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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5389

Smart Structures and Materials 2004: Smart Electronics, MEMS, BioMEMS, and Nanotechnology
Editor(s): Vijay K. Varadan
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Volume Number: 5389
Date Published: 29 July 2004
Softcover: 52 papers (508) pages
ISBN: 9780819453068

Table of Contents
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Digital CMOS interface circuit for current and capacitance sensing
Author(s): Ashok Srivastava
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0.8V ultralow-power CMOS analog multiplexer for remote biological and chemical signal processing
Author(s): Chuang Zhang; Ashok Srivastava; Pratul K. Ajmera
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High-aspect-ratio neural probes for monolithic integration with ultra-low-power CMOS operational amplifier circuit
Author(s): Tinghui Xin; Pratul K. Ajmera; Chuang Zhang; Ashok Srivastava
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Rectenna performance under a 200-W amplifier microwave
Author(s): Kyo D. Song; Sang H. Choi; Walter T. Golembiewski; Kevin Henderson; Glen C. King
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Development of compact phase shifters on silicon for monolithic integration of voltage controllers
Author(s): Hargsoon Yoon; Taeksoo Ji; Jose K. Abraham; Vijay K. Varadan
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Enhancement of miniature and small-bandwidth micromachined antennas using GaAs technology
Author(s): Sunghae Jung; Junghwan Hwang; Sungweon Kang
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Hierarchical sensor network architecture for stationary smart node supervision
Author(s): Ming-Hui Jin; Wen-Jong Wu; Chun-Kuang Chen; Yih-Fan Chen; Chih-Min Wen; Cheng-Yan Kao; Shih-An Yu; Yun-Han Lin; Jhen-Gang Huang; Herman Rao; Ching-Hsiang Hsu; Chih-Kung Lee
Design and fabrication of low-loss RF MEMS switches for a broadband reflectarray
Author(s): Afshin Ziaei; Thierry Dean; Michel Charrier; Paolo Bondavalli; Jean-Philippe Polizzi; Herve Legay; Beatrice Pinte; Etienne Girard; Raphael Gillard
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Holographic imaging technique for characterization of MEMS switch dynamics
Author(s): Vytautas Ostasevicius; Arvydas Palevicius; Antanas Daugela; Minvydas Ragulskis; Ramutis Palevicius
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Development of RF MEMS phase shifters using polymer and ferroelectric thin film
Author(s): Taeksoo Ji; Hargsoon Yoon; K. A. Jose; Vijay K. Varadan
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RF MEMS capacitive switch with isolation valley at lower frequency band
Author(s): Chang won Jung; Bahram Ghodsian; Bedri A Cetiner; Franco De Flaviis
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Piezoelectric ceramic thick films deposited on silicon substrates by screen printing
Author(s): Kui Yao; Xujiang He; Yuan Xu; Meima Chen
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Author(s): Brian Hargrave; Bryan Irwin; Robert Parkhill; Kenneth H Church; Michael N. Nguyen; Anatoly Kachurin; William L Warren
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Simulation of a piezoelectrically actuated valveless micropump
Author(s): Bin Fan; Gangbing Song; Fazle Hussain
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Enhancing quality of carbon nanotubes through a real-time controlled CVD process with application to next-generation nanosystems
Author(s): Karthik Laxminarayana; Nader Jalili
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Possibility of using carbon nanotubes as microactuators
Author(s): Nikhil A. Koratkar; Ashish K. Modi; J. Kim; Bingqing Wei; S. Talapatra; Robert Vajtai; Pulickel M. Ajayan
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Building smart materials based on carbon nanotubes
Author(s): Sachin B. Jain; Phil Kang; Yeo-Heung Yun; Tony He; Sri Laxmi Pammi; Atul Muskin; Suhasini Narasimhadevara; Douglas Hurd; Mark J. Schulz; Jennifer Chase; Srinivas Subramaniam; Vesselin Shanov; F. James Boerio; Donglu Shi; Rob Gilliland; David Mast; Chris Sloan
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New fabrication method of metallic closed cellular materials containing organic materials
Author(s): Satoshi Kishimoto; Norio Shinya
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Nanoscale hybrid protein/polymer functionalized materials
Author(s): Dean Ho; Ben Chu; Hyeseung Lee; Carlo D. Montemagno
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Synthesis of Tin Oxide/Carbon Nanotube Composite by Homogeneous Precipitation and Characterizations
Author(s): Jining Xie; Vijay K. Varadan
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Capabilities and limitations of micro-opto-electro-mechnical (MOEM) accelerometers: an analysis
Author(s): Ananth Selvarajan; Jagannath Nayak; Talabuttala Srinivas; D. V. K. Sastry
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Robust design for micro electro-thermal actuators
Author(s): Seok Heo; Gil Ho Yoon; Yoon Young Kim
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Development of hybrid SOI-based microgravimetric sensors
Author(s): Nicolo Savalli; Salvatore Baglio; Salvatore Castorina; Vincenzo Sacco; Vittorio Ferrari
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Light-driven actuation of fluids at microscale
Author(s): Mandar Deshpande; Laxman Saggere
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Molecular systems on-chip (MSoC) steps forward for programmable biosystems
Author(s): Patrick F. Wagler; Uwe Tangen; Thomas Maeke; Steffen Chemnitz; Martina Juenger; John S. McCaskill
Deep-brain stimulator and control of Parkinson's disease
Author(s): Vijay K. Varadan; Robert Harbaugh; Jose K. Abraham
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Endoscopic optical coherence tomography imaging probe using a MEMS actuator
Author(s): Jason M. Zara; Joseph A Izatt; Bruce J Oberhardt; Stephen W Smith
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Smart ASIC chip for vapor detection based upon carbon black/polymer composite nanomaterials
Author(s): Julian W Gardner; Jesus Garcia-Guzman; Marina Cole
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Distributed MEMS-microvalves-suitable structure for improving performances of intelligent pneumatic two-dimensional microconveyer
Author(s): Yves-Andre Chapuis; Yamato Fukuta; Yoshio Mita; Hiroyuki Fujita
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Ultrafast chemical-sensing microsystem employing resistive nanomaterials
Author(s): Su L Tan; James A Covington; Julian W Gardner
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Oscillator microfabrication, micromagnets, and magnetic resonance force microscopy
Author(s): Jae-Hyuk Choi; Utkur M. Mirsaidov; Casey W. Miller; Yong J. Lee; Samaresh Guchhait; Michelle D. Chabot; Wei Lu; John T. Markert
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Analytical approach for characterization of sputtered thin film microthermocouples (STFMT)
Author(s): Muhammad Imran; Abhijit Bhattacharyya
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Ultrasharp high-aspect-ratio probe array for SECM and AFM Analysis
Author(s): Ye Tao; Rainer J. Fasching; Fritz B. Prinz
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Fabrication of cell structures for bionanobattery
Author(s): Sang-Hyon Chu; Sang H. Choi; Gerald D. Watt; Jae-Woo Kim; Yeonjoon Park; Robert C. Davis; John N. Harb; Glen C. King; Peter T. Lillehei
Electrochemical reconstitution of biomolecules for applications as electrocatalysts for the bionanofuel cell
Author(s): Jae-Woo Kim; Sang H. Choi; Peter T. Lillehei; Glen C. King; Gerald D. Watt; Sang-Hyon Chu; Yeonjoon Park; Sheila A. Thibeault
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Development of a bionanobattery for distributed power storage systems
Author(s): Glen C. King; Sang H. Choi; Sang-Hyon Chu; Jae-Woo Kim; Yeonjoon Park; Peter T. Lillehei; Gerald D. Watt; Robert C. Davis; John N. Harb
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Frequency-agile wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Steven W. Arms; Christopher P. Townsend; David L. Churchill; Michael J. Hamel; Jacob H. Galbreath; Steven W. Mundell
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Wind turbine generators with active radar signature control blades
Author(s): Alan Tennant; Barry Chambers
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Smart millimeter-wave devices using liquid crystal
Author(s): Haiying Wang; Liping Zheng; Jie Chen; Thomas X. Wu; Shin-Tson Wu
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Microbiosensor based on magnetostrictive microcantilever
Author(s): Zhimin Li; Suiqiong Li; Zhong-Yang Cheng
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