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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5391

Smart Structures and Materials 2004: Sensors and Smart Structures Technologies for Civil, Mechanical, and Aerospace Systems
Editor(s): Shih-Chi Liu
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Volume Number: 5391
Date Published: 29 July 2004
Softcover: 83 papers (838) pages
ISBN: 9780819453082

Table of Contents
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Structural system identification based on multibranch BPNN
Author(s): Hongnan Li; Hao Yang; Dongsheng Li
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Linear classification of system poles for structural damage detection using piezoelectric active sensors
Author(s): Jerome Peter Lynch
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Continuous damage monitoring of civil structures using vibratory gyroscopes
Author(s): Arata Masuda; Akira Sone; Shinya Morita
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Bridge structural health monitoring system using fiber grating sensors: development and preparation for a permanent installation
Author(s): Sean G. Calvert; Jason Mooney
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Acoustic emission monitoring using a multimode optical fiber sensor
Author(s): Steve Vandenplas; Jean-Michel Papy; Martine Wevers; Sabine Van Huffel
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Study on the embedment of fiber Fabry-Perot strain sensor in prestressed reinforced concrete bridges
Author(s): WeiMin Chen; Yong Zhu; YuMei Fu; Shanglian Huang
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FBG sensors for on-line temperature measurements
Author(s): Liang Ren; Hongnan Li; Li Sun; Dongsheng Li
Experiments on an offshore platform model by FBG sensors
Author(s): Dongsheng Li; Hongnan Li; Liang Ren; Li Sun; Jing Zhou
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Demonstration of failure identification methodology incorporating sensor degradation
Author(s): Mohanraj Prabhugoud; James Pearson; Kara Peters; Mohammed Zikry
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Health monitoring using distributed sensing of structural power flow
Author(s): Wael Akl; Amr M. Baz
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Equivalent circuit models for interpreting impedance perturbation spectroscopy data
Author(s): R. Lowell Smith
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Semi-analytic methods for analysis of laminated piezoelectric cylinders
Author(s): Chengwen Liu; Stanley B. Dong; Ertugrul Taciroglu
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Embedded diagnostics in combat systems
Author(s): Christopher Miles; Elena N. Bankowski
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Auto-adaptive statistical procedure for tracking structural health monitoring data
Author(s): R. Lowell Smith; Robert J. Jannarone
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Adaptive, robotic, and mobile sensor systems for structural assessment
Author(s): Dryver R. Huston; Jonathan Miller; Brian Esser
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Integrated sensing networks in composite materials
Author(s): Anthony F. Starr; Sia Nemat-Nasser; David R. Smith; Thomas A. Plaisted
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Film sensor using carbon particles for monitoring integrity of steel structures
Author(s): Takehiko Terada; Keiji Shiba; Makoto Suzuki; Minoru Sugita; Hideaki Matsubara
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Packaging of structural health monitoring components
Author(s): Seth S. Kessler; S. Mark Spearing; Yong Shi; Christopher T. Dunn
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Comparison of piezoresistive and capacitive ultrasonic transducers
Author(s): John J. Neumann; David W. Greve; Irving J. Oppenheim
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Resonant-type MEMS transducers excited by two acoustic emission simulation techniques
Author(s): Didem Ozevin; David W. Greve; Irving J. Oppenheim; Stephen Pessiki
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Development and installation of Picostrain sensors in structural systems
Author(s): Joseph C. Sener; Bernard Mitch Latta; Jimmy D. Ross
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Effect of static, dynamic, thermal, and humidity loading on fatigue life of fiber optic cables
Author(s): Adel El-Sabbagh; Amr M. Baz
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Enhanced temperature sensing with in-fiber polymer waveguides
Author(s): Benjamin L. Ipson; Kevin H. Smith; Richard H. Selfridge; Stephen M. Schultz
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Highly precise distributed Brillouin scattering sensor for structural health monitoring of optical ground wire cable
Author(s): Lufan Zou; Fabien Ravet; Xiaoyi Bao; Liang Chen
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Simultaneous strain and temperature measurement in PM fibers using Brillouin frequency, power, and bandwidth
Author(s): Qinrong Yu; Xiaoyi Bao; Liang Chen
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Hybrid wireless sensor network
Author(s): Fabio Casciati; Sara Casciati; Lucia Faravelli; Roberto Rossi
Interfacing guided-wave ultrasound with wireless technology
Author(s): Thomas R. Hay; Joseph L. Rose
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Self-powered sensing for mechanical system condition monitoring
Author(s): Robert X. Gao; David O. Kazmer; Li Zhang; Charles B. Theurer; Yong Cui
Embedded MEMS for health monitoring and management of civil infrastructure
Author(s): Mohamed Saafi; Peter Romine
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Some real-world applications of wireless sensor nodes
Author(s): Steven D. Glaser
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Wireless temperature sensor for bearing health monitoring
Author(s): Yi Jia; Jhon Henao-Sepulveda; Manuel Toledo-Quinones
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Physics-based traffic excitation models for highway bridges
Author(s): Yangbo Chen; Chin-An Tan; Maria Q Feng
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Thermal affects on modal properties and frequency-based damage detection in plate-girder bridges
Author(s): Jeong-Tae Kim; Chung-Bang Yun; Jae-Hyeong Park
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Frequency-response-based damage detection approach using a shunted piezoelectric transducer with variable inductance
Author(s): Jiong Tang; Yu Ding
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Signal processing techniques for damage detection with piezoelectric wafer active sensors and embedded ultrasonic structural radar
Author(s): Lingyu Yu; Jingjing Bao; Victor Giurgiutiu
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Harmonic wavelet packet transform for on-line system health diagnosis
Author(s): Ruqiang Yan; Robert X. Gao
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Discrete wavelet transform to improve guided-wave-based health monitoring of tendons and cables
Author(s): Piervincenzo Rizzo; Francesco Lanza di Scalea
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Damage diagnosis of framework structure based on wavelet packet analysis and neural network
Author(s): Hongnan Li; Hong-Min Sun; Gangbing Song
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Experimental study of instantaneous probabilistic energy control for seismically excited structures
Author(s): Jae-Seung Hwang; Kyung-Won Min; Sang-Hyun Lee; Hongjin Kim; Hyoung-Seop Kim
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Comparative study on semi-active control algorithms for piezoelectric friction dampers
Author(s): Chaoqiang Chen; Genda Chen
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Wireless sensors for monitoring corrosion in reinforced concrete members
Author(s): Jarkko T. Simonen; Matthew M. Andringa; Kristi M. Grizzle; Sharon L. Wood; Dean P. Neikirk
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Thermomechanical analysis of the Kishwaukee Bridge from global and local deformation measurements
Author(s): George M. Lloyd; Ming L. Wang; Xuan Wang
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Critical assessment on parametric time-domain methods for the identification of vibrating structures
Author(s): Chin-Hsiung Loh; Tsu-Hsiu Wu
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Performance of smart piezoelectric transducers for structural health monitoring on composite laminates in cryogenic environments
Author(s): Kevin K. Tseng; Michael L. Tinker; John O. Lassiter; Liangsheng Wang
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Performance characteristics of the robust laser interferometer (RLI) with respect to health monitoring needs for civil, mechanical, and aerospace infrastructure elements
Author(s): John M. Zarroli; Martin Karchnak; Theodore C. Goodenow
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Simultaneous monitoring of the corrosion activity and moisture inside aircraft lap joints
Author(s): Kevin R. Cooper; Yupei Ma; John P. Wikswo; Robert G. Kelly
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Diagnosis of moisture damage in asphalt pavements
Author(s): Jacqueline Suzanne Canning; Christopher Niezrecki; Bjorn Birgisson
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Use of the total station for load testing of retrofitted bridges with limited access
Author(s): Wesley J. Merkle; John J. Myers
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Damage detection and estimation of a steel frame through shaking table test and measurements
Author(s): Koichi Morita; Masaomi Teshigawara
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Online monitoring of seismic damage in water distribution systems
Author(s): Jianwen Liang; Di Xiao; Xinhua Zhao; Hongwei Zhang
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Optimal monitoring of water distribution systems (II)
Author(s): Di Xiao; Jianwen Liang; Xinhua Zhao; Hongwei Zhang
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Multifunctional fiber optics networks for composite structures
Author(s): Michael C. Golt; Andrew F. Lipiecki; Andrew P. Schmalz; Chris A. Schuetz; Shridhar Yarlagadda; Dennis Prather
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Development and performance of wireless sensor network for structural health monitoring
Author(s): Jinping Ou; Hongwei Li; Yan Yu
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Smart TLCD using synthetic-hydrocarbon-based MR fluid: an experimental study
Author(s): Jan-Ming Ko; S. Zhan; Yi-Qing Ni; Yuan-Feng Duan
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Damage-detection-oriented model for a cracked rectangular plate
Author(s): Di Wu; S. S. Law
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Development of a field-portable small-size impedance analyzer for structural health monitoring using the electromechanical impedance technique
Author(s): Victor Giurgiutiu; Buli Xu
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Unpowered wireless analog resistance sensor
Author(s): Matthew M. Andringa; Dean P. Neikirk; Sharon L. Wood
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Design and implementation of smart sensor nodes for wireless disaster monitoring systems
Author(s): Yih-Fan Chen; Wen-Jong Wu; Chun-Kuang Chen; Chih-Min Wen; Ming-Hui Jin; Chung-Yun Gau; Chih-Chie Chang; Chih-Kung Lee
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