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Smart Structures and Materials 2004: Smart Sensor Technology and Measurement Systems
Editor(s): Eric Udd; Daniele Inaudi

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Volume Number: 5384
Date Published: 27 July 2004

Table of Contents
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Distributed fiber optical HC leakage and pH sensing techniques for implementation into smart structures
Author(s): Jochen M Buerck; Bernhard H. Vogel; Siegmar Roth; Sasan Ebrahimi; Karl Kraemer
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Simultaneous distributed Brillouin strain and temperature sensor with photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Lufan Zou; Xiaoyi Bao; Liang Chen
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Leakage detection using fiber optics distributed temperature monitoring
Author(s): Marc Nikles; Bernhard H. Vogel; Fabien Briffod; Stephan Grosswig; Florian Sauser; Steffen Luebbecke; Andre Bals; Thomas Pfeiffer
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Interferometric sensor and calibration system for high-precision applications
Author(s): Matthias Welter; Eberhard Manske; Gerd Jaeger
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Dynamic demodulation of long-gauge interferometric strain sensors
Author(s): Daniele Inaudi; Daniele Posenato
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Health monitoring of full composite CNG tanks using long-gauge fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Branko Glisic; Daniele Inaudi
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Implementing fiber optic sensors to monitor humidity and moisture
Author(s): Wesley Kunzler; Sean G. Calvert; Marty Laylor
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Long-term evaluation of a fiber optic-based irreversible moisture sensor
Author(s): Kevin R Cooper
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Development of smart piezoceramic transducers for detection of solidification in composite materials
Author(s): Arvydas Palevicius; Egidijus Dragasius; Ramutis Bansevicius; Minvydas Ragulskis
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Methods and piezoelectric imbedded sensors for damage detection in composite plates under ambient and cryogenic conditions
Author(s): Robert C. Engberg; Teng K. Ooi
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Damage evaluation for concrete structures using fiber-reinforced composites as self-diagnosis materials
Author(s): Kenji Yoshitake; Keiji Shiba; Makoto Suzuki; Minoru Sugita; Yoshiki Okuhara
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Mobile acoustic system for the detection of surface-breaking cracks in pavement
Author(s): Alessandro Marzani; Piervincenzo Rizzo; Francesco Lanza di Scalea; Gianmario Benzoni
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OLC: a signal conditioning and calibration technique for magnetoelastic sensors
Author(s): Romualdo Sorrentino
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The measurement of elastic waves in a nonferromagnetic plate by a patch-type magnetostrictive sensor
Author(s): Seung Hyun Cho; Kyung Ho Sun; Ju Seung Lee; Yoon Young Kim
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Intelligent sensory technology for health-monitoring-based maintenance of infrastructures
Author(s): Sunaryo Sumitro; Takuji Okamoto; Daniele Inaudi
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Self-assembled nanostructured sensors
Author(s): J. H. Lalli; A. Hill; S. Hannah; S. Subrahmanyan; M. Bortner; J. Mecham; B. Davis; R. Goff; Richard O. Claus
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Mimicking the biological neural system using electronic logic circuits
Author(s): Goutham R. Kirikera; Vishal Shinde; Inpil Kang; Mark J. Schulz; Vesselin Shanov; Saurabh Datta; Doug Hurd; Bo Westheider; Mannur Sundaresan; Anindya Ghoshal
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Fiber optic sensors for deformation measurements: criteria and method to put them to the best possible use
Author(s): Wolfgang R. Habel
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Modified transfer matrix model for Bragg grating strain sensors
Author(s): Mohanraj Prabhugoud; Apninder Gill; Kara Peters
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Key metrology considerations for fiber Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Shellee D. Dyer; Paul A. Williams; Robert Joseph Espejo; Jonathan D. Kofler; Shelley M. Etzel
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Interface transferring mechanism and error modification of embedded FBG strain sensor
Author(s): Jilong Li; Zhi Zhou; Jinping Ou
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Modeling and experimental strain measurements on a nonhomogeneous cylinder under transverse load
Author(s): John A. Viator; Stephen T. Kreger; Michele W. Winz; Eric Udd
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Static shape measurements using a multiplexed fiber Bragg grating sensor system
Author(s): Christopher S. Baldwin; Toni J. Salter; Jason S. Kiddy
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Infrastructure Optics
Author(s): Abdeq M. Abdi; Alan Kost
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High-speed dual-axis strain using a single fiber Bragg grating
Author(s): Sean G. Calvert
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High-speed optical wavelength interrogator using a PLC-type optical filter for fiber Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Seiji Kojima; Akihito Hongo; Shinji Komatsuzaki; Nobuo Takeda
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Accurate strain measurements with fiber Bragg grating sensors and wavelength references
Author(s): Evangeline Rivera; Douglas J. Thomson
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High-spatial-resolution temperature monitoring of an industrial motor using a distributed fiber optic sensing technique
Author(s): Roger G. Duncan; Brooks A. Childers; Veera Rajendran
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Long FBG sensor characterization of residual strains in AS4/PPS thermoplastic laminates
Author(s): Larissa K Sorensen; Thomas Gmur; John Botsis
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Impact monitoring in smart composites using stabilization-controlled FBG sensor system
Author(s): Hyung-Joon Bang; Sang-Wuk Park; Dae-Hyun Kim; Chang-Sun Hong; Chun-Gon Kim
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Wireless intelligent sensor network for autonomous structural health monitoring
Author(s): Edward Sazonov; Kerop Janoyan; Ratan Jha
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Development of self-diagnosis in addition to the ability to repair damaged concrete
Author(s): Wha Jung Kim; Ie Sung Kim
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New kind of structural fatigue life prediction smart sensor
Author(s): Zhou Zhi; Zhongdong Duan; Zhonghui Jia; Jinping Ou
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Morphological characteristics of polypyrrole film fabricated by electrochemical polymerization
Author(s): Dongbok Kim; Jihong Kim; Sang-Wook Ha; Hyunwoo Cho; Seung-Ki Lee; James Jungho Pak
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Comparison of point and integrated fiber optic sensing techniques for ultrasound detection and location of damage
Author(s): Graham Thursby; Borja Sorazu; Daniel C. Betz; Wieslaw J. Staszewski; Brian Culshaw
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Noncontact material evaluation for characterization and wear detection using laser-generated ultrasound and interferometric detection
Author(s): Graham Thursby; Brian Culshaw; Borja Sorazu; Syed Atique; Fengzhong Dong
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