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Fluctuations and Noise in Photonics and Quantum Optics II
Editor(s): Peter Heszler
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Volume Number: 5468
Date Published: 25 May 2004
Softcover: 41 papers (430) pages
ISBN: 9780819453914

Table of Contents
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Quantum Rabi oscillation in a mesoscopic field: when fluctuations produce entanglement and Schrödinger cat states
Author(s): Gilles Nogues; Alexia Auffeves; Paolo Maioli; Tristan Meunier; Sebastien Gleyzes; Michel Brune; Jean-Michel Raimond; Serge Haroche
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Quantum noise in the laser-driven rotation of nonpolar molecules
Author(s): Sascha Wallentowitz; Anicka Adelsward; Werner Vogel
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Quantum noise of ultrastable bright twin beams
Author(s): Olivier Pfister; Sheng Feng
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Force sensitivity of a cavityless optomechanical system
Author(s): Rachele Fermani; Stefano Mancini; David Vitali; Paolo Tombesi
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Suppression of back action noise in a double cavity system
Author(s): David Vitali; Michele Punturo; Stefano Mancini; Paolo Amico; Paolo Tombesi
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Bit noise from an optical logic gate with laser diodes
Author(s): Ana P. Gonzalez-Marcos; Jose A. Martin-Pereda; Antonio Hurtado
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Optimization of OCT signal-to-noise ratio when excess photon noise increases due to mismatch of the balanced receiver
Author(s): Carla Carmelo Rosa; Adrian Gh Podoleanu
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Method for simulating the signal and noise for terahertz radiation generated by photomixing in laser-assisted field emission
Author(s): Mark J. Hagmann
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The effects of noise amplification and soliton generation in anomalous dispersion regime of optical fibers
Author(s): Amirhossein H. Tehranchi; Nosratollah Granpayeh; Ebrahim Mortazy
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Nonlocality in the presence of superselection rules
Author(s): Frank Verstraete; N. Schuch; J. I. Cirac
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Quantum state sharing
Author(s): Andrew M. Lance; Thomas Symul; Warwick P. Bowen; Barry C. Sanders; Ping Koy Lam
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Nonclassical photon pairs generated by a room-temperature atomic ensemble
Author(s): Wei Jiang; Chao Han; Peng Xue; L.-M. Duan; Guang-Can Guo
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External noise in semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Javier Martin Buldu; Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo; M. Carme Torrent; Jose Maria Sancho; Claudio R. Mirasso; Dante R. Chialvo
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Polarization switches in vertical-cavity surface- emitting lasers
Author(s): Stefano Beri; Riccardo Mannella; Dmitrii Georgevich Luchinsky; Peter V. E. McClintock
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Coherence resonance in a bistable laser system with time delay
Author(s): Marc Sciamanna; Krassimir Panajotov; Andrzej Tabaka; Patrice Megret; Michel Blondel; Hugo Thienpont; Irina Veretennicoff
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The effect of grating structure on relative intensity noise in DFB laser diode
Author(s): Ebrahim Mortazy; Fatemeh Shahshahani; Vahid Ahmadi; Amirhossein Tehranchi; Mohammad Kazem Moravvej-Farshi
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The influence of noise on the dynamics of semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Daan Lenstra; Gautam Vemuri; Sebastian M. Wieczorek; Mirvais Yousefi
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A quantum optics approach to quantum state engineering and measurement in nano-mechanical structures
Author(s): Ignacio Wilson-Rae; Atac Imamoglu; Lin Tian; Peter Zoller
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Investigations on the generation of light with sub-shot intensity noise with quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Tobias Gensty; Jens von Staden; Wolfgang E. Elsaesser
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Measurements and analysis of sidemode noise for a diode laser in an external grating cavity
Author(s): Clifford E. Fairchild; Edward Zubek; David H, McIntyre
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Noise effects on the modal dynamics of semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Luca Furfaro; Francesco Pedaci; Xavier Hachair; Massimo Giudici; Jorge Tredicce; Salvador Balle
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Non-Markovian stochastic dynamics of a two level system inmerse in a PBG material
Author(s): Ines de Vega; Daniel Alonso; Pierre Gaspard
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Improving single photon sources via linear optics and photodetection
Author(s): Dominic W Berry; Stefan Scheel; Casey R. Myers; Barry C. Sanders; Peter L Knight; Raymond Laflamme
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Catastrophic loss of mode discrimination in coupled cavity systems
Author(s): David E Perkins; Paul S Spencer; Iestyn Pierce; Paul Rees
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Quantum error correction for various forms of noise
Author(s): Julio R. Gea-Banacloche; James P. Clemens
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Correlated imaging: classical noise vs. quantum entanglement
Author(s): Luigi A. Lugiato; Alessandra Gatti; Enrico Brambilla; Morten Bache
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Benchmarking and procrustean noise reduction of entangled mixed states
Author(s): Nicholas A. Peters; Tzu-Cheih Wei; Paul G. Kwiat
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Quantum trajectory theory of continuous variable teleportation
Author(s): Howard J. Carmichael
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Open quantum systems with linear dynamics: optimal unravellings for optimal feedback control
Author(s): Howard M. Wiseman; Andrew C. Doherty
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Entanglement degradation in a string of atoms coupled by the electromagnetic field
Author(s): Peter Foldi; Mihaly G. Benedict; Tamas Serenyi; Attila Czirjak
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Decoherence in quantum games
Author(s): Adrian P. Flitney; Derek Abbott
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Quantum limits to feedback control of linear systems
Author(s): Andrew C. Doherty; Howard M. Wiseman
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Schrödinger-cat states: size classification based on evolution or dissipation
Author(s): Gunnar Bjork; Piero G. L. Mana
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Quantum noise in stochastic cooling of harmonically trapped bosons
Author(s): Denis Ivanov; Sascha Wallentowitz
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Optimal feedback control for rapid preparation of a qubit
Author(s): Kurt A. Jacobs
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Quantum correlation in multimode OPO
Author(s): Mikael Ostergaard Lassen; Preben Buchhave
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Bayesian estimation of quantum optical phase by photon counting
Author(s): David Rimmer; William J. Fitzgerald
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The effect of intensity noise on trapped-ion qubits
Author(s): Santiago Brouard; Jesus Plata
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Noise in imaging systems: fixed pattern noise, electronic, and interference noise
Author(s): Jose Manuel Lopez-Alonso; Ruben Gonzalez-Moreno; Javier Alda
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Interferometric noise of RF phase-modulated noisy light
Author(s): Mohammad Reza Salehi; Beatrice Cabon
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Quantum noise and quantum communication
Author(s): Thomas Jennewein; Anton Zeilinger
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