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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5371

Medical Imaging 2004: PACS and Imaging Informatics
Editor(s): Osman M. Ratib; H. K. Huang
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Volume Details

Volume Number: 5371
Date Published: 19 April 2004
Softcover: 48 papers (454) pages
ISBN: 9780819452849

Table of Contents
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Transforming the radiological interpretation process: the SCAR TRIP initiative
Author(s): Katherine P. Andriole; Richard L. Morin; Ronald L. Arenson; John A. Carrino; Bradley J. Erickson; Steven C. Horii; David W. Piraino; Bruce I. Reiner; James Anthony Seibert; Eliot L. Siegel
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Interaction techniques for radiology workstations: impact on users' productivity
Author(s): Adrian Moise; M. Stella Atkins
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Implementation of an integrated hospital information system using an open-source three-tier architecture
Author(s): Marco Antonio Gutierrez; Sergio S. Furuie; Marina Sa Rebelo; Fabio Antero Pires; Ramon A. Moreno; Marcelo dos Santos
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Physician order entry of ultrasound examination with handheld wireless terminal
Author(s): Shiro Matsuya; Yuzo Onogi; Nobuo Shinohara; Izumi Yamaguchi; Hiroki Watanabe; Kazuhiko Ohe; Kenichi Yamaguchi; Takuro Niidome; Hiroshi Oyama
Update on the IHE initiative
Author(s): Kevin O'Donnell
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Ten years of medical imaging standardization and prototypical implementation: the DICOM standard and the OFFIS DICOM toolkit (DCMTK)
Author(s): Marco Eichelberg; Joerg Riesmeier; Thomas Wilkens; Andrew J. Hewett; Andreas Barth; Peter Jensch
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Operational experience with DICOM for the clinical specialties in the healthcare enterprise
Author(s): Peter M. Kuzmak; Ruth E. Dayhoff
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DICOM static and dynamic representation through unified modeling language
Author(s): Alfonso Martinez-Martinez; Juan Ramon Jimenez-Alaniz; A. Gonzalez-Marquez; N. Chavez-Avelar
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Extended query refinement for content-based access to large medical-image databases
Author(s): Thomas Martin Lehmann; Bartosz Plodowski; Klaus Spitzer; Berthold B Wein; Hermann Ney; Thomas Seidl
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Comparing features sets for content-based image retrieval in a medical-case database
Author(s): Henning Muller; Antoine Rosset; Jean-Paul Vallee; Antoine Geissbuhler
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Semi-automatic computerized approach to radiological quantification in rheumatoid arthritis
Author(s): Wolfgang Steiner; Sylvia Schoeffmann; Andrea Prommegger; Karl Boegl; Thomas Klinger; Philipp Peloschek; Franz Kainberger
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Building a digital atlas from a normal hand-image database
Author(s): Fei Cao; Vicente Gilsanz; H. K. Huang; Ewa Pietka
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Design and deployment of a large brain-image database for clinical and nonclinical research
Author(s): Guo Liang Yang; Choie Cheio Tchoyoson Lim; Narayanaswami Banukumar; Aamer Aziz; Francis Hui; Wieslaw Lucjan Nowinski
Developing an interactive teleradiology system for SARS diagnosis
Author(s): Jianyong Sun; Jianguo Zhang; Jun Zhuang; Xiaomeng Chen; Yuanyuan Yong; Yongqiang Tan; Liu Chen; Ping Lian; Lili Meng; H. K. Huang
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The POSITOSCOPE: an easy-to-use communicating electronic lightbox
Author(s): Yves Bizais; Jean-Pierre Guedon; Olivier Couturier; Nicolas Normand; Anne Devillers; Pierre Terve; Solene Querellou; Jerome Fortineau
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Segmentation-based CT image compression
Author(s): Arunoday Thammineni; Sudipta Mukhopadhyay; Vidya Kamath
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Effect of viewing angle response on DICOM compliance of liquid crystal displays
Author(s): Ehsan Samei; Steven L. Wright
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Wireless remote control clinical image workflow: utilizing a PDA for offsite distribution
Author(s): Brent J. Liu; Luis Documet; Jorge Documet; H. K. Huang; Jean Muldoon
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Open source portal to distributed image repositories
Author(s): Wenchao Tao; Osman M. Ratib; Hwa Kho; Yung-Chao Hsu; Cun Wang; Cason Lee; J. Michael McCoy
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Interactive multimedia software for preparation and presentation of clinical conferences
Author(s): Osman M. Ratib; Steven Do; Vivekanand Allada; Magdalena Dahlbom; Lorelle Lapstra
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Comparison of global features for categorization of medical images
Author(s): Mark Oliver Gueld; Daniel Keysers; Thomas Deselaers; Marcel Leisten; Henning Schubert; Hermann Ney; Thomas Martin Lehmann
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Acceptance testing for PACS: from methodology to design to implementation
Author(s): Brent J. Liu; H. K. Huang
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A continuous and probabilistic framework for medical image representation and categorization
Author(s): Adi T. Pinhas; Hayit K. Greenspan
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A next-generation enterprise medical object management system (MOMS) architecture
Author(s): Tomer Kol; Gal Shachor; Uri Shani
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Data mining for average images in a digital hand atlas
Author(s): Aifeng Zhang; Fei Cao; Ewa Pietka; Brent J. Liu; H. K. Huang
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Content-based retrieval of medical images with relative entropy
Author(s): Mehran Moshfeghi; Craig Saiz; Hua Yu
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Extracting numeric measurements and temporal coordinates from Japanese radiological reports
Author(s): Takeshi Imai; Yuzo Onogi
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Clinical experiences utilizing wireless remote control and an ASP model backup archive for a disaster recovery event
Author(s): Brent J. Liu; Luis Documet; Jorge Documet; H. K. Huang; Jean Muldoon
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Meeting the challenges of the digital medical enterprise of the future by reusing enterprise software components
Author(s): Uri Shani; Tomer Kol; Gal Shachor
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The DICOM-based radiation therapy information system
Author(s): Maria Y. Y. Law; Lawrence W. C. Chan; Xiaoyan Zhang; Jianguo Zhang
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Development of image and information management system for Korean standard brain
Author(s): Soon Cheol Chung; Do Young Choi; Gye Rae Tack; Jin Hun Sohn
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Content-based cell pathology image retrieval by combining different features
Author(s): Guangquan Zhou; Lu Jiang; Limin Luo; Xudong Bao; Huazhong Shu
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Data grid: a distributed solution to PACS
Author(s): Xiaoyan Zhang; Jianguo Zhang
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Developing image-based electronic patient records for collaborative medical applications
Author(s): Jianguo Zhang; Jianyong Sun; Yuanyuan Yong; Xiaomeng Chen; Fenghai Yu; Xiaoyan Zhang; Ping Lian; Kun Sun; H. K. Huang
Bone age maturity assessment using hand-held device
Author(s): Osman M. Ratib; Vicente Gilsanz; Xiaodong Liu; M. Ines Boechat
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A RIS/PACS simulator with web-based image distribution and display system for education
Author(s): Zheng Zhou; H. K. Huang; Brent J. Liu; Fei Cao; Jianguo Zhang; Greg Mogel; Maria Y. Y. Law
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High-performance web viewer for cardiac images
Author(s): Marcelo dos Santos; Sergio S. Furuie
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Computer-aided diagnosis workstation and database system for chest diagnosis based on multihelical CT images
Author(s): Hitoshi Sato; Noboru Niki; Kiyoshi Mori; Kenji Eguchi; Masahiro Kaneko; Noriyuki Moriyama; Hironobu Ohmatsu; Ryutaro Kakinuma; Hideo Masuda; Suguru Machida; Michizou Sasagawa
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PACS image security server
Author(s): Fei Cao; H. K. Huang
Improvement of the detection rate in digital watermarked images against image degradation caused by image processing
Author(s): Masato Nishio; Yutaka Ando; Nobuhiro Tsukamoto; Hironao Kawashima; Shinya Nakamura
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