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Medical Imaging 2004: Ultrasonic Imaging and Signal Processing
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Volume Number: 5373
Date Published: 28 April 2004
Softcover: 39 papers (402) pages
ISBN: 9780819452863

Table of Contents
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Statistical signal processing: applications to beamforming, detection, and estimation
Author(s): Louis L. Scharf
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Development of a high frequency (35-MHz) linear ultrasonic array
Author(s): Jonathan M. Cannata; K. Kirk Shung
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A prototype low-cost handheld ultrasound imaging system
Author(s): Karthik Ranganathan; Mary K. Santy; Michael I. Fuller; Shiwei Zhou; Travis N. Blalock; John A. Hossack; William F. Walker
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Preliminary in-vivo evaluation of convex array synthetic aperture imaging
Author(s): Morten H. Pedersen; Kim L. Gammelmark; Jørgen Arendt Jensen
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Method for in-vivo synthetic aperture B-flow imaging
Author(s): Jorgen Arendt Jensen
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Synthetic aperture methods for angular scatter imaging
Author(s): Drake A. Guenther; Karthik Ranganathan; Michael J. McAllister; K. Wayne Rigby; William F. Walker
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Projection ultrasound and ultrasound CT using a PE-CMOS sensor: a preliminary study
Author(s): Chu Chuan Liu; Shih-Chung Benedict Lo; Matthew T. Freedman; David Rich; John Kula; Bob Lasser; Marvin E. Lasser; JianChao Zeng; Doug Ro
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Prototype of a new 3D ultrasound computer tomography system: transducer design and data recording
Author(s): Rainer Stotzka; Helmut Widmann; Tim O. Mueller; Klaus Schlote-Holubek; Hartmut Gemmeke; Nicole V. Ruiter; Georg Goebel
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Half-time-based reflectivity tomography and its application to thermoacoustic tomography
Author(s): Mark A. Anastasio; Xiaochuan Pan; Jin Zhang; Yu Zou; Minghua Xu; Lihong V. Wang
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Multiband tissue classification for ultrasonic transmission tomography using spectral profile detection
Author(s): Jeong-Won Jeong; Tae-Seong Kim; Dae-Chul Shin; Synho Do; Vasilis Z. Marmarelis
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Multiresolution nonhomogeneous anisotropic diffusion approach to enhance ultrasound breast tumor image legibility
Author(s): Zhi Yang; Martin D. Fox
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Fully automatic contour detection in intravascular ultrasound imaging
Author(s): Elisabeth F. Brusseau; Chris L. de Korte; Fritz Mastik; Johannes Schaar; Anton F.W. van der Steen
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Quantification of cross-sectional artery wall motion with IVUS image registration
Author(s): Kevin D. Oakeson; Hui Zhu; Morton H. Friedman
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Understanding bone responses in B-mode ultrasound images and automatic bone surface extraction using a Bayesian probabilistic framework
Author(s): Ameet Kumar Jain; Russell H. Taylor
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Doppler ultrasound in vitro modeling of turbulence in carotid vascular disease
Author(s): Meghan L. Thorne; Tamie L. Poepping; Richard N. Rankin; Hristo N. Nikolov; David W. Holdsworth
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Myocardial contrast echocardiography to assess perfusion in a mouse model of ischemia/reperfusion injury
Author(s): John A. Hossack; Yinbo Li; Jonathan P. Christensen; Zequan Yang; Brent A. French
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Direct estimation of the lateral strain field using a double oscillating point spread function with a scaling factor estimator
Author(s): Herve Liebgott; Jeremie Fromageau; Jens Erik Wilhjelm; Didier Vray; Philippe Delachartre
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Simultaneous narrowband ultrasonic strain-flow imaging
Author(s): Jean K. Tsou; Jerome J. Mai; Fermin A. Lupotti; Michael F. Insana
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Noninvasive elasticity imaging in small vessels: validation on tissue-mimicking phantoms
Author(s): Roch L. Maurice; Michel Daronat; Nicolas Pivert; F. Stuart Foster; Guy Cloutier
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Young's modulus reconstruction for elasticity imaging of deep venous thrombosis: animal studies
Author(s): Salavat R. Aglyamov; Hua Xie; Kang Kim; Jonathan M. Rubin; Matthew O'Donnell; T. W. Wakefield; D. Myers; Stanislav Y. Emelianov
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Ultrasonic mechanical relaxation imaging of pH in biopolymers
Author(s): Mallika Sridhar; Huini Du; Claire Pellot-Barakat; Scott I. Simon; Michael F. Insana
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New ultrasound system for bone assessment
Author(s): Jonathan J. Kaufman; Gangming Luo; David Conroy; William A. Johnson; Ronald L. Altman; Robert S. Siffert
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Ultrasonic tissue-type imaging (TTI) for planning treatment of prostate cancer
Author(s): Ernest Joseph Feleppa; Jeffrey A. Ketterling; Christopher R. Porter; John Gillespie; Cheng-Shie Wuu; Stella Urban; Andrew Kalisz; Ronald D. Ennis; Peter Bernhard Schiff
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Relationship of 2D ultrasonic spectral parameters to the physical properties of soft tissue scatterers
Author(s): Tian Liu; Frederic L Lizzi; Jeffrey A. Ketterling; Paul Lee; Andrew Kalisz; Ronald H Silverman; Gerald J Kutcher
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Monitoring LIOB-induced bubble characteristics in gelatin using high-frequency ultrasound
Author(s): Christine Tse; Marwa Zohdy; Jing Yong Ye; Theodore B. Norris; Lajos P. Balogh; Kyle Hollman; Matthew O'Donnell
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Left ventricular volume estimation from three-dimensional echocardiography
Author(s): Il-Seop Shin; Patrick A. Kelly; K. Francis Lee; Dennis A. Tighe
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Compact implementation of dynamic receive apodization in ultrasound scanners
Author(s): Borislav Gueorguiev Tomov; Jørgen Arendt Jensen
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Real-time spatial compounding with warping
Author(s): Adrian R. Groves; Robert N. Rohling
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A novel velocity estimator using multiple frequency carriers
Author(s): Zhuo Zhang; Andreas Jakobsson; Svetoslav Nikolov; Jonathon A. Chambers
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High-frame-rate and high-resolution ultrasound imaging with virtual source element in B-mode ultrasound system based on sparse synthetic transmit aperture method
Author(s): Kang-Sik Kim; Tai-Kyong Song
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A code division technique for multiple element synthetic aperture transmission
Author(s): Fredrik Gran; Jorgen Arendt Jensen; Andreas Jakobsson
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An in vitro investigation of transverse flow estimation
Author(s): Jesper Udesen; Jorgen Arendt Jensen
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Multi-Beam Simultaneous Transmit Multi-Zone (MB-STMZ) focusing method using modulated orthogonal codes for ultrasound imaging
Author(s): Bae-Hyung Kim; Tai-Kyong Song
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Quantitative description of solid breast nodules by ultrasound imaging
Author(s): Chandra M. Sehgal; Sarah A. Kangas; Ted W. Cary; Susan P. Weinstein; Susan M. Schultz; Peter H. Arger; Emily F. Conant
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Assessment of visual quality and spatial accuracy of fast anisotropic diffusion and scan conversion algorithms for real-time three-dimensional spherical ultrasound
Author(s): Qi Duan; Elsa D. Angelini; Andrew Laine
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Dopplersonographic analysis of the flow field in femoral arteries with stent implants
Author(s): Michael Verius; Ralf Huttary; Wolfgang Recheis; Dieter zur Nedden
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Reconstruction and navigation of carotid artery based on ultrasonic volume data
Author(s): Yoo-Joo Choi; Soo-Min Song; Hyun-Joo Yun; Byoung-Joo Kwak; Myoung-Hee Kim
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A new Markov random field model based on K-distribution for textured ultrasound image
Author(s): Nizar Bouhlel; Sylvie Sevestre; Hatem Rajhi; Radhi Hamza
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Real-time virtual Doppler ultrasound
Author(s): Mahdieh Khoshniat; Meghan L. Thorne; Tamie L. Poepping; David W. Holdsworth; David A. Steinman
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