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Automatic Target Recognition XIV
Editor(s): Firooz A. Sadjadi
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Volume Number: 5426
Date Published: 21 September 2004
: 42 papers (444) pages
ISBN: 9780819453495

Table of Contents
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Top-attack modeling and automatic target detection using synthetic FLIR scenery
Author(s): Bruce A. Weber; Joseph A. Penn
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Correlation-based target detection for the Navy's SHARP sensor suite
Author(s): Pankaj N. Topiwala; David P. Casasent
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Automatic target tracking in FLIR image sequences
Author(s): Abdullah Bal; Mohammad S. Alam
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Automatic 3D object pose estimation in IR image sequences for forward motion applications
Author(s): Klaus J. Jager; Marcus Hebel; Karlheinz Bers
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Probabilistic neural network, for infrared target discrimination using their temporal behavior
Author(s): Gilles Labonte; Andre Morin
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A semiparametric approach using the discriminant metric SAM (spectral angle mapper)
Author(s): Dalton S. Rosario
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Pose-independent automatic target detection and recognition using 3D LADAR data
Author(s): Alexandru N. Vasile; Richard Marino
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The role of situational awareness in automatic target recognition
Author(s): Magnus S. Snorrason; Thom R. Goodsell; Camille R. Monnier; Mark R. Stevens
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Automated identification and classification of land vehicles in 3D LADAR data
Author(s): Erik Sobel; Joel Douglas; Gil Ettinger
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Field testing of a 3D automatic target recognition and pose estimation algorithm
Author(s): Stephane Ruel; Chad E. English; Len Melo; Andrew Berube; Doug Aikman; Adam M. Deslauriers; Philip M. Church; Jean Maheux
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Development of a practical 3D automatic target recognition and pose estimation algorithm
Author(s): Chad E. English; Stephane Ruel; Len Melo; Philip M. Church; Jean Maheux
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Three-dimensional invariants and classification of ladar signatures
Author(s): Firooz A. Sadjadi
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Context-driven automated target detection in 3D data
Author(s): Karen F. West; Brian N. Webb; James R. Lersch; Steven Pothier; Joseph M. Triscari; A. Evan Iverson
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Hierarchical approaches to analysis of natural textures
Author(s): Vadim R. Lutsiv; Igor A. Malyshev; Tatiana A. Novikova
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Using edge pattern matching for automatic chemical identification in GCXGC
Author(s): Mingtian Ni; Stephen E. Reichenbach
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Image matching with the use of the minimum description length approach
Author(s): Alexey S. Potapov
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Fringe-adjusted joint-transform-correlation-based hetero-associative multiple target-tracking
Author(s): Mohammad S. Alam; Jesmin F. Khan; Abdullah Bal
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A robust algorithm for automated target recognition using precomputed radar cross sections
Author(s): Lisa M. Ehrman; Aaron D. Lanterman
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Classification of moving targets by a distributed sensor network
Author(s): Hiralal C. Khatri; Getachew Kirose; Kenneth Ranney; Roberto Innocenti
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Target identification using fractional Fourier features
Author(s): Ismail I. Jouny
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Stationary phase approximation: a modification
Author(s): Leon Cohen; Patrick J. Loughlin
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Moment features invariant to dispersion
Author(s): Patrick J. Loughlin; Leon Cohen
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Millimeter-wave ATR: a study on feature robustness
Author(s): Hartmut M. Schimpf
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Simultaneous classification of underground targets and determination of burial depth and soil moisture content
Author(s): Hans C. Strifors; Guillermo C. Gaunaurd; Anders J. Sullivan
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Dynamic generation of artificial HRSAR imagery for ATR development and cockpit simulation
Author(s): Heiko Seidel; Christoph Stahl; Peter Knappe; Peter Hurst
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Target recognition study using polarimetric laser radar
Author(s): Cornell S. L. Chun; Firooz A. Sadjadi
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Evolving filter banks for ATR in infrared images
Author(s): James Bonick
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Artificial learning approaches for multitarget tracking
Author(s): Douglas Blount; Michael A. Kouritzin; Jesse D. McCrosky
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Adaptive infrared target detection
Author(s): Jonah C. McBride; Mark R. Stevens; Ross S. Eaton; Magnus S. Snorrason
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Unsupervised optimization of support vector machine parameters
Author(s): Mary L. Cassabaum; Donald E. Waagen; Jeffrey J. Rodriguez; Harry A. Schmitt
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Using image local response for efficient image fusion with the hybrid evolutionary algorithm
Author(s): Igor V. Maslov; Izidor Gertner
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Performance evaluation of quadratic correlation filters for target detection and discrimination in infrared imagery
Author(s): S. Richard F. Sims; Abhijit Mahalanobis
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A scoring, truthing, and registration toolkit for evaluation of target detection and tracking
Author(s): John Irvine; Scott K. Ralph; Mark R. Stevens; Sam Kenyon; David M. Anderson; Magnus S. Snorrason; David Gwilt
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Design and evaluation of a hierarchy of boosted classifiers for detection of ground targets in aerial surveillance imagery
Author(s): Jorgen M. Karlholm
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Evaluation of video compression technologies for ATR
Author(s): S. Richard F. Sims; Jonathan A. Mills; Pankaj N. Topiwala
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Würfelspiel-based training data methods for ATR
Author(s): James K. Peterson
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Automatic target recognition using multiview morphing
Author(s): Jiangjian Xiao; Mubarak Ali Shah
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IR and SAR automatic target detection benchmarks
Author(s): Uwe E. Jaeger; Helmut Maier-Herburger; Christoph Stahl; Norbert Heinze; Dieter Willersinn
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Distortion-invariant class-associative multiple target detection using fractional power fringe-adjusted joint transform correlator
Author(s): Sharif M. A. Bhuiyan; M. Nazrul Islam; Mohammad S. Alam
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Automatic target recognition with image/video understanding systems based on network-symbolic models
Author(s): Gary Kuvich
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An optimally robust detection of an input pattern from standard patterns
Author(s): Chia-Lun John Hu
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Image superresolution for improved automatic target recognition
Author(s): Raymond S. Wagner; Donald E. Waagen; Mary L. Cassabaum
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