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Micro-Optics, VCSELs, and Photonic Interconnects
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Volume Number: 5453
Date Published: 8 September 2004
Softcover: 30 papers (320) pages
ISBN: 9780819453761

Table of Contents
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Polymer technologies: a way to low-cost optical components and systems
Author(s): Jurgen Mohr; Uwe Hollenbach; Arndt Last; Ulrike Wallrabe
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Wafer-scale replication and testing of micro-optical components for VCSELs
Author(s): Christiane Gimkiewicz; Michael Moser; Samuel Obi; Claus Urban; Joern Sparre Pedersen; Hans Thiele; Christian Zschokke; Michael T. Gale
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Comparative study of glass and plastic refractive microlenses and their fabrication techniques
Author(s): Heidi Ottevaere; Royall Cox; Hans Peter Herzig; Takaaki Miyashita; Kris Naessens; Mohammad R. Taghizadeh; Reinhard Volkel; H.J. Woo; Hugo Thienpont
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Submicro-optics: big effects on a small scale
Author(s): Martin G. Salt; Iwan Maerki; Guido Niederer; Carsten Rockstuhl; Christophe Weiteneder; Hans Peter Herzig
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Diffractive optical element design techniques for high-fidelity optical interconnections and beam-shaping applications
Author(s): Andrew J. Waddie; Jinsong Liu; Martin Thomson; Mohammad R. Taghizadeh
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Free-space optical interconnect using an FLC SLM for active beam steering and wave front correction
Author(s): Diego Gil Leyva; Brian Robertson; Charley J. Henderson; Timothy D. Wilkinson; Dominic C. O'Brien; Grahame Faulkner
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Planar waveguide microlenses for nonblocking photonic switches and optical interconnects
Author(s): Alexei L. Glebov; Lidu Huang; Michael Lee; Shigenori Aoki; Kishio Yokouchi
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Integration strategies for micro-optical systems
Author(s): Andrew G. Kirk; Michael Menard; Po Dong; Eric Bisaillon
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Comparison between electrical and optical clock distribution for CMOS integrated circuits
Author(s): Eric Cassan; Delphine Marris; Mathieu Rouviere; Suzanne Laval; Laurent Vivien; Alain Koster
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SLM reconfiguration time in optically interconnected packet switch
Author(s): C. H. M Fan; William A. Crossland; Timothy D. Wilkinson; Neil Collings; Fan Zhang
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Parallel optical interconnects with mixed-signal OEIC and fibre arrays for high-speed communication
Author(s): Dietmar Fey; Lutz Hoppe; Andreas Loos; Michael Fortsch; Horst Zimmermann
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A parallel optical interconnect link with on-chip optical access
Author(s): Ronny Bockstaele; Michiel De Wilde; Wim Meeus; Olivier Rits; Hannes Lambrecht; Jan Van Campenhout; Johan De Baets; Peter Van Daele; Eric van den Berg; Michaela Klemenc; Sven Eitel; Richard Annen; Jan Van Koetsem; Gilles Widawski; Jacques Goudeau; Baudouin Bareel; Patrick Le Moine; Reto Fries; Peter Straub; Francois Marion; Julien Routin; Roel Baets
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Characterization of parallel optical-interconnect waveguides integrated on a printed circuit board
Author(s): Gian L. Bona; Bert J. Offrein; Urs Bapst; Christoph Berger; Rene Beyeler; Russell Budd; Roger Dangel; Laurent Dellmann; Folkert Horst
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Integration of germanium waveguide photodetectors for optical intra-chip interconnects
Author(s): Mathieu Rouviere; Mathieu Halbwax; Jean-Luc Cercus; Eric Cassan; Laurent Vivien; Daniel Pascal; Michel Heitzmann; Jean-Michel Hartmann; Daniel Bouchier; Suzanne Laval
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Embedded optical interconnect on printed wiring board
Author(s): Mikko Karppinen; Jukka-Tapani Makinen; Kari Kataja; Antti Tanskanen; Teemu Alajoki; Pentti Karioja; Marika Immonen; Jorma Kivilahti
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Optical contacts to waveguides in printed circuit boards
Author(s): Torsten Rupp; Oleksandr Shkarban; Arnd Menschig
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Toward redundant 2D VCSEL arrays for optical datacom
Author(s): Hendrik Roscher; Rainer Michalzik
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Polarization-controlled monolithic oxide-confined VCSELs
Author(s): Rainer Michalzik; Johannes M. Ostermann; Pierluigi Debernardi; Christof Jalics; Andrea Kroner; Martin Feneberg; Michael Riedl
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Quantum confined Stark effect in coupled-cavity VCSELs
Author(s): Krassimir Panajotov; Vlad Badilita; Jean-Francois Carlin; Hugo Thienpont; Irina Veretennicoff
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Detection of lateral spontaneous emission for VCSEL monitoring
Author(s): Charlotte Bringer; Veronique Bardinal; Emmanuelle Daran; Thierry Camps; Yann G. Boucher; Guilhem Almuneau; Olivier Gauthier-Lafaye; Pascal Dubreuil; Jean-Baptiste Doucet; Chantal Fontaine
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Optical feedback from extremely short external cavity in VCSEL
Author(s): Mikel Arizaleta; Miren Camarena; Heiko J. Unold; Johannes M. Ostermann; Rainer Michalzik; Hugo Thienpont; Krassimir Panajotov
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Fabrication and performance of 1.3-µm vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers with InGaAs quantum well active regions grown on GaAs substrates
Author(s): Rickard Marcks von Wurtemberg; Petrus Sundgren; Jesper Berggren; Mattias Hammar; Marco Ghisoni; Vilhelm Oscarsson; Elsy Odling; Jessica Malmquist
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Novel 2-chip-concept for micromechanically tunable long-wavelength VCSELs for the 1.55 µm wavelength range
Author(s): Markus Maute; Frank Riemenschneider; Markus Ortsiefer; Robert Shau; Peter Meissner; Markus-Christian Amann
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Experimental observation of modulational instability in vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser arrays
Author(s): Maurizio Dabbicco; Leonardo Amato; Tommaso Maggipinto; Massimo Brambilla
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Bit error rate performance of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers modulated at high-speed
Author(s): Angel Valle; Luis Pesquera
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Control of a free space adaptive optical interconnect using a VCSEL array transmitter and FLC SLM for beam steering
Author(s): Charley J. Henderson; Brian Robertson; Diego Gil Leyva; Timothy D. Wilkinson; Dominic C. O'Brien; Grahame Faulkner
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Fabrication and testing of rod and spherical microlenses
Author(s): Sergio Calixto; Martha Rosete Aguilar
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The fabrication and characterization of plastic microlens arrays by deep lithography with protons
Author(s): Heidi Ottevaere; Virginia Gomez; Bart Volckaerts; Michael Vervaeke; Pedro Vynck; Alex Hermanne; Hugo Thienpont
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Design of a SiGe/Si quantum well optical modulator integrated in a silicon-on-insulator waveguide for optical interconnect systems
Author(s): Delphine Marris; Daniel Pascal; Alain Koster; Laurent Vivien; Eric Cassan; Suzanne Laval
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All-optical parallel Boolean algebra
Author(s): Alessio Bosco; Luca Biader-Ceipidor; Eugenio Fazio; Mario Bertolotti
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