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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5390

Smart Structures and Materials 2004: Smart Structures and Integrated Systems
Editor(s): Alison B. Flatau
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Volume Details

Volume Number: 5390
Date Published: 26 July 2004
Softcover: 59 papers (610) pages
ISBN: 9780819453075

Table of Contents
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Fault tolerant control of flexible smart structures using robust decentralized periodic output feedback technique
Author(s): Bijnan Bandyopadhyay; T. C. Manjunath
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Maximizing flexure jointed hexapod vibration isolation using a modified genetic algorithm
Author(s): Zhijiang Guo; John E. McInroy
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Effect of hybrid semiactive control on steady state and transient dynamics of vehicle suspensions
Author(s): Mehdi Ahmadian; Nader Vahdati
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Two-DOF precision platform for spacecraft thrust vector control: control strategies and simulations
Author(s): Kougen Ma; Mehrdad N. Ghasemi-Nejhad
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Piezoelectric performance effectiveness for active composite panels with surface-mounted and embedded sensors and actuators using direct constant voltage scheme
Author(s): Richard Russ; Mehrdad N. Ghasemi-Nejhad
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Design of the metal-core piezoelectric fiber
Author(s): Hiroshi Sato; Tadashi Sekiya; Masaru Nagamine
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High-power density actuation through Terfenol-D resonant motion and magnetorheological flow control
Author(s): Brett R. Burton; David Nosse; Marcelo J. Dapino
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Bidirectional control of a magnetorheological piezohydraulic actuator
Author(s): Jin-Hyeong Yoo; Jayant Sirohi; Shaju John; Anirban Chaudhuri; Christopher Cadou; Norman M. Wereley
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Semi-active control of torsional vibrations using an MR fluid brake
Author(s): Keith A. Williams; Shaochun Ye
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Deployment of a class 2 tensegrity boom
Author(s): Jean-Paul Pinaud; Soren Solari; Robert E. Skelton
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Optimization of class 2 tensegrity towers
Author(s): Milenko Masic; Robert E. Skelton
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Analytical model and experimental characterization of a dielectric elastomer annulus actuator undergoing large quasi-static deformation
Author(s): Eunice Yang; Mary I. Frecker; Eric M. Mockensturm; Danielle Wu
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Actuation of MAV control surface using conducting shape memory polymer actuator
Author(s): Nam Seo Goo; Il Hyun Paik; Kwang Joon Yoon; Yong Chae Jung; Jae Whan Cho
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Evaluation of bio-inspired morphing concepts with regard to aircraft dynamics and performance
Author(s): Adam M. Wickenheiser; Ephrahim Garcia; Martin Waszak
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Design and demonstration of flapping wing device powered by LIPCA
Author(s): Hoon Cheol Park; Seung Yeop Lee; Sang Min Lim; Sang K. Lee; Kwang Joon Yoon; Nam Seo Goo
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Adaptive structural systems and compliant skin technology of morphing aircraft structures
Author(s): Justin Manzo; Ephrahim Garcia; Adam M. Wickenheiser; Garnett C. Horner
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Smart material actuators for airfoil morphing applications
Author(s): Ruth Marie Tieck; K. P. Mohanchandra; Gregory P. Carman
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Active and passive material optimization in a tendon-actuated morphing aircraft structure
Author(s): Smita Bharti; Mary I. Frecker; George A. Lesieutre; Deepak Ramrakhyani
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Design and testing of a servotab-actuated trailing-edge flap for rotor vibration suppression
Author(s): Jaye Falls; Inderjit Chopra
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Design of membrane actuators based on ferromagnetic shape memory alloy composite for the synthetic jet actuator
Author(s): Yuanchang Liang; Minoru Taya; Yasuo Kuga
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Investigation of synthetic jet actuator design parameters
Author(s): Sandra Ugrina; Alison B. Flatau
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Design, fabrication, and testing of SMA-enabled adaptive chevrons for jet noise reduction
Author(s): Travis L. Turner; Ralph D. Buehrle; Roberto J. Cano; Gary A. Fleming
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Design of torque actuator based on ferromagnetic shape memory alloy composite
Author(s): Victor J Cheng; Minoru Taya; Jae Kon Lee; Masahiro Kusaka; Taishi Wada
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Design of FSMA spring actuators
Author(s): Hsiu-hung Chen; Minoru Taya
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Effect of cyclic modeling parameters on the behavior of shape memory alloys for seismic applications
Author(s): Bassem Andrawes; Jason McCormick; Reginald DesRoches
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Experimental validation of a semi-active friction control device
Author(s): Paulin Buaka; Patrice Masson; Philippe Micheau
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Smart spring: a novel adaptive impedance control approach for active vibration suppression applications
Author(s): Viresh Wickramasinghe; Chen Yong; David Zimcik; Tim Harold; Fred Nitzsche
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An experimental comparison between several active composite actuators for power generation
Author(s): Henry A. Sodano; Justin M. Lloyd; Daniel J. Inman
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High-performance piezoelectric vibration energy reclamation
Author(s): Elie Lefeuvre; Adrien Badel; Claude Richard; Daniel Guyomar
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Data-glove-based fuzzy control of piezoelectric forceps actuator
Author(s): Ken Susanto; Bingen Yang
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Design and analysis of multidegrees of freedom micromirror for triangular wave scanning
Author(s): Izhak Bucher; Gal Avivi; Marko Velger
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Shape optimization of microcantilevers for mass variation detection and AFM applications
Author(s): Ephrahim Garcia; Nicolae Lobontiu; Yoonsu Nam; Rob Ilic; Timothy Reissman
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Development and operational optimization of microspray system
Author(s): Arvydas Palevicius; Kazimieras Ragulskis; Algimantas Bubulis; Vytautas Ostasevicius; Minvydas Ragulskis
Torsional actuator motor using solid freeform fabricated PZT ceramics
Author(s): Chulho Kim; Carl C. M. Wu; Barry Bender
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Ultrasonic motor resonator design using shape and topology optimization
Author(s): Philip W. Loveday; Craig S. Long; Albert A. Groenwold
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Design and testing of piezoelectric flight control actuators for hard-launch munitions
Author(s): Ron M. Barrett; Gary M. Lee
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Application of CFD in the design and analysis of a piezoelectric hydraulic pump
Author(s): Shaju John; Christopher Cadou; Norman M. Wereley
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Design and testing of a bidirectional magnetostrictive-hydraulic hybrid actuator
Author(s): Joshua A. Ellison; Jayant Sirohi; Inderjit Chopra
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Debonding monitoring of a composite repair patch using small-diameter FBG sensors
Author(s): Shin-ichi Takeda; Takeharu Yamamoto; Yoji Okabe; Nobuo Takeda
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Characterization of embedded fiber optic sensors in advanced composite materials for structural health monitoring
Author(s): W. Lance Richards; Dong Gun Lee; Anthony Piazza; Anna K. Stewart; Gregory P. Carman
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Nonlinear feature identification of impedance-based structural health monitoring
Author(s): Amanda C. Rutherford; Gyuhae Park; Hoon Sohn; Charles R. Farrar
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Structural damage identification using embedded sensitivity functions
Author(s): Timothy J. Johnson; Chulho Yang; Douglas E. Adams; Sam Ciray
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Comparison of plain piezoceramics and interdigital transducers for crack detection in plates
Author(s): Ser Tong Quek; Jing Jin; Puat Siong Tua
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Electroactive smart polymers for space optics
Author(s): Arthur John Gavrin; Kent G. Blizard; Donald J. Leo; Mathew D. Bennett
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Self-sensing miniature electromagnetic actuators for a cardiac assist device application
Author(s): Ben M. Hanson; Peter G. Walker; Martin C. Levesley; Kevin Watterson; Robert C. Richardson; Ming Yang
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Complementary Inchworm actuator for high-force high-precision applications
Author(s): David F Waechter; Shaun Salisbury; Ridha Ben Mrad; S. Eswar Prasad; Richard G. Blacow; Bin Yan
Detection of fastener failure in a thermal protection system
Author(s): Mark M. Derriso; Steven E. Olson; William R. Braisted; Martin P. DeSimio; John Rosenstengel; Kevin Brown
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