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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5457

Optical Metrology in Production Engineering
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Volume Number: 5457
Date Published: 10 September 2004
Softcover: 85 papers (798) pages
ISBN: 9780819453792

Table of Contents
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Photoelastic tomography for residual stress measurement in glass
Author(s): Hillar Aben; Andrei Errapart; Leo Ainola; Johan Anton
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Ultra-precise distance measurement for nanometrology
Author(s): Ondrej Cip; Frantisek Petru; Zdenek Buchta; Josef Lazar
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Signal modeling for modern interference microscopes
Author(s): Peter J. de Groot; Xavier Colonna de Lega
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UV and DUV microscopy for dimensional metrology on micro- and nano-structures
Author(s): Bernd Bodermann; Gerd Ehret; Werner Mirande
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All-digital phase code: a proposal for high-speed 3D-shape recording
Author(s): Roland Hofling
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Fluorescence metrology used for analytics of high-quality optical materials
Author(s): Axel Engel; Rainer Haspel; Volker Rupertus
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Smart pixels
Author(s): Peter Seitz
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Compact excimer lasers for metrology and inspection applications
Author(s): Andreas Gortler; Ansgar Matern; Sebastian Sporlein; Claus Strowitzki
In-factory calibration of multiocular camera systems
Author(s): Lars E. Kruger; Christian Wohler; Alexander Wurz-Wessel; Fridtjof Stein
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Black-box calibration methods investigated with a virtual fringe projection system
Author(s): Thomas Bottner; Jorg Seewig
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Combined interference and scanning force microscope
Author(s): Hans Ulrich Danzebrink; James W. G. Tyrrell; Claudio Dal Savio; Rolf Kruger-Sehm
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Optonumerical system supporting visualization of true 3D variable in time objects in virtual reality environment
Author(s): Piotr Garbat; Marek Wegiel; Malgorzata Kujawinska
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Evaluation of a residual stresses measurement device combining a radial in-plane ESPI and the blind hole drilling method
Author(s): Armando Albertazzi G.; Flavio Tito Peixoto Filho; Ricardo Suterio; Felipe Kleber Amaral
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Multidimensional strain and temperature measurements using a novel high-birefringent fiber Bragg grating interrogation system
Author(s): Edmon Chehura; Alexandros A. Skordos; Chen-Chun Ye; Stephen W. James; Ivana K. Partridge; Ralph P. Tatam
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Etalon of optical frequency for the telecommunication spectral region
Author(s): Josef Lazar; Bohdan Ruzicka; Ondrej Cip
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A new calibration scheme for the three-dimensional depth-scanning fringe projection measurement method
Author(s): Jean-Marc Nivet; Thomas Schuster; Klaus Korner; Ulrich Droste; Hans J. Tiziani; Wolfgang Osten
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Use of in-situ spectroscopic ellipsometry to study the behavior of metallic surfaces in different solutions
Author(s): Sake K. Van Gils; Christophe Le Pen; Orlin Blajiev; Carlos A. Melendres; Erik W. Stijns; Herman Terryn; Annick Hubin
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High-resolution shape measurements with phase-shifting Schlieren (PSS)
Author(s): Luc C. Joannes; Didier Beghuin; Renaud Ligot; Sebastien Farinotti; Olivier Dupont
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High-resolution 3D shape measurement on specular surfaces by fringe reflection
Author(s): Thorsten Bothe; Wansong Li; Christoph von Kopylow; Werner P. O. Juptner
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Recent advancements in digital holographic microscopy and its applications
Author(s): Pietro Ferraro; Giuseppe Coppola; Domenico Alfieri; Sergio De Nicola; Andrea Finizio; Giovanni Pierattini
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Comparative displacement measurement by digital holographic interferometry
Author(s): Janos Kornis; Balazs Gombkoto; Zoltan Fuzessy
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Digital holographic microscopy applied to metrology
Author(s): Christian D. Depeursinge; Florian Charriere; Anca M. Marian; Frederic Montfort; Tristan Colomb; Jonas Kuhn; Etienne Cuche; Yves Emery; Pierre Marquet; Pierre J. Magistretti
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Novel solution for digital holographic interferometer design
Author(s): Aneta Michalkiewicz; Malgorzata Kujawinska; Leszek Salbut
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Two-wavelength contouring in difference holographic interferometry and DISCO
Author(s): Ferenc Gyimesi; Zoltan Fuzessy; Bela Raczkevi; Vencel Borbely
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Dispersion of group and phase modal birefringence in optical fibers measured by time-domain and spectral-domain tandem interferometry
Author(s): Petr Hlubina; Tadeusz Martynkien; Waclaw Urbanczyk
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Surface plasmon resonance heterodyne interferometry for measuring physical parameters
Author(s): Der-Chin Su; Jing-Heng Chen; Kun-Huang Chen; Jiun-You Lin
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Correction of aberrations in an optical correlator by using it as a point diffraction interferometer
Author(s): Claudio Iemmi; Alfonso Moreno; Josep Nicolas; Juan Campos
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Application of comparative digital holography for distant shape control
Author(s): Torsten Baumbach; Wolfgang Osten; Christoph von Kopylow; Werner P. O. Juptner
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Analogue and digital developments for project DISCO at Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Author(s): Zoltan Fuzessy; Ferenc Gyimesi; Janos Kornis; Bela Raczkevi; Vencel Borbely; Balazs Gombkoto
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An all-fiber Pr/Yb-doped up-conversion laser in different laser operation modes
Author(s): M. Zeller; Hans G. Limberger; Theo Lasser
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Optical characterization of liquid-crystal-on-silicon displays
Author(s): Klaus-Peter Proll; Christian Kohler; Torsten Baumbach; Wolfgang Osten; Stefan Osten; Hartmut Gruber; Andreas Langner; Gunther Wernicke
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Color prediction in textile application
Author(s): Maurizio De Lucia; Massimo Buonopane
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Absolute deflectometric measurement of topography: influence of systematic deviations
Author(s): Jens Illemann; Andreas Just
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Bulk absorption measurements of highly transparent DUV/VUV optical materials
Author(s): Christian Muhlig; Siegfried Kufert; Wolfgang Triebel; Frank Coriand; Lutz Parthier; Andreas Voitsch
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High-resolution 3D survey of artworks
Author(s): Raffaella Fontana; Maria Chiara Gambino; Cinzia Mazzotta; Marinella Greco; Enrico Pampaloni; Luca Pezzati
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Some studies to prevent the production of some types of moiré effects in fabrics
Author(s): Alfonso Serrano; Rodrigo Ponce; Ibrahim Serroukh
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Non/destructive testing (NDT) and vibration analysis of defects in components and structures using laser diode shearography
Author(s): Wolfgang Steinchen; Ymin Gan; Gerhard Kupfer; Peter Mackel
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Digital holography used for measurement of deformations during gas quenching processes
Author(s): Jens Alsen; Christoph von Kopylow; Werner P. O. Juptner
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Measuring instrument for analysis of brightness distribution in the space
Author(s): Jan Dorosz; Wladyslaw Dybczynski
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Short coherence transmitted light interferometer for the thickness measurement of Si membranes
Author(s): Ulrich Breitmeier; Klaus Leonhardt
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A fast CMOS array imager for nanosecond light pulse detection in accumulation mode
Author(s): Chantal-V. Zint; Wilfried Uhring; Bruno Casadei; Jean-P. Le Normand; Frederic Morel; Yann Hu
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Technique for modeling diffractive multiphase holographic elements
Author(s): Ruslan A. Lymarenko; Oksana Budnyk
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Evaluation methods for gradient measurement techniques
Author(s): Wansong Li; Thorsten Bothe; Christoph von Kopylow; Werner P. O. Juptner
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ROM-type computer-generated-hologram memory
Author(s): Tomoko Kurokawa; Eriko Kubota; Kazumasa Nishimoto; Manabu Yamamoto
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New absolute distance interferometric technique
Author(s): Michele Norgia; Guido Giuliani; Silvano Donati
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Time-averaged holographic interferometry using subtraction digital holography
Author(s): Nazif Demoli; Dalibor Vukicevic; Marc Torzynski
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Measurement of the very thin metallic wires diameter for the industrial automatic control
Author(s): Ibrahim Serroukh; J. C. Martinez; Angel Serrano; Eusebio Bernabeu
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Three-dimensional vision using structured light applied to quality control in production line
Author(s): Louis-Severin Bieri; Jacques Jacot
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A novel interferometric spectrometer obtained by imaging Talbot effect in digital holography
Author(s): Pietro Ferraro; Giuseppe Coppola; Domenico Alfieri; Sergio De Nicola; Simonetta Grilli; Andrea Finizio; Giovanni Pierattini
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Characterization of surface qualities of polished optical glass by ellipsometric way
Author(s): Aissa Manallah; Mohamed Bouafia
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