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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5450

Photonic Crystal Materials and Nanostructures
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Volume Number: 5450
Date Published: 15 September 2004
Softcover: 69 papers (602) pages
ISBN: 9780819453730

Table of Contents
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UV luminescence of ZnO infiltrated in opal matrix
Author(s): Gennadi A. Emelchenko; Vladimir Masalov; Eduard Samarov; Alexander Grusintsev; Eugeny Yakimov; Gennadi Volkodav; Igor Karpov; Anatolii Bazhenov; Sergei Bozhko
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Process conditions for the fabrication of subwavelength-scale structures by x-ray lithography in PMMA films
Author(s): Sven C. Achenbach; Timo Mappes; Rainer Fettig; Jeanine Kando; Juergen Mohr
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Large-area photonic crystals
Author(s): Tilmann Ruhl; Peter Spahn; Gotz P. Hellmann; Holger Winkler
Detection of weak optical signals without photocounts
Author(s): Vladimir P. Bykov
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Intense acoustic beams for photonic modulation
Author(s): Mauricio M. de Lima; Juana Camacho; Werner Seidel; Helmar Kostial; Paulo V. Santos
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Propagation effects of surface waves on periodic chromium structures
Author(s): Peter Triebel; Peter Weissbrodt; Stefan Nolte; Andreas Tunnermann
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Reducing and shaping the fluorescence detection volume for single bio-molecules analysis: the assets of nanophotonic structures
Author(s): Herve Rigneault; Emilien Etienne; Pierre-Francois Lenne
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Optical devices with high-Q resonators for filters and waveguide crossings
Author(s): Rik Harbers; Nikolaj Moll; Daniel Erni; Gian-Luca Bona; Werner Baechthold
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Inverse design of photonic devices by using a genetic algorithm
Author(s): Jose Sanchez-Dehesa; Andreas Hakansson; Lorenzo Sanchis
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Enhancement of second harmonic in one-dimensional and two-dimensional epitaxial GaN-based photonic crystals
Author(s): Jeremi Torres; Gabriele Vecchi; Dominique Coquillat; Andrea Marco Malvezzi; Rene Legros; Jean Paul Lascaray; David Peyrade; Yong Chen; Marine Le Vassor d'Yerville; Emmanuel Centeno; David Cassagne; J. P. Albert; Richard M. De La Rue
Ultrafast Bragg switching induced by a phase transition in a 3D photonic crystal
Author(s): Dmitry A. Mazurenko; Andrey V. Akimov; Valery G. Golubev; Alexander A. Kaplyanskii; Dmitry A. Kurdyukov; Alexander B. Pevtsov; Robert Kerst; Jaap I. Dijkhuis
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Noncollinear type II second harmonic generation in Al(0.3)Ga(0.7)As/Al2O3 one-dimensional photonic bandgap structure
Author(s): Alessio Bosco; Marco Centini; Letizia Sciscione; Eugenio Fazio; Concita Sibilia; Andrea Fiore; Luciana Cerri; Michael Scalora; Mario Bertolotti
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Second harmonic generation in one-dimensional photonic crystals: optimization procedure
Author(s): Marco Centini; Giuseppe D'Aguanno; Letizia Sciscione; Concita Sibilia; Mario Bertolotti; Michael Scalora; Mark J. Bloemer
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Silicon-on-insulator photonic bandgap structures for future microphotonic devices
Author(s): Emmanuel Hadji; Benoit Cluzel; D. Sotta; Marc Zelsmann; Emmanuel Picard; Vincent Calvo; Thomas Charvolin; Michel Heitzmann; Hubert Moriceau; Christian Seassal; Xavier Letartre; Patrick Ferrand
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Temperature tuning of the optical properties of planar photonic crystal microcavities
Author(s): Barbara Wild; Rolando Ferrini; Romuald Houdre; Mikael Mulot; Srinivasan Anand; Christopher J.M. Smith
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Design and fabrication of line-defect waveguides in hexagon-type SOI photonic crystal slabs
Author(s): Cazimir G. Bostan; Rene M. de Ridder; Vishwas J. Gadgil; Henry Kelderman; Laurens Kuipers; Alfred Driessen
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Mach-Zehnder channel-guide device structure based on 2D photonic crystal
Author(s): Edilson A. Camargo; Harold M. H. Chong; Richard M. De La Rue
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Bloch mode coupling investigation in silicon-on-insulator W1 photonic crystal waveguide
Author(s): Benoit Cluzel; Davy Gerard; Emmanuel Picard; Thomas Charvolin; Vincent Calvo; Emmanuel Hadji; Frederique de Fornel
Far- and near-field characterization of a photonic-crystal-based microcavity on silicon-on-insulator
Author(s): Benoit Cluzel; Davy Gerard; Emmanuel Picard; Thomas Charvolin; Vincent Calvo; Emmanuel Hadji; Frederique de Fornel
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Ge/Si self-assembled islands integrated in 2D photonic crystals microcavities for realisation of silicon-based light-emitting devices
Author(s): Sylvain David; Moustapha El Kurdi; Philippe Boucaud; Cecile Kammerer; Xiang Li; Sebastien Sauvage; Vinh Le Thanh; Isabelle Sagnes; Daniel Bouchier; Jean-Michel Lourtioz
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Exploring particle like nanostructures for light outcoupling from organic LEDs by first principles calculations
Author(s): Horst Greiner
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Random lasing in Nd:YAG nano-crystalline-powder pumped by laser diode
Author(s): Yan Feng; Jianren Lu; Shenghong Wang; Ken-ichi Ueda
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Radiative decay rates and polariton dispersions in a superlattice of quantum wires
Author(s): Raihen Charguia; Hela Fenniche; Raouf Bennaceur
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Lasing in a 2D photonic bandgap structure
Author(s): Asma Jebali; Rainer F. Mahrt; Nikolaj Moll; Daniel Erni; Christian Bauer; Ernst B. Kley; Gian-Luca Bona; Werner Baechtold
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1D and 2D photonic crystals for thermophotovoltaic applications
Author(s): Ivan Celanovic; Francis O'Sullivan; Natalija Jovanovic; Minghao Qi; John G. Kassakian
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Broad, flat fluorescence emissions from nanostructured rare-earth doped silicates
Author(s): Christopher D. Haines; Varadh Ranganathan; Susan B. Halpern; Bernard H. Kear; Lisa C. Klein; George H. Sigel; Nan Yao
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Mapping of localized surface plasmon fields via exposure of a photosensitive polymer
Author(s): Anna Rumyantseva; Sergei Kostcheev; Johan Grand; Christophe Hubert; Renaud Bachelot; Gilles Lerondel; Pierre Michel Adam; Pascal Royer
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Photonic mode mixing in a mechanically driven microstructure
Author(s): Shunji Nojima
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Fabrication of 3D photonic crystals with two-beam holographic technique
Author(s): Ying Liu; Shou Liu; Xiangsu Zhang
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Erbium luminescence in 3D- and 2D-mesoporous matrices
Author(s): Michail I. Samoilovich; Michail Yu. Tsvetkov; Svetlana M. Kleshcheva; Andrey V. Gur'yanov; Yuriy I. Chigirinskii; Nikolai V. Gaponenko; Ludmila I. Ivleva; Aleksey F. Belyanin
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Opal-based photonic crystals as substrates for ultrasensitive molecular spectroscopy
Author(s): Olga S. Kulakovich; Natalia D. Strekal; Valiantsin F. Oskirka; Sergey Maskevich; Sergey V. Gaponenko; Mikhail I. Samoilovich; Andrey V. Gur'yanov
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Deep dry etching process development for photonic crystals in InP-based planar waveguides
Author(s): Mischa S. P. Andriesse; Carl-Fredrik Carlström; Emile van der Drift; Erik-Jan Geluk; Rob W. van der Heijden; A. Fouad Karouta; Peter A.M. Nouwens; Y. Siang Oei; Tjibbe de Vries; Huub W. M. Salemink
Nanophotonic structures on the basis of the ordered ensembles bacteriorhodopsin-opal matrix-substrate
Author(s): Michail I. Samoilovich; Evgenii P. Grebennikov; Svetlana M. Kleshcheva; Michail Yu. Tsvetkov; Ludmila I. Ivleva; Yurii V. Orlovskii; Andrey V. Gur'yanov
Polarization effects in second-harmonic generation in a GaN-based one-dimensional photonic crystal
Author(s): Dominique Coquillat; Jeremi Torres; Rene Legros; Jean Paul Lascaray; David Peyrade; Yong Chen; Richard M. De La Rue; Marine Le Vassor d'Yerville; Emmanuel Centeno; David Cassagne; J. P. Albert
Three-dimensional silica-gold core-shell photonic crystal: linear reflection and ultrafast nonlinear optical properties
Author(s): Dmitry A. Mazurenko; Alexander Moroz; Cristina M. Graf; Alfons van Blaaderen; Jaap I. Dijkhuis
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Thermo-optic tuning of silicon-on-insulator photonic crystal microcavity
Author(s): Harold M. H. Chong; Richard M. De La Rue
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Programming photonic crystal growth: linking top-down templating with bottom-up self-organization
Author(s): Edward H. Sargent; Mathieu Allard; Emanuel Istrate
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Fabrication and evaluation of efficient light emitters comprising nanocluster-rich SiO2 layers
Author(s): Rossen A. Yankov; Thoralf Gebel; Lars Rebohle; Thomas Trautmann; Wolfgang Skorupa; Guenter Gauglitz; Ruediger Frank
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