (792) pages
ISBN: 9780819454287

Table of Contents
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ALMA test interferometer control system: past experiences and future developments
Author(s): Ralph G. Marson; Martin Pokorny; Jeff Kern; Fritz Stauffer; Alain Perrigouard; Birger Gustafsson; Ken Ramey
A status update of the VLTI control system
Author(s): Anders Wallander; Bertrand Bauvir; Martin Dimmler; Rob Donaldson; Enrico Fedrigo; Bruno Gilli; Nico Housen; Alexis Huxley; Thanh Phan Duc
SOAR TCS: from implementation to operation
Author(s): German Schumacher; Steve Heathcote; Victor Krabbendam
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Time to go H-∞
Author(s): Toomas Erm; Zdenek Hurak; Bertrand Bauvir
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UML modeling of the LINC-NIRVANA control software
Author(s): Wolfgang Gaessler; Thomas Bertram; F. Briegel; Thomas M. Driebe; Matthias Heininger; Edmund Nussbaum; Clemens Storz; J. Wang; Lahbib Zealouk; Thomas M. Herbst; Roberto Ragazzoni; A. Eckhardt; Gerd P. Weigelt
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The OmegaCAM instrument software: implementation and integration
Author(s): Andrea Baruffolo; Alessandro Bortolussi; Paolo Bagnara; Carlo Magagna
Real-time operation without a real-time operating system for instrument control and data acquisition
Author(s): Randolf Klein; Albrecht Poglitsch; Fabio Fumi; Norbert Geis; Murad Hamidouche; Rainer Hoenle; Leslie Looney; Walfried Raab; Werner Viehhauser
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The Generic Pixel Server dictionary
Author(s): Nick C. Buchholz; Philip N. Daly
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Optimization of SDSU-2 CCD controller hardware and software for CCD mosaics
Author(s): Robert I. Kibrick; Chris Wright; Steven L. Allen; De A. Clarke
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The ALMA software architecture
Author(s): Joseph Schwarz; Allen Farris; Heiko Sommer
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Container-component model and XML in ALMA ACS
Author(s): Heiko Sommer; Gianluca Chiozzi; Klemen Zagar; Markus Voelter
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A standard control system for the Large Millimeter Telescope and instruments
Author(s): Kamal Souccar; Gary Wallace; Daniella Malin
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Telescope networking and user support via Remote Telescope Markup Language
Author(s): Frederic V. Hessman; Carlton R. Pennypacker; Encarni Romero-Colmenero; Georg Tuparev
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eSTAR: intelligent observing and rapid responses
Author(s): Alasdair Allan; Tim Naylor; Iain A. Steele; Tim Jenness; Brad Cavanagh; Frossie Economou; Eric Saunders; Andy Adamson; Jason Etherton; Chris Mottram
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Optimizing the use of X and VNC protocols for support of remote observing
Author(s): Robert I. Kibrick; Steven L. Allen; Al Conrad; Terry Stickel; Gregory D. Wirth
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The MONSOON Generic Pixel Server software design
Author(s): Nick C. Buchholz; Philip N. Daly
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Automated software configuration in the MONSOON system
Author(s): Philip N. Daly; Nick C. Buchholz; Peter C. Moore
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ACS sampling system: design, implementation, and performance evaluation
Author(s): Paolo Di Marcantonio; Roberto Cirami; Gianluca Chiozzi
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Application of real time database to LAMOST control system
Author(s): Lingzhe Xu; Xinqi Xu
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Control software for OSIRIS: an infrared integral-field spectrograph for the Keck adaptive optics system
Author(s): Jason L. Weiss; Matthew Barczys; James E. Larkin; Allan Honey; Michael W. McElwain; Thomas M. Gasaway; Alfred Krabbe
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The data flow system for the AAO2 controllers
Author(s): Keith Shortridge; Tony J. Farrell; Jeremy A. Bailey; Lewis G. Waller
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The development process of the LUCIFER control software
Author(s): Marcus Juette; Kai Lars Polsterer; Michael Lehmitz; Volker Knierim
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Data acquirement and process system based on ethernet for multichannel solar telescope
Author(s): Keliang Hu; Yuanyong Deng; Xuelian Ma
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LBT-AdOpt control software
Author(s): Luca Fini; Alfio Puglisi; Armando Riccardi
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Porting and refurbishment of the WSS TNG control software
Author(s): Alessandro Caproni; Andrea Zacchei; Claudio Vuerli; Mauro Pucillo
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A CORBA event system for ALMA common software
Author(s): David W. Fugate
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An embeddable control system for astronomical instrumentation
Author(s): Roberto Cirami; Maurizio Comari; Claudio Corte; Damjan Golob; Paolo Di Marcantonio; Mark Plesko; Mauro Pucillo; Paolo Santin; Matej Sekoranja; Claudio Vuerli
The real-time control system of NAOMI
Author(s): Stephen J. Goodsell; Richard M. Myers; Paul Clark; D. Buscher
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Pointing calibration of the SMA antennas
Author(s): Nimesh A. Patel; Tirupati K. Sridharan
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Generic control of robotic telescopes
Author(s): Thomas Granzer
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Remote secure observing for the Faulkes Telescopes
Author(s): Robert J. Smith; Iain A. Steele; Jonathan M.H. Marchant; Stephen N. Fraser; Dorothea Mucke-Herzberg
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Remote observing capability with Subaru Telescope
Author(s): George Kosugi; Toshiyuki Sasaki; Masafumi Yagi; Ryusuke Ogasawara; Yoshihiko Mizumoto; Junichi Noumaru; Jun A. Kawai; Norikazu Koura; Toyoaki Kusumoto; Tadahiro Yamamoto; Noboru Watanabe; Kentaro Ukawa
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Fully integrated control system for the Discovery Channel Telescope
Author(s): Oliver M. Wiecha; Thomas A. Sebring
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Control of the TSU 2-m automatic telescope
Author(s): Joel A. Eaton; Michael H. Williamson
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AQuA: an automatic pipeline for fast transients detection
Author(s): Vincenzo Testa; Lucio Angelo Antonelli; Andrea Di Paola; Andrea Melandri; Luca Calzoletti; Ronan Cunniffe; Filippo Maria Zerbi; Guido Chincarini; Marcello Rodono; Paolo Conconi; Stefano Covino; Giuseppe Cutispoto; Emilio Molinari; Gino Tosti
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Planck/LFI DPC pipeline integration and testing
Author(s): Andrea Zacchei; Claudio Vuerli; Davide Maino; Giancarlo de Gasperis; Fabio Pasian
GO-CART: the GOHSS Calibration and Reduction Tool
Author(s): Gianluca Li Causi; Massimo De Luca; Fabrizio Vitali; Dario Lorenzetti
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