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Smart Structures and Materials 2004: Industrial and Commercial Applications of Smart Structures Technologies
Editor(s): Eric H. Anderson
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Volume Number: 5388
Date Published: 29 July 2004
Softcover: 43 papers (456) pages
ISBN: 9780819453051

Table of Contents
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High-speed parallel robots with integrated vibration suppression for handling and assembly
Author(s): Stephan Algermissen; Michael Rose; Ralf Keimer; Elmar Breitbach
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Active membrane masks for improved overlay performance in proximity lithography
Author(s): Dryver R. Huston; James Plumpton; Brian Esser; Gerald A. Sullivan
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Active damping elements for improving the accuracy of a microlithography machine
Author(s): Jan Holterman; Theo J.A. de Vries
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Miniature vibration isolation system for space applications: Phase II
Author(s): Jack H. Jacobs; James A. Ross; Steve Hadden; Mario Gonzalez; Zach Rogers; B. Kyle Henderson
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The vibro-acoustic launch protection experiment overview and flight results summary
Author(s): Charlotte M. Gerhart; B. Kyle Henderson; Steve Griffin; Anthony Lazzaro; Michael E. Evert; Warren McCrary; Emil Valentin Ardelean
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Active vibration isolation system for launch load alleviation
Author(s): Michael E. Evert; Paul C Janzen; Eric H Anderson; Charlotte M. Gerhart; B. Kyle Henderson
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Design and control of a proof-of-concept variable-area exhaust nozzle using shape memory alloy actuators
Author(s): Gangbing Song; Ning Ma; Hou-Jun Lee; Steven Arnold
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Shape memory polymer configurative tooling
Author(s): Matthew C. Everhart; Jaime B. Stahl; Eric W. Traxler; Ernie Havens
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NiTinol performance characterization and rotary actuator design
Author(s): James H Mabe; Robert T. Ruggeri; Ed Rosenzweig; Chin-Jye Mike Yu
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The application of SMA spring actuators to a lightweight modular compliant surface bioinspired robot
Author(s): David L. Stone; John Cranney; Robert Liang; Minoru Taya
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A comparison of packaged piezoactuators for industrial applications
Author(s): Jaco Pretorius; Marius Hugo; Ronald L. Spangler
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Amplified piezoelectric actuators: from aerospace to underwater applications
Author(s): Philippe Bouchilloux; Frank Claeyssen; Ronan Le Letty
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The next generation of Inchworm actuators evolves with nanometer resolution, multimillimeter range, and power-off hold
Author(s): Galen David Powers; Qin Xu; James Smith
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Piezoelectric valve actuator for flexible diesel operation
Author(s): Brian J. MacLachlan; Niell Elvin; Carl Blaurock; N. Jared Keegan
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QT bimorph activation for precision delivery guidance systems
Author(s): Gareth J. Knowles; Bruce Bower; Alfredo Vazques
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Adaptive aerostructures: the first decade of flight on uninhabited aerial vehicles
Author(s): Ronald M. Barrett
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Mechanical strain energy shuttle for aircraft morphing via wing twist or structural deformation
Author(s): Dan J. Clingman; Robert T. Ruggeri
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Morphing aircraft concepts, classifications, and challenges
Author(s): Akhilesh K. Jha; Jayanth N. Kudva
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Adaptive wing structures
Author(s): David A. Perkins; John L. Reed; Ernie Havens
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Variable sweep geometry primary structure actuation
Author(s): Gareth J. Knowles; Ross W. Bird; Edward V. White; Michael Valentino
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High-pressure magnetostrictive pump development: a comparison of prototype and modeled performance
Author(s): Keith Bridger; John M. Sewell; Arthur V. Cooke; Joseph L. Lutian; Dennis Kohlhafer; George E. Small; Philip M. Kuhn
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Self-contained high-authority control for miniature flight systems
Author(s): Gareth J. Knowles; Ross W. Bird; Ron Barrett
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Aircraft interior ANC with flat panel speakers
Author(s): Christian Gerner; Delf Sachau; Harald Breitbach
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Reducing aerodynamic vibration with piezoelectric actuators: a genetic algorithm optimization
Author(s): Zhenning Hu; Mark Jakiela; Dale M. Pitt; Jay K. Burnham
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Design of fish fin actuators using shape memory alloy composites
Author(s): Nagato Ono; Masahiro Kusaka; Minoru Taya; Chiyuan Wang
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Subsurface ice and brine sampling using an ultrasonic/sonic gopher for life detection and characterization in the McMurdo dry valleys
Author(s): Yoseph Bar-Cohen; Stewart Sherrit; Zensheu Chang; Lauren Wessel; Xiaoqi Bao; Peter T. Doran; Chris H. Fritsen; Fabien Kenig; Christopher P. McKay; Alison Murray; Thomas M. Peterson
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Advanced inline measurement and control tools for sand filling and compaction in lost foam casting
Author(s): Matthew J. Whelan; Kerop D. Janoyan
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Design and analysis of ultrasonic horn for USDC (ultrasonic/sonic driller/corer)
Author(s): Zensheu Chang; Stewart Sherrit; Xiaoqi Bao; Yoseph Bar-Cohen
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Semiactive vibration isolation of a rigid platform using smart actuator
Author(s): Yerrapragada Krishna; B. S. Sarma
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Experimental study on fuzzy skyhook control of a vehicle suspension system using a magnetorheological fluid damper
Author(s): Yanming Liu; Faramarz Gordaninejad; Cahit Evrensel; E. Sinan Karakas; Umit Dogruer
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Magnelok technology: a complement to magnetorheological fluids
Author(s): J. David Carlson
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Graphite-polymer coatings for electrically induced thermal actuation of shape memory alloys
Author(s): Bo Liu; Shawn Bourdo; Enkeleda Dervishi; Brian Berry; Han Kim; Abhijit Bhattacharyya; Tito Viswanathan
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Microstructured polymer composites with enhanced thermal and electrical conduction capabilities
Author(s): Daniel K. Moeller; Yuri M. Shkel
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Certification of a submarine design using fiber Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Jason S. Kiddy; Chris S. Baldwin; Toni J. Salter
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Harsh-environment fiber optic sensors for structural monitoring applications
Author(s): Robert S. Fielder; Kelly L. Stinson-Bagby; Matthew E. Palmer
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Distributed strain and temperature mapping in the Safe Affordable Fission Engine (SAFE-100) thermal simulator using fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Kelly L. Stinson-Bagby; Robert S. Fielder
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Development of damage monitoring system for aircraft structure using a PZT actuator/FBG sensor hybrid system
Author(s): Toshimichi Ogisu; Masakazu Shimanuki; Satoshi Kiyoshima; Yoji Okabe; Nobuo Takeda
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Quadrature mechatronic actuator (QMA) drives for heavy ship doors and machinery
Author(s): Gareth J. Knowles; Ross W. Bird; Michael J. Goehrig; William C. Knoll; Heath Hoffman; Jaedo Park
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Ultracompact power drive electronics for firepower-advanced warheads and miniaturized munitions
Author(s): Ross W. Bird; Gareth J. Knowles; William C. Knoll
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Smart circuit breakers for high-power applications
Author(s): Gareth J. Knowles; Michael Starsinic
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Rubber to rigid, clamped to undamped: toward composite materials with wide-range controllable stiffness and damping
Author(s): Roy D. Kornbluh; Harsha Prahlad; Ron Pelrine; Scott Stanford; Marcus A. Rosenthal; Philip A. von Guggenberg
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Mechamatronics: an automotive perspective
Author(s): Alan L. Browne; Norman K. Bucknor; Y. T. Cheng; Nancy L. Johnson; William C. Lin; Chandra S. Namuduri; Zongxuan Sun; Patrick B. Usoro
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Development and whirl tower test of the SMART active flap rotor
Author(s): Friedrich K. Straub; Dennis K. Kennedy; Alan D. Stemple; V.R. Anand; Terry S. Birchette
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