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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5385

Smart Structures and Materials 2004: Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Devices (EAPAD)
Editor(s): Yoseph Bar-Cohen
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Volume Number: 5385
Date Published: 27 July 2004
Softcover: 64 papers (572) pages
ISBN: 9780819453020

Table of Contents
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New horizons for orthotic and prosthetic technology: artificial muscle for ambulation
Author(s): Hugh M. Herr; Roy D. Kornbluh
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Converging the capabilities of EAP artificial muscles and the requirements of bio-inspired robotics
Author(s): David F. Hanson; Victor White
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Recent progress on electroelastomer artificial muscles and their application for biomimetic robots
Author(s): Qibing Pei; Ron Pelrine; Marcus A. Rosenthal; Scott Stanford; Harsha Prahlad; Roy D. Kornbluh
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Conductive filler: elastomer composites for Maxwell stress actuator applications
Author(s): Colin G. Cameron; Royale S. Underhill; Marc Rawji; Jeffrey P. Szabo
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Materials for dielectric elastomer actuators
Author(s): Peter Sommer-Larsen; Anne Ladegaard Larsen
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High-dielectric-constant polymers as high-energy-density (HED) field effect actuator and capacitor materials
Author(s): Cheng Huang; Qiming Zhang
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Novel electroactive polymer system: PVDF-based polymer blends
Author(s): Zhimin Li; Milind D. Arbatti; Z.-Y. Cheng
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How to tune rubber elasticity
Author(s): Anne Ladegaard Larsen; Peter Sommer-Larsen; Ole Hassager
Controlled actuation of Nafion-based ionic polymer-metal composites (IPMCs)with ethylene glycol as solvent
Author(s): Shahram Zamani; Sia Nemat-Nasser
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Modeling the polypyrrole water interface by molecular dynamics simulation
Author(s): Toribio F. Otero; Jose Javier Lopez Cascales
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Modeling of the electromechanical response of ionic polymer metal composites (IPMC)
Author(s): Kinji Asaka; Naoya Mori; Kohtaku Hayashi; Yoshihiro Nakabo; Toshiharu Mukai; Zhi-Wei Luo
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The behavior of ionic polymer-metal composites in a multilayer configuration
Author(s): Jason W. Paquette; Kwang Jin Kim; Doyeon Kim; Woosoon Yim
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Ionic liquids as novel solvents for ionic polymer transducers
Author(s): Matthew D. Bennett; Donald J. Leo
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Revisiting the electrochemical properties of conducting polymers
Author(s): Toribio F. Otero; Maria Jesus Ariza; S. O. Costa; Manuel Marquez
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Electrically conducting shape memory polymer composites for electroactive actuator
Author(s): Yong Chae Jung; Nam Seo Goo; Jae Whan Cho
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Polyacrylic acid/poly(vinyl sulfonic acid, sodium salt) copolymer hydrogel actuator under an electric field
Author(s): Sang Jun Park; Seoung Gil Yoon; Han Il Kim; Kwang Min Shin; Sun I. Kim; Seon Jeong Kim
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Electroactive cellophane actuators: ionic or piezoelectric?
Author(s): Chung-hwan Je; Doyeon Kim; Kwang Jin Kim
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Fabrication of ionic-polymer-metal-composite (IPMC) micropump using a commercial Nafion
Author(s): James Jungho Pak; Jihong Kim; Sang Woo Oh; Jee Hee Son; Sung Hwan Cho; Seung-Ki Lee; Jong-Yeon Park; Byungkyu Kim
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Synthesis and characteristics of semi-interpenetrating polymer network hydrogels of chitosan and polyaniline
Author(s): Su Ryon Shin; Sang Jun Park; Seoung Gil Yoon; Chang Kee Lee; In Young Kim; Sun I. Kim; Seon Jeong Kim
Developing a polymeric sensor to monitor intracellular conditions
Author(s): Timothy C. Mudarri; Donald J. Leo; Brett C. Wood; Peter K. Shires
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Nonlinear dynamics of thin film polyvinylidene fluoride cantilevers
Author(s): Amit Shukla
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Electroactive papers based on cellulose
Author(s): Jaehwan Kim; Cheol-Woo Park; Yu-Keun Kang
A new electroactive paper actuator using conducting polypyrrole
Author(s): Shripad D. Deshpande; Jaehwan Kim; Seong Ryul Yun
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Electrical characterizations of smart hydrogel based on chitosan/poly(diallydimethylammonium chloride) in NaCl solutions
Author(s): Seoung Gil Yoon; Sang Jun Park; Jun Young Lim; Min Sup Kim; Baek Hwan Cho; Sang Min Lee; Seon Jeong Kim
Nucleation, non-stoiquiometry, and tactile muscles with conducting polymers
Author(s): Toribio F. Otero; Maria Teresa Cortes; Iker Boyano; Genma Vazquez
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Bending induced by creeping of plasticized poly(vinyl chloride) gel
Author(s): Toshihiro Hirai; Shigeyuki Kobayashi; Mitsuhiro Hirai; Masaki Yamaguchi; Md. Zulhash Uddin; Masashi Watanabe; Hirofusa Shirai
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An improved electroactive polymer for optical applications
Author(s): Ibtisam Abbas; Ahmed M. Al-Jumaily; Maximiano V. Ramos
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Toward nano-biomimetic muscles: polyacrylonitrile nanofibers
Author(s): Ravikant Samatham; Kiyoung Choe; Kwang Jin Kim; Mohsen Shahinpoor; Jaedo Nam
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Electromechanical flapping produced by ionic polymer-metal composites
Author(s): Hoon Cheol Park; Kwang Jin Kim; Sang Ki Lee; Young Joo Chah
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Electrostrictive polymers for mechanical energy harvesting
Author(s): Yiming Liu; Kailiang Ren; Heath F. Hofmann; Qiming Zhang
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Temperature and humidity effects on electroactive paper actuators
Author(s): Jaehwan Kim; Jae-Hong Park; Woo-Chul Jeong
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Yield stress of perchloric-acid-doped polythiophene/silicone oil suspensions
Author(s): Datchanee Chotpattananont; Anuvat Sirivat; Alexander M. Jamieson
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Modeling of optical gel electroactive response
Author(s): Robert A. Paxton; Ahmed M. Al-Jumaily; Maximiano V. Ramos; Allan J. Easteal
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Actuator based on poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/PEO/elastomer IPNs
Author(s): Hyacinthe Randriamahazaka; Cedric Plesse; Frederic Vidal; Catherine Gauthier; Claude Chevrot; Dominique Teyssie
Composites PVDF-TrFE/BT used as bioactive membranes for enhancing bone regeneration
Author(s): Rossano Gimenes; Maria Ap. Zaghete; Marcio Bertolini; Jose Arana Varela; Luciane O. Coelho; Nelson F. Silva
Liquid crystal elastomer for artificial muscle applications
Author(s): Jawad W. Naciri; Amritha Srinivasan; Banahalli R. Ratna
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