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Targets and Backgrounds X: Characterization and Representation

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Volume Number: 5431
Date Published: 5 August 2004

Table of Contents
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Conspicuity and identifiability: efficient calibration tools for synthetic imagery
Author(s): Alexander Toet; Maarten A. Hogervorst; Piet Bijl
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Using simulation to determine the signature data distribution of a given CASTFOREM scenario
Author(s): Teresa G. Gonda; Erik S. Polsen; Jack C. Jones; Lee W. Dowd; David Holm; Randy Wheeler
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Theoretical modeling of a detection system based on optical coherence contrast
Author(s): Ricardo Cesar Coutinho; David R. Selviah; Hugh D. Griffiths
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Exploring model-based target discrimination metrics
Author(s): Gary Witus; Marshall Weathersby
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New user interface and features of the SR 5000: revival of infrared CVF-based spectroradiometry
Author(s): Dario Cabib; Amir Gil; Robert A. Buckwald
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Lattices modeling as support for multigrid and multirate processing of two-dimensional signals
Author(s): Maria das Gracas de Almeida
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Ship exhaust gas plume cooling
Author(s): H. M. A. Schleijpen; Filip P. Neele
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Detonation discrimination techniques using a near-infrared focal plane array camera
Author(s): Anthony N. Dills; Glen P. Perram; Steven C. Gustafson
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A GIS-based simulation architecture and prototype for realistic spectral scene generation of vegetated areas
Author(s): Christopher E. Fink; Joseph Russ Moulton; Michael Ortalano; John Helmsen; Alexander Soiguine; Raymond Kaplan; William Seng; Raymond E. Haren
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Intruder detection and tracking using UWB technology
Author(s): Guy A. Schiavone; Parveen Wahid; Ravishankar Palaniappan; Judd Tracy; Eric Vandoorn; Paulis Micikevicius; Charles Hughes
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Target recognition and scene interpretation in image/video understanding systems based on network-symbolic models
Author(s): Gary Kuvich
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Unattended acoustic sensor simulation of TG25 trials using CHORALE workshop
Author(s): Patrick Gozard; Alain Le Goff; Pierre Naz; Thierry Cathala; Jean Latger; Yann Dupuy
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A computational approach for evaluating the probability of acoustic detection of a military vehicle
Author(s): S. B. Hong; Nickolas Vlahopoulos; Robert M. Mantey; David J. Gorsich
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Simulation of atmospheric-turbulence image distortion and scintillation effects impacting short-wave infrared (SWIR) active imaging systems
Author(s): David H. Tofsted; Sean G. O'Brien
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RenderView: physics-based rendering of ground vehicles
Author(s): Denise M. Talcott; David J. Thomas; William R. Reynolds; Roger W. Evans; Lucas A. Miller
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Bidirectional reflectance measurements for high-resolution signature modeling
Author(s): James C. Jafolla; William R. Reynolds
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Reflection properties of vegetation and soil with a new BRDF database
Author(s): Maria F. von Schoenermark; Hans-Peter L. Roeser
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Frequency space techniques for BRDF shading
Author(s): Randy K. Scoggins; Raghu Machiraju
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Models for scattering of light from rough surfaces with applications in IR signature simulations
Author(s): Patrik Hermansson
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Hemispherical scatter instrument for reflectance function measurement based on the discrete-ordinates method
Author(s): Mauricio A. Sanchez; William H. Sutton; Carlos P. Borras
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Outdoor surface temperature measurement: ground truth or lie?
Author(s): Torbjorn Skauli
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Toward a high-temporal-frequency grass canopy thermal IR model for background signatures
Author(s): Jerrell R. Ballard; James A. Smith; George G. Koenig
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Incorporation of measured natural reflectivities in a background clutter simulation
Author(s): Albert D. Sheffer; J. Michael Cathcart; Steven R. Hahn; Simeon D. Harbert
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A statistical sea-surface clutter model in the long-wave infrared
Author(s): Mark Bernhardt; Moira I. Smith; Philip G. Whitehead; L. N. Hunt; Duncan L. Hickman; Christopher Dent
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Incorporation of sea-surface clutter in infrared scenes for antiship cruise missile models
Author(s): Douglas S. Fraedrich; Colin P. Cahill; Robert E. Gover; Craig D. Miller; Patrick C. Shaw; Thomas M. Taczak
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CAMEO-SIM: an ocean model extension to the physically accurate broadband EO scene generation system for the assessment of target vehicles within their natural environments
Author(s): Albert Kirk; M. Cowan; Robert D Allen
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High temporal and spatial thermal infrared characterization of dense grass during high-humidity conditions
Author(s): Jerrell R. Ballard; Thomas E. Berry; David L. Leese; Stacy C. Anderson; Laura S. Bunch
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Study on the electromagnetic scattering interaction between a conducting plate and 1D random rough surface
Author(s): Yun-hua Wang; Li-Xin Guo
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