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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5451

Integrated Optics and Photonic Integrated Circuits
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Volume Number: 5451
Date Published: 18 August 2004
Softcover: 69 papers (626) pages
ISBN: 9780819453747

Table of Contents
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Integrated 1.3-µm InGaAlAs-InP laser-modulator with double-stack MQW layer structure
Author(s): Thomas Knodl; Christian Hanke; Brem Kumar Saravanan; Martin Peschke; Rupert Schreiner; Bernhard Stegmuller
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Fabrication and characterization of single-mode integrated polymer waveguide components
Author(s): Ermile Gaganidze; Karsten Litfin; Johannes Boehm; Steffi Finke; Patric Henzi; Roland Heidinger; Wilhelm Pfleging; Lothar Steinbock
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Hybrid silica sol-gel symmetric buried channel waveguide on silicon
Author(s): Paulo J. Moreira; Paulo V. S. Marques; Antonio Pereira Leite
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High-photorefractive resistance of hafnium-doped, single-domain, and periodically-poled lithium niobate crystals
Author(s): Vittorio Degiorgio; Edvard P. Kokanyan; Luca Razzari; Paolo Minzioni; Ilaria Cristiani
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MicroRaman investigation of optical quality lithium niobate wafers
Author(s): Federico Caccavale; Alessandro Morbiato; Massimiliano Properzi; Pietro Galinetto; Massimo Marinone; Giorgio Samoggia
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Design tools and modeling techniques for integrated optics devices: requirements and applications
Author(s): Christoph A. Waechter
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AMR FDTD solver for nanophotonic and plasmonic applications
Author(s): Jerome V. Moloney; Aramais R. Zakharian; C. Dineen; M. Brio
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Characterization of monolithically integrated spot-size converters for efficient laser-fiber coupling
Author(s): B. M. Azizur Rahman; Tiparatna Wongcharoen; E. O. Ladele; Wannee Bonnthittanont; Salah S. A. Obayya; Kenneth T. V. Grattan
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Photonic integrated circuits for quantum communication and computation
Author(s): Daniel B. Ostrowsky; O. Allibart; Pascal A. Baldi; Sebastien Tanzilli
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Dynamic behavior of optically clocked 4-mm UL-SOA at 40 Gbit/s
Author(s): Juraj Slovak; Carsten Bornholdt; Ulrike Busolt; Gero Bramann; Hans Peter Nolting; Bernd Sartorius
Multiwavelength optical add-drop multiplexer with nanosecond reconfiguration times for local area networking
Author(s): Guy F. Roberts; Kevin A. Williams; Jeremy Sosabowski; Richard V. Penty; Ian H. White; Madeleine Glick; Derek McAuley
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Passive and active sol-gel integrated optics for heterogeneous integration
Author(s): Mahmoud Fallahi
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Use of selectively buried ion-exchange waveguides for the realization of Bragg grating filters
Author(s): Odile Bertoldi; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin; Guy Vitrant; Virginie Collomb; Michel Trouillon; Vincent Minier
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Optical feedback on whispering gallery mode laser: wavelength shifts in erbium-doped microspherical laser
Author(s): Patrice Feron; Carole Arnaud; Mohamed Boustimi; Gualtiero Nunzi-Conti; Giancarlo C. Righini; Michel Mortier
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Dynamic whispering gallery mode behavior in microdisks
Author(s): Andreas Klaedtke; Ortwin Hess
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Memory operation of an InGaAs/InP waveguide modulator with two coupled quantum wells in self-electro-optic effect device configuration
Author(s): Heinz-Christoph Neitzert
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An integrated Si-based electro-optical modulator
Author(s): Antonella Sciuto; Sebania Libertino; Salvotore Coffa; Giuseppe Coppola
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A 3x2 waveguide switch based on SiGe for C-band operation
Author(s): Jing Hua Teng; S. J. Chua; L. Y. Miao; R. Yin; B. J Li; E. A. Fitzgerald; Christopher W. Leitz
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Wavelength conversion using parametric Raman scattering in silicon microstructures
Author(s): Bahram Jalali; Varun Raghunathan; Ricardo Claps; Dimitrios P. Dimitropoulos
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Sensitizing effects in Ag-Er codoped glasses for optical amplification
Author(s): Paolo Mazzoldi; S. Padovani; F. Enrichi; G. Mattei; Cinzia Sada; E. Trave; Massimo Guglielmi; Alessandro Martucci; Giancarlo Battaglin; E. Cattaruzza; Francesco Gonella; C. Maurizio
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Photoluminescence and waveguiding in sputtered films of Er-doped chalcogenide glasses
Author(s): Adam Fuchs; Jochen Fick; Viorel Balan; Caroline Vigreux; Annie Pradel
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Optical spectroscopy of Er3+ and Ce3+-codoped TeO2-WO3-Na2O glasses
Author(s): Maurizio Mattarelli; Mohamed Bouazaoui; Bruno Capoen; Sylvia Turrell; Alessandro Chiasera; Maurizio Ferrari; Luca Zampedri; Maurizio Montagna; Hervé Portales; Gualtiero Nunzi-Conti; Giancarlo C. Righini
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Third-order nonlinearities of sulfur and selenide glasses at telecommunication wavelengths
Author(s): Frederic Smektala; Johann Troles; Patrick Houizot; Thierry Jouan; Georges Boudebs; Sudir Cherukulappurath; Vincent Couderc; P. A. Champert
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Tolerance of polarization independent waveguides for communication devices
Author(s): Kerstin Worhoff; Chris G. H. Roeloffzen; Rene M. de Ridder; Gabriel Sengo; Lucie T. H. Hilderink; Alfred Driessen
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Doped Dy3+ ring core optical fiber
Author(s): Jan Dorosz
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Excess noise characteristics of single heterojunction AlxGa1-xAs-GaAs avalanche photodiodes
Author(s): Christopher Groves; John Paul Raj David; Peter N. Robson; Graham J. Rees
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A fast high-resolution CMOS imager for nanosecond light pulse detections
Author(s): Frederic Morel; Jean-Pierre Le Normand; Chantal-Virginie Zint; Wilfried Uhring; Yann Hu; Daniel Mathiot
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FDTD modeling of an InP traveling-wave HPT
Author(s): Kosmas L. Tsakmakidis; Luis Eduardo Gomez-Rojas; Ian D. Robertson; Ortwin Hess; Peter A. Houston; Bernard L. Weiss
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Photo-crosslinkable hybrid material with improved aging stability for integrated optics
Author(s): Maja Kusevic; Arto Maaninen; Jussi Hiltunen; Marianne Hiltunen; Jarkko Tuominen; Pentti Karioja
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Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of low- loss as-grown germanosilicate layers for optical waveguides
Author(s): Feridun Ay; Sedat Agan; Atilla Aydinli
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Thermo-optic switches using sol-gel processed hybrid materials
Author(s): Kada R. Kribich; Henry Barry; Robert Copperwhite; Boleslaw Kolodziejczyk; Kieran O'Dwyer; Jean-Marc Sabattie; Brian D. MacCraith
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Dysprosium-doped chalcogenide films prepared by pulsed-laser deposition
Author(s): Virginie Nazabal; Petr Nemec; Jaroslav Jedelský; Claire Duverger; Jenny Le Person; Jean-Luc Adam; Miloslav Frumar
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UV-laser-based process for quantum well intermixing of III-V heterostructures
Author(s): Jonathan Genest; Jan J. Dubowski; Vincent Aimez
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Buried ion-exchanged glass waveguides featuring low birefringence with a broad range of waveguide widths
Author(s): Sanna E. Yliniemi; Brian R. West; Timo T. Aalto; Pratheepan Madasamy; Nasser Peyghambarian; Seppo Honkanen
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Fabrication and characterization of optical planar waveguides activated by erbium ions for 1.5-µm applications
Author(s): Alessandro Chiasera; Maurizio Ferrari; Luca Zampedri; Maurizio Mattarelli; Maurizio Montagna; Herve Portales; Cristiana Tosello; Sandra Dire; Stefano Pelli; Giancarlo C. Righini
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Nonradiative relaxation rate modification by chlorine codoping of rare earth activated PZG fluoride glasses
Author(s): Brigitte Boulard; Stephan Guy; Yoann Jestin; Ion Vasilief; Claire Duverger; Alessandro Chiasera; Maurizio Ferrari
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Characterization and design of optical integrated devices for optical clock distribution network
Author(s): Nicolas Schnell; Matthieu Martin; Regis Orobtchouk; Taha Benyattou; Robert Perrin; Pierre R. Labeye; Jean-Marc Fedeli
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