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Spaceborne Sensors

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Volume Number: 5418
Date Published: 1 September 2004

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Using science-driven technologies for the defense and security applications
Author(s): Shahid Habib; Dorothy J. Zukor; Stephen D. Ambrose
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Advanced Video Guidance Sensor (AVGS) project summary
Author(s): Steve Van Winkle
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The RF Probe: providing space situational awareness through broad-spectrum detection and characterization
Author(s): Raymond Zenick; Kimberly Kohlhepp; Russell Partch
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Machine vision applied to navigation of confined spaces
Author(s): Jeri M. Briscoe; David J. Broderick; Richard T. Howard; Eric L. Corder
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Advanced Video Guidance Sensor and next-generation autonomous docking sensors
Author(s): Stephen R. Granade
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Advanced Video Guidance Sensor (AVGS) development testing
Author(s): Richard T. Howard; Albert S. Johnston; Thomas C. Bryan; Michael L. Book
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Laser imaging sensor system for on-orbit space shuttle inspection
Author(s): Dennis J. Gregoris; Arkady Ulitsky; Dennis Vit; Andy Kerr; Peter Dorcas; George V. Bailak; Jeffrey W. Tripp; Ross Gillett; Chris Woodland; Robert Richards; Christian Sallaberger
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Design of a novel star tracker optical system
Author(s): Xinping Liu; Xianyang Cai; Costel Flueraru; Shoude Chang; Chander P. Grover
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RocketCam systems for providing situational awareness on rockets, spacecraft, and other remote platforms
Author(s): Rex Ridenoure
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Design and technical demonstration of a spectral dispersive module for an IR hyperspectral instrument for Earth monitoring from geo-synchronous Earth orbit
Author(s): Eric R. Harvey; Jean Giroux; Martin Chamberland; Philippe Lagueux; Michel Dumais; Michael Maszkiewicz
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Long-range phase-conjugate interferometry
Author(s): Russell M. Kurtz; Ranjit D. Pradhan; Tin M. Aye; Gajendra D. Savant; Tomasz M. Jannson; Marvin B. Klein
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Image quality analysis of a spectra-radiometric sparse-aperture model
Author(s): Noah R Block; Robert E Introne; John R Schott
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Photothermoplastic films as recorders in observation systems of zonal structures
Author(s): Vasile K. Rotaru; Igor V. Dementiev; Oleg Ya. Korshak; Sevastian Neamtsu; Stephan V. Robu; Hossin A. Abdeldayem; Igor V. Ciapurin; Nickolai V. Kukhtarev
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RELAVIS: the development of a 4D laser vision system for spacecraft rendezvous and docking operations
Author(s): Eric Martin; Daven Maharaj; Robert Richards; Jeffrey W. Tripp; James Bolger; Dan King
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LAPS: the development of a scanning lidar system with GNC for autonomous hazard avoidance and precision landing
Author(s): Jean de Lafontaine; Arkady Ulitsky; Jeffrey W. Tripp; Robert Richards; Michael Daly; Christian Sallaberger
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