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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5493

Optimizing Scientific Return for Astronomy through Information Technologies
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Volume Number: 5493
Date Published: 16 September 2004
Softcover: 65 papers (608) pages
ISBN: 9780819454256

Table of Contents
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Software for the EVLA
Author(s): Bryan J. Butler; Gustaaf van Moorsel; Doug Tody
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Supporting observatory operations: the archive in the middle
Author(s): Benoit Pirenne
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Science Goal Monitor: science goal driven automation for NASA missions
Author(s): Anuradha Koratkar; Sandy Grosvenor; John Jung; Melissa Pell; David Matusow; Charles Bailyn
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The scientific output of the Hubble Space Telescope from objective metrics
Author(s): Georges Meylan; Brett S. Blacker; Duccio Macchetto; Juan P. Madrid
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SOAR remote observing: tactics and early results
Author(s): Gerald N. Cecil; J. Adam Crain
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Remote observation and observation efficiency
Author(s): Junichi Noumaru; George Kosugi; Toshiyuki Sasaki; Tadafumi Takata; Ryusuke Ogasawara; Tomoko Fuselier; Tom Winegar
A free market in telescope time?
Author(s): Jason Etherton; Iain A. Steele; Christopher J. Mottram
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Virtual observatory standards in action
Author(s): Mark George Allen; Sebastian Derriere; Francois Bonnarel; Thomas Boch; Pierre Fernique; Markus Dolensky; Mireille Louys; Anita M.S. Richards
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The Virtual Solar Observatory: status and initial operational experience
Author(s): Frank Hill; Richard S. Bogart; Alisdair Davey; George Dimitoglou; Joseph B. Gurman; Joseph A. Hourcle; Petrus C. Martens; Igor Suarez-Sola; Karen Tian; Steven Wampler; Keiji Yoshimura
The European grid of solar observations
Author(s): Robert D. Bentley; Andre Csillaghy; Isabelle Scholl
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The Large Binocular Camera image simulator: predicting the performances of LBC
Author(s): Andrea Grazian; Adriano Fontana; Cristian De Santis; Stefano Gallozzi; Emanuele Giallongo
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Data modeling for virtual observatory data mining
Author(s): Holger M. Jaenisch; James Handley; Albert Lim; Miroslav Filipovic; Graeme White; Alex Hons; Gary Deragopian; Mark Schneider; Matthew Edwards
Montage: a grid-enabled engine for delivering custom science-grade mosaics on demand
Author(s): G. Bruce Berriman; Ewa Deelman; John C. Good; Joseph C. Jacob; Daniel S. Katz; Carl Kesselman; Anastasia C. Laity; Thomas A. Prince; Gurmeet Singh; Mei-Hu Su
Integrating existing software toolkits into VO system
Author(s): Chenzhou Cui; Yong-Heng Zhao; Xiaoqian Wang; Jian Sang; Ze Luo
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Scheduling simulation in ALMA
Author(s): Allen R. Farris
Resolving inherent planning and scheduling conflicts in HST's cycle 12
Author(s): Ian J. E. Jordan; William M. Workman; Tricia J. Royle; Denise C. Taylor; Alison Sherwin Vick; Rodger Doxsey
VISTA data flow system: overview
Author(s): James P. Emerson; Mike J. Irwin; Jim Lewis; Simon Hodgkin; Dafydd Evans; Peter Bunclark; Richard McMahon; Nigel C. Hambly; Robert G. Mann; Ian Bond; Eckhard Sutorius; Michael Read; Peredur Williams; Andrew Lawrence; Malcolm Stewart
VISTA data flow system survey access and curation: the WFCAM science archive
Author(s): Nigel C. Hambly; Robert G. Mann; Ian Bond; Eckhard Sutorius; Michael Read; Peredur Williams; Andrew Lawrence; James P. Emerson
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VISTA data flow system: pipeline processing for WFCAM and VISTA
Author(s): Mike J. Irwin; Jim Lewis; Simon Hodgkin; Peter Bunclark; Dafydd Evans; Richard McMahon; James P. Emerson; Malcolm Stewart; Steven Beard
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The common pipeline library: standardizing pipeline processing
Author(s): Derek J. McKay; Pascal Ballester; Klaus Banse; Carlo Izzo; Yves Jung; Michael Kiesgen; Nick Kornweibel; Lars K. Lundin; Andrea Modigliani; Ralf M. Palsa; Cyrus Sabet
Photometric flats: an essential ingredient for photometry with wide-field imagers
Author(s): Fernando J. Selman
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Process control charts for dataflow operations of the ESO VLT
Author(s): Wolfgang Hummel; Rachel Johnson; Andreas Jaunsen; Yves Jung; Lars K. Lundin
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Data interface control at the European Southern Observatory
Author(s): Adam Dobrzycki; Nausicaa Delmotte; Nathalie Rossat; Benoit Pirenne; Carla Avelans; Norbert Rainer
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Data model applications for the SuperAGILE detection system
Author(s): Francesco Lazzarotto; Ettore Del Monte; Marco Feroci
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The AstroGrid MySpace service
Author(s): Andrew C. Davenhall; Catherine L. Qin; G. Peter Shillan; Keith T. Noddle; Nicholas A. Walton
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The Large Magellanic Cloud as a testbed for the astronomical virtual observatory
Author(s): Nausicaa Delmotte
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Development of the Japanese Virtual Observatory (JVO) prototype
Author(s): Masahiro Tanaka; Yoshihiko Mizumoto; Masatoshi Ohishi; Yuji Shirasaki; Satoshi Honda; Naoki Yasuda; Yoshifumi Masunaga; Yasuhide Ishihara; Katsumi Abe; Jumpei Tsutsumi; Hiroyuki Nakamoto; Yuusuke Kobayashi; Tokuo Yoshida; Yasuhiro Morita
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Quality control of VLT-VIMOS data
Author(s): Paola Sartoretti; Carlo Izzo; Ralf M. Palsa; Gianni Marconi; Stephane Brillant; Markus Kissler-Patig; Stefano Bagnulo
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Quality control of VLT FLAMES/GIRAFFE data
Author(s): Reinhard W. Hanuschik; Jonathan Smoker; Andreas Kaufer; Ralf M. Palsa; Michael Kiesgen
Quality control for UVES-fiber at the VLT-Kueyen Telescope
Author(s): Burkhard Wolff; Reinhard W. Hanuschik; Andreas Kaufer; Andrea Modigliani; Jonathan Smoker
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Quality control of VLT NACO data
Author(s): Danuta Dobrzycka; Wolfgang Hummel; Chris Lidman; Nancy Ageorges; Olivier Marco; Yves Jung
Chandra automated point source processing
Author(s): Bradley D. Spitzbart; Scott J. Wolk
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Astronomer's proposal tool: the first two years of operation
Author(s): Anthony J. Roman; Robert Douglas; Ronald Downes; Anthony Krueger; Karla Peterson
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Phase I changes needed for planning HST large programs
Author(s): Denise C. Taylor; David Soderblom; William M. Workman; Ronald Downes; Karla Peterson
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Observation scheduling tools for Subaru Telescope
Author(s): Toshiyuki Sasaki; George Kosugi; Robert Hawkins; Jun A. Kawai; Toyoaki Kusumoto
The EMIR observing program manager system science simulator
Author(s): Johan Richard; Roser Pello; Thierry Contini; Sylvie Brau-Nogue; Christian Lucuix
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SIP: a modern flexible data pipeline
Author(s): Pauline Barmby; Zhong Wang; Massimo Marengo; Matthew L.N. Ashby
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Automated classification of x-ray sources in stellar clusters
Author(s): Susan M. Hojnacki; Joel H. Kastner
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High-level parallel computing language
Author(s): Jianfeng Zhou; Yang Yang; Yan Su
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Remote distributed pipeline processing of GONG helioseismic data: experience and lessons learned
Author(s): Jean N. Goodrich; Shukur Kholikov; Charles Lindsey; Anna Malanushenko; Chirag Shroff; Clifford Toner

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