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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5470

Noise in Devices and Circuits II
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Volume Number: 5470
Date Published: 25 May 2004
Softcover: 56 papers (620) pages
ISBN: 9780819453969

Table of Contents
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Nonlocal effects and transfer fields for electronic noise in small devices
Author(s): Luca Varani; Jean Claude Vaissiere; Pavel Shiktorov; Evjeni Starikov; Viktor Gruzhinskis; Tomas Gonzalez; Javier Mateos; Daniel Pardo; Lino Reggiani
Extension of the characteristic potential method for noise calculation and its application to shot noise in semiconductor devices
Author(s): Hong Shick Min; Sung-Min Hong; Chan Hyeong Park; Young June Park
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Current noise in semiconductor nanoscale devices
Author(s): Tanroku Miyoshi; Hideaki Tsuchiya; Matsuto Ogawa; Akihiko Asanuma; Toshitaka Okauchi
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Characterization, modeling, and implementation of high-frequency noise in MOSFETs for RF IC design
Author(s): Chih-Hung James Chen; Feng Li; M. Jamal Deen
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MOSFET noise modeling and parameter extraction
Author(s): Manfred Berroth; Umut Basaran
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Nonlocal transport and thermal noise of the nanoscale MOSFET
Author(s): Young June Park; Seonghoon Jin; Sung-min Hong; Hong Shick Min
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A comprehensive study of thermal noise in the MOS transistor
Author(s): Christian Enz
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Noise in Si/SiGe and Ge/SiGe MODFET
Author(s): Frederic P Aniel; Mauro Enciso Aguilar; Nicolas Zerounian; Paul Crozat; Thomas Hackbarth; Hans-Joest Herzog; Ulf König
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Noise modeling and performance in 0.15-um fully depleted SOI MOSFET
Author(s): Guillaume Pailloncy; Benjamin Iniguez; Gilles Dambrine; Morin Dehan; Jean-Pierre Raskin; Hideaki Matsuhashi; Pierre Delatte; Francois Danneville
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Noise of analog SOI CMOS integrated circuits at millimeter wave frequencies
Author(s): Frank Ellinger
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Investigation of the rf-noise behavior of InP-based DHBT with InGaAs base and GaAsSb base
Author(s): Silja Ehrich; Stefan Neumann; Wolfgang Brockerhoff; Franz-Josef Tegude
Accuracy assessment of compact RF noise models for SiGe HBTs by hydrodynamic device simulation
Author(s): Christoph Jungemann; Burkhard Neinhues; Bernd Meinerzhagen; Robert W. Dutton
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High-frequency low-noise amplifiers and low-jitter oscillators in SiGe:C BiCMOS technology
Author(s): Wolfgang Winkler; Johannes Borngraeber; Bernd Heinemann; Frank Herzel; Rene Scholz
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Impact of the back-gate bias on the low-frequency noise of partially depleted silicon-on-insulator MOSFETs
Author(s): Nataliya R Lukyanchikova; N. Garbar; A. Smolanka; Eddy R. Simoen; A. Mercha; Cor Claeys
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Low-frequency noise in SiGeC-based pMOSFETs
Author(s): M. Jamal Deen; Ognian Marinov; David Onsongo; Sanjay Banerjee
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Modeling of 1/f noise in heterostructure devices
Author(s): Hilmi Ünlü
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Influence of the emitter-base junction depth on the low frequency noise of Si/SiGeC heterojunction bipolar transistors
Author(s): Cyril Chay; Patrice Benoit; Colette Delseny; Fabien Pascal; Pierre Llinares; Helene Baudry; Jean-Charles Vildeuil
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Low frequency noise in 4H-SiC BJTs
Author(s): Sergey L. Rumyantsev; Michael E Levinshtein; Anant K. Agarwal; John W. Palmour
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Base low-frequency noise analysis of InP/InGaAs/InP DHBT submitted to bias and thermal stresses
Author(s): Cristell Maneux; Jean-Christophe Martin; Nathalie Labat; André Touboul
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Analysis of low frequency noise in GaN based HEMT technologies
Author(s): Nathalie Malbert; Nathalie Labat; Arnaud Curutchet; André Touboul
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1/f noise in GaN/AlGaN heterostructure field effect transistors under condition of strong geometric magnetoresistance
Author(s): Sergey L. Rumyantsev; Michael Shur; Wojciech Knap; Nina Dyakonova; Fabien Pascal; Alain Hoffman; Y. Ghuel; C. Gaquiere; D. Theron
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Low frequency noise behavior in GaN HEMT’s on silicon substrate
Author(s): Laurent Bary; Elena Angeli; Abdelali Rennane; Jean-Guy Tartarin; Jacques Graffeuil; Robert Plana; Sylvain Delage; Jean-Claude de Jaegger; Yvon Cordier
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Noise in Schottky-barrier diodes: from static- to large-signal operation
Author(s): Susana Perez; Pavel Shiktorov; Tomás González; Evjeni Starikov; Viktor Gruzinskis; Lino Reggiani; Luca Varani; J. C. Vaissiere
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Low frequency noise cancellation in resistive FET mixers
Author(s): Georg Boeck; Michael Margraf
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Experimental results of gain fluctuations and noise in microwave low-noise cryogenic amplifiers
Author(s): Juan D Gallego; Isaac López-Fernández; Carmen Diez; Alberto Barcia
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Thermal de-embedding procedure for cryogenic on wafer high frequency noise measurement
Author(s): Sébastien Delcourt; Gilles Dambrine; Nourr Eddine Bourzgui; Francois Danneville; Christophe Laporte; Jean-Philippe Fraysse; Michel Maignan
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An extension to wider frequency band of a frequency and time analysis method to extract noise parameters
Author(s): Frederique Giannini; Emmanuelle Bourdel; Daniel Pasquet
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On-wafer noise sources characterization
Author(s): Carmen Maya; Antonio Lázaro; Lluis Pradell
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Long term stability estimation of DC electrical sources from low frequency noise measurements
Author(s): Carmine Ciofi; Gino Giusi; Calogero Pace
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Generalized Nyquist formula and quality factor
Author(s): Viatcheslav V. Belyi
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The noise behavior of JFET transistors from room temperature down to 80 k
Author(s): C. Arnaboldi; Giuliano Boella; E. Panzeri; Gianluigi Pessina
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Characterization and modeling of low frequency noise in sub-0.1-µm SiGe pMOSFET's
Author(s): Krunoslav Romanjek; Jan Andrzej Chroboczeck; Gérard Ghibaudo; Thomas Ernst
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Small and large signal trap-assisted GR noise modeling in semiconductor devices
Author(s): Simona Donati Guerrieri; Gabriele Conte; Fabrizio Bonani; Giovanni Ghione
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Coherent tools for physical-based simulation and characterization of noise in semiconductor devices oriented to nonlinear microwave circuit CAD
Author(s): Zoheir Riah; Raphael Sommet; Jean Christophe Nallatamby; Michel Prigent; Juan Obregon
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Cross-correlation measurements in searching for a trace of the gate voltage noise in a JFET
Author(s): Sumihisa Hashiguchi; Shinsuke Hosono; Makoto Ohki; Munecazu Tacano; Josef Sikula
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LF-band noise in MOSFET in low power operation
Author(s): Sumihisa Hashiguchi; Shunsuke Kawai; Makoto Ohki; Kaoru Someya
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Experimental and theoretical analysis of 1/f noise in polysilicon thin film transistors
Author(s): Abdelmalek Boukhenoufa; Laurent Pichon; Christophe Cordier; Hicham El Din Kotb; Tayeb Mohamed-Brahim
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Barrier height dependence of low frequency noise in poly-Si thin-film transistors
Author(s): Jung Il Lee
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Direct extraction of the McWhorter's constant from LFN spectra of MOSFETs with planar layers of Si nanocrystals embedded in gate SiO2
Author(s): Stéphane Ferraton; Jacques Zimmermann; Jan Chroboczek; Jean Brini; Laurent Montès; Jacek Gurgul
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Using low frequency noise characterization of AlGaN/GaN HEMT as a tool for technology assessment and failure prediction
Author(s): Jean-Guy Tartarin; Abdelali Rennane; Elena Angeli; Laurent Bary; Jean-Claude De Jaeger; Sylvain Delage; Robert Plana; Jacques Graffeuil
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Noise of optoelectronic coupled devices
Author(s): Alicja Krystyna Konczakowska; Jacek Andrzej Cichosz; Stanislaw Galla; Barbara Małgorzata Stawarz
Impact of the scaling on the noise performance of deep-submicron Si/SiGe n-channel FETs
Author(s): Jesus E Velazquez; Kristel Fobelets; Valerio Gaspari
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Phase noise in a Colpitts oscillator
Author(s): Andrew G. Allison
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