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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5370

Medical Imaging 2004: Image Processing
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Volume Number: 5370
Date Published: 12 May 2004
Softcover: 232 papers (2256) pages
ISBN: 9780819452832

Table of Contents
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New selective nodule enhancement filter and its application for significant improvement of nodule detection on computed tomography
Author(s): Qiang Li; Kunio Doi
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Volumetric analysis of lung nodules using a hybrid algorithm
Author(s): Elan D. Bomsztyk; Henry Rusinek
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Computerized detection of pulmonary nodules using cellular neural networks in CT images
Author(s): Xiangwei Zhang; Geoffrey McLennan; Eric A. Hoffman; Milan Sonka
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Multilevel emphysema diagnosis of HRCT lung images in an incremental framework
Author(s): Mithun N. Prasad; Arcot Sowmya
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ROC study of the effects of computer-aided interval change analysis on radiologists' characterization of breast masses in two-view serial mammograms
Author(s): Lubomir M. Hadjiiski; Mark A. Helvie; Berkman Sahiner; Heang-Ping Chan; Marilyn A. Roubidoux; Alexis Nees; Nicholas Petrick; Caroline Blane; Chintana Paramagul; Janet E. Bailey; Stephanie Patterson; Katherine Klein; Dorit Adler; Michelle Foster; Joseph Shen
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Performance evaluation of an information-theoretic CAD scheme for the detection of mammographic architectural distortion
Author(s): Georgia D. Tourassi; Carey E. Floyd
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Multimodality CAD: combination of computerized classification techniques based on mammograms and 3D ultrasound volumes for improved accuracy in breast mass characterization
Author(s): Berkman Sahiner; Heang-Ping Chan; Lubomir M. Hadjiiski; Marilyn A. Roubidoux; Chintana Paramagul; Mark A. Helvie; Chuan Zhou
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Effect of projective viewpoint in detecting temporal density changes
Author(s): Jakob Raundahl; Mads Nielsen; Ole Fogh Olsen; Yu Zhao Bagger
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Correlation of lesions from multiple images for CAD
Author(s): Hui-Hua Wen; Maryellen Lissak Giger; Karla Horsch; R. Edward Hendrick; Carl J. Vyborny; Li Lan
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Use of phase and certainty information in automatic detection of stellate patterns in mammograms
Author(s): Hans Bornefalk
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Normalized similarity measures for medical image registration
Author(s): Anton Bardera; Miquel Feixas; Imma Boada
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Elastic registration of 3D whole body CT and PET images by quaternion-based interpolation of multiple piecewise linear rigid-body registrations
Author(s): Vivek S. Walimbe; Vladimir Zagrodsky; Shanker Raja; Bohdan Bybel; Mangesh Kanvinde; Raj Shekhar
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Registration quality evaluator: application to automated patient setup verification in radiotherapy
Author(s): Jian Wu; Sanjiv S. Samant
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Automatic identification of colonic polyp in high-resolution CT images
Author(s): Jamshid Dehmeshki; Hamdan Amin; Wing Wong; Mandana Ebadian Dehkordi; Nahid Kamangari; Mary Roddie; John Costello
Synthesis of angiographic images using iterative approximation
Author(s): Kai Eck; Irina Waechter; Jorg Bredno
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Application of the Minkowski functionals in 3D to high-resolution MR images of trabecular bone: prediction of the biomechanical strength by nonlinear topological measures
Author(s): Holger F. Boehm; Thomas M. Link; Roberto A. Monetti; Dirk Mueller; Ernst J. Rummeny; David Newitt; Sharmila Majumdar; Christoph W. Raeth
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Analysis of digitized cervical images to detect cervical neoplasia
Author(s): Daron G. Ferris
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Assessing the biomechanical strength of trabecular bone in vitro using 3D anisotropic nonlinear texture measures: the scaling vector method
Author(s): Roberto A. Monetti; Holger F. Bohm; Dirk Muller; Ernst J. Rummeny; Thomas M. Link; Christoph W. Rath
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Intrinsic brain surface conformal mapping using a variational method
Author(s): Yalin Wang; Xianfeng Gu; Tony F. Chan; Paul M. Thompson; Shing-Tung Yau
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Alignment of dynamic contrast-enhanced MR volumes of the breast for a multicenter trial: an exemplar grid application
Author(s): Yalin Zheng; Christine Tanner; Derek L. G. Hill; David J. Hawkes; Mark J. White; Michael Khazen; Martin O. Leach
2D/3D registration using a rotation-invariant cost function based on Zernike moments
Author(s): Wolfgang Birkfellner; Xinhui Yang; Wolfgang Burgstaller; Bernard Baumann; Augustinus Ludwig Jacob; Peter F. Niederer; Pietro Regazzoni; Peter Messmer
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Reflectance and fluorescence hyperspectral elastic image registration
Author(s): Holger Lange; Ross Baker; Johan Hakansson; Ulf Peter Gustafsson
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Object class uncertainty induced snake with applications to medical image segmentation
Author(s): Bipul Das; Punam K. Saha; Felix W. Wehrli
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3D heart motion from single-plane angiography of the coronary vasculature: a model-based approach
Author(s): Denis Sherknies; Jean Meunier; Jean-Claude Tardif
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Image-space automatic motion correction for MRI images
Author(s): Armando Manduca; David S. Lake; Natalia Khaylova; Richard L. Ehman
Image segmentation by connected parametrical models
Author(s): Marko Bukovec; Roel Truyen; Bostjan Likar; Rok Bernard; Franjo Pernus
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Automatic partitioning of head CTA for enabling segmentation
Author(s): Srikanth Suryanarayanan; Rakesh Mullick; Yogish Mallya; Vidya Kamath; Nithin Nagaraj
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Atlas-based method for segmentation of cerebral vascular trees from phase-contrast magnetic resonance angiography
Author(s): Nicolas Passat; Christian Ronse; Joseph Baruthio; Jean-Paul Armspach; Claude Maillot; Christine Jahn
Segmentation and segment connection of obstructed colon
Author(s): Mario Medved; Roel Truyen; Bostjan Likar; Franjo Pernus
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Edge completion from sparse data: a level-set approach
Author(s): Zhujiang Cao; Benoit M. Dawant
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Robust space-time extraction of ventricular surface evolution using multiphase level sets
Author(s): Corina S. Drapaca; Valerie Cardenas; Colin Studholme
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Segmentation of wounds in the combined color-texture feature space
Author(s): Marina Kolesnik; Alex Fexa
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Content-based image retrieval by matching hierarchical attributed region adjacency graphs
Author(s): Benedikt Fischer; Christian J. Thies; Mark Oliver Guld; Thomas M. Lehmann
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Automated identification of temporal pattern with high initial enhancement in dynamic MR lesions using fuzzy c-means algorithm
Author(s): Weijie Chen; Maryellen Lissak Giger; Ulrich Bick
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Efficient optimal surface detection: theory, implementation, and experimental validation
Author(s): Kang Li; Xiaodong Wu; D. Zhixiang Chen; Milan Sonka
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Bayesian landmark identification in medical images
Author(s): Mohammad-Reza Siadat; Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh; Farshad Fotouhi; Kost Elisevich
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Comparative study of retinal vessel segmentation methods on a new publicly available database
Author(s): Meindert Niemeijer; Joes Staal; Bram van Ginneken; Marco Loog; Michael D. Abramoff
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Elimination of direct derivative along source trajectory for accurate image reconstruction in helical cone-beam CT
Author(s): Yu Zou; Xiaochuan Pan
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Blind recovery of biochemical markers of brain cancer in MRSI
Author(s): Shuyan Du; Xiangling Mao; Dikoma Shungu; Paul Sajda
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MRI intensity nonuniformity correction using simultaneously spatial and gray-level histogram information
Author(s): Julien Milles; Yue Min Zhu; Nankuei Chen; Lawrence P. Panych; Gerard Gimenez; Charles R.G. Guttmann
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Tensor-scale-based diffusive filtering of medical images
Author(s): Punam K. Saha
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New results in computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) of breast cancer using a recently developed SVM/GRNN Oracle hybrid
Author(s): Walker H. Land; Lut Wong; Daniel W. McKee; Timothy Masters; Frances R. Anderson; Anurag Raturi; Joseph Y. Lo
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Comparison of automatic time curve selection methods for breast MR CAD
Author(s): Tanya L. Niemeyer; Chris Wood; Keith C. Stegbauer; Justin P. Smith
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Automated detection of pulmonary nodules from whole lung helical CT scans: performance comparison for isolated and attached nodules
Author(s): Andinet A. Enquobahrie; Anthony P. Reeves; David F. Yankelevitz; Claudia I. Henschke
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Application of the LDM algorithm to identify small lung nodules on low-dose MSCT scans
Author(s): Binsheng Zhao; Michelle S. Ginsberg; Robert A. Lefkowitz; Li Jiang; Cathleen Cooper; Lawrence H. Schwartz
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Automated detection and classification of interstitial lung diseases from low-dose CT images
Author(s): Bin Zheng; Joseph Ken Leader; Carl R. Fuhrman; Frank C. Sciurba; David Gur
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Method for breast cancer classification based solely on morphological descriptors
Author(s): Catherine A. Todd; Golshah Naghdy
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Multiscale entropy analysis in dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI
Author(s): Andreas Degenhard; Marc Mutz; Tim W. Nattkemper; Axel Saalbach; Thorsten Twellmann; Mark J. White; Michael Khazen; Linda Pointon; Martin O. Leach
Classification of cardiac-related artifacts in dynamic contrast breast MRI
Author(s): Keith C. Stegbauer; Justin P. Smith; Tanya L. Niemeyer; Chris Wood
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The comparative evaluation of lung test based on 2- and 10-mm thickness multislice CT image
Author(s): Daiki Nishioka; Mitsuru Kubo; Yoshiki Kawata; Noboru Niki; Hironobu Ohmatsu; Ryutaro Kakinuma; Masahiro Kaneko; Masahiro Kusumoto; Kenji Eguchi; Kiyoshi Mori; Noriyuki Moriyama; Hiroyuki Nishiyama
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Basic study for automatic recognition of osteoporosis using abdominal x-ray CT images
Author(s): Sadamitsu Nishihara; Hiroshi Fujita; Tadayuki Iida; Atsushi Takigawa; Takeshi Hara; Xiangrong Zhou
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Semi-automatic segmentation and quantification of the internal carotid artery from 3D contrast-enhanced MR angiograms
Author(s): Cornelis M. van Bemmel; Wiro J. Niessen
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Computer-aided detection and diagnosis of colon polyps with morphological and texture features
Author(s): Zigang Wang; Lihong Li; Joseph Anderson; Donald P. Harrington; Zhengrong Liang
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Potential improvement of computerized classification for malignant versus benign mammographic microcalcification clusters with the use of special views
Author(s): Sophie Paquerault; Laura M. Yarusso; John Papaioannou
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Image-guided decision support system for pulmonary nodule classification in 3D thoracic CT images
Author(s): Yoshiki Kawata; Noboru Niki; Hironobu Ohmatsu; Masahiro Kusumoto; Ryutaro Kakinuma; Kiyoshi Mori; Kozo Yamada; Hiroyuki Nishiyama; Kenji Eguchi; Masahiro Kaneko; Noriyuki Moriyama
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Nonlinear enhancement of mammograms using area morphology
Author(s): Michael A. Wirth; Jennifer Lyon; Dennis Nikitenko
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Nodule detection algorithm based on multislice CT images for lung cancer screening
Author(s): Shinsuke Saita; Tomokazu Oda; Mitsuru Kubo; Yoshiki Kawata; Noboru Niki; Michizou Sasagawa; Hironobu Ohmatsu; Ryutaro Kakinuma; Masahiro Kaneko; Masahiro Kusumoto; Kenji Eguchi; Hiroyuki Nishiyama; Kiyoshi Mori; Noriyuki Moriyama
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Automatic slice image matching algorithm for comparative reading using data of the pulmonary structure
Author(s): Takuya Yamamoto; Mitsuru Kubo; Noboru Niki; Kenji Eguchi; Hironobu Ohmatsu; Ryutaro Kakinuma; Masahiro Kaneko; Masahiro Kusumoto; Noriyuki Moriyama; Kiyoshi Mori; Hiroyuki Nishiyama
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CAD system for lung cancer CT screening
Author(s): Yuya Takeda; Masatsugu Tamaru; Yoshiki Kawata; Mitsuru Kubo; Noboru Niki; Hironobu Ohmatsu; Ryutaro Kakinuma; Masahiro Kaneko; Masahiro Kusumoto; Kenji Eguchi; Noriyuki Moriyama; Kiyoshi Mori; Hiroyuki Nishiyama
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Artifact reduction in mutual-information-based CT-MR image registration
Author(s): Mingxiu Wei; Jundong Liu; Junhong Liu
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Motion correction for CT angiography quality enhancement
Author(s): Helen Hong; Ho Lee; Yeong-Gil Shin
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Dense deformation field estimation for brain intraoperative images registration
Author(s): Mathieu S. De Craene; Aloys du Bois d'Aische; Ion-Florin Talos; Matthieu Ferrant; Peter McL. Black; Ferenc Jolesz; Ron Kikinis; Benoit Macq; Simon K. Warfield
Smart point landmark distribution for thin-plate splines
Author(s): John Peter Lewis; Hea-Juen Hwang; Ulrich Neumann; Reyes Enciso
Compensating for distortion caused by marker susceptibility in MR images
Author(s): Ning Xu; Duane A. Yoder; J. Michael Fitzpatrick; Cynthia B. Paschal
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A procedure for the evaluation of 2D radiographic texture analysis to assess 3D bone microarchitecture
Author(s): Lian Apostol; Francoise Peyrin; Sophie Yot; Olivier Basset; Christophe Odet; Joachim Tabary; Jean-Marc Dinten; Elodie Boller; Vincent Boudousq; Pierre-Olivier Kotzki
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Comparing nonlinear texture measures for quantifying trabecular bone structures using surrogates
Author(s): Christoph W. Rath; Roberto A. Monetti; Dirk Muller; Holger Bohm; Ernst J. Rummeny; Thomas M. Link
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Suppression of the contrast of ribs in chest radiographs by means of massive training artificial neural network
Author(s): Kenji Suzuki; Hiroyuki Abe; Feng Li; Kunio Doi
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Prediction of the location of the lumbar aorta using the first four lumbar vertebrae as a predictor
Author(s): Lars B. Conrad-Hansen; Jakob Raundahl; Laszlo B. Tanko; Mads Nielsen
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The degree of order determined by local conditional entropy: a new technique to assess osteoporotic changes of trabecular networks
Author(s): Wolfram H. W. Timm; Claus Christian Gluer; Gerald Sommer
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Using a shape model in the design of hearing aids
Author(s): Rasmus R. Paulsen; Claus Nielsen; Soren Laugesen; Rasmus Larsen
Fast and effective characterization of 3D region of interest in medical image data
Author(s): Despina Kontos; Vasileios Megalooikonomou
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A 3D statistical shape model of the pelvic bone for segmentation
Author(s): Hans Lamecker; Martin Seebass; Hans-Christian Hege; Peter Deuflhard
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A coordinate-free method for the analysis of 3D facial change
Author(s): Zhili Mao; Jan Paul Siebert; W. Paul Cockshott; Ashraf Farouk Ayoub
Automatic and exam-type independent algorithm for the segmentation and extraction of foreground, background, and anatomy regions in digital radiographic images
Author(s): Xiaohui Wang; Hui Luo
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Liver segment approximation in CT data for surgical resection planning
Author(s): Reinhard Beichel; Thomas Pock; Christian Janko; Roman B. Zotter; Bernhard Reitinger; Alexander Bornik; Kalman Palagyi; Erich Sorantin; Georg Werkgartner; Horst Bischof; Milan Sonka
Automatic liver contour segmentation using GVF snake
Author(s): Fan Liu; Binsheng Zhao; Peter Kijewski; Michelle S. Ginsberg; Liang Wang; Lawrence H. Schwartz
Algorithmic solutions for live device-to-vessel match
Author(s): Jorg Bredno; Barbara Martin-Leung; Kai Eck
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Formal extraction of biomedical objects by subgraph matching in attributed hierarchical region adjacency graphs
Author(s): Christian J. Thies; Volker H. Metzler; Thomas M. Lehmann; Til Aach
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Comparative study of dissimilarity measures for histogram-based tracking in echocardiography
Author(s): Etienne Mangonaux; Xiang Sean Zhou; Dorin Comaniciu
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An automatic algorithm for rapid and accurate extraction of the human ventricular system from T2-weighted MR images
Author(s): Hui Tian; Su Huang; Qingmao Hu; Aamer Aziz; Wieslaw L. Nowinski
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Adaptive thresholding image series from fluorescence confocal scanning laser microscope using orientation intensity profiles
Author(s): Judy Jun Feng; Horace H.S. Ip; Shuk H. Cheng
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An extraction algorithm of pulmonary fissures from multislice CT image
Author(s): Shinsuke Saita; Motokatsu Yasutomo; Mitsuru Kubo; Yoshiki Kawata; Noboru Niki; Kenji Eguchi; Hironobu Ohmatsu; Ryutaro Kakinuma; Masahiro Kaneko; Masahiro Kusumoto; Noriyuki Moriyama; Michizou Sasagawa
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Towards an automatic tumor segmentation using iterative watersheds
Author(s): Matei Mancas; Bernard Gosselin
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Segmentation of vessels: the corkscrew algorithm
Author(s): Stefan Wesarg; Evelyn A. Firle
Show Abstract
A fast 3D region growing approach for CT angiography applications
Author(s): Zhen Ye; Zhongmin Lin; Cheng-chang Lu
Show Abstract
Measuring tumor burden: comparison of automatic and manual techniques
Author(s): Binsheng Zhao; Lawrence H. Schwartz; Robert A. Lefkowitz; Liang Wang
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Method for retinal vessel detection and diameter measurement
Author(s): Xiaokun Li; Tong Fang; Jenn-Kwei Tyan; Ming Fang
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Wavelet-enhanced appearance modeling
Author(s): Mikkel B. Stegmann; Soren Forchhammer; Timothy F. Cootes
A multispectral digital Cervigram analyzer in the wavelet domain for early detection of cervical cancer
Author(s): Shuyu Yang; Jiangling Guo; Philip S. King; Y. Sriraja; Sunanda Mitra; Brian Nutter; Daron Ferris; Mark Schiffman; Jose Jeronimo; Rodney Long
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Quantifying the tradeoff between uniform computer-based and nonuniform manual sampling in stereology
Author(s): Zvi Markowitz; Murray H. Loew
Show Abstract
Zero-distortion lossless data embedding
Author(s): Nithin Nagaraj; Rakesh Mullick
Show Abstract
Angular assessment of the Mojette filtered back projection
Author(s): Peggy Subirats; Myriam C. J. Servieres; Nicolas Normand; JeanPierre Guedon
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Unmasking true signal/tumor information from ProstaScint scans
Author(s): Benjamin Y. Lee; J. Keith DeWyngaert; Marilyn E. Noz; Gerald Q. Maguire; Antoinette Murphy-Walcott; Elissa L. Kramer
Segmentation-aided adaptive filtering for metal artifact reduction in radio-therapeutic CT images
Author(s): Celine Saint Olive; Michael R. Kaus; Vladimir Pekar; Kai Eck; Lothar Spies
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Determination of the temporal and spatial resolution in retrospectively gated cardiac cone-beam CT
Author(s): Udo van Stevendaal; Philipp G. C. Begemann; Joern Borgert; Ruediger Grewer; Sascha Krueger; Holger Timinger; Michael Grass
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Accurate coronary modeling procedure using 2D calibrated projections based on 2D centerline points on a single projection
Author(s): Babak Movassaghi; Volker Rasche; Max A. Viergever; Wiro J. Niessen
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Reconstruction with most likely trajectory for proton computed tomography
Author(s): Tianfang Li; Jerome Zhengrong Liang
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Few-view and limited-angle cone-beam megavoltage CT for breast localization in radiation therapy
Author(s): Lifeng Yu; Xiaochuan Pan; Charles A. Pelizzari; Mary Martel
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The effect of beam hardening on resolution in x-ray microtomography
Author(s): Elke Van de Casteele; Dirk Van Dyck; Jan Sijbers; Erik Raman
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Dynamic computed tomography with known motion field
Author(s): Jed D. Pack; Frederic Noo
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A new algorithm for 2D region of interest tomography
Author(s): Gert Van Gompel; Greg Tisson; Dirk Van Dyck; Jan Sijbers
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Tumor detection in vivo NIRF images
Author(s): Mehmet Celenk; Lin Yang; Ganti Kamalakar; Derek J. Bleyle; Sudhir K. Sunkara; Yufei Wang; Philip Prudich; Yuangcui Huang; Qiang Zhou
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Enhancement of surgical tissue in visual noise
Author(s): Dariush Ebrahimi; Lorne Rotstein; Stanley J. Hamstra
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Automatic plaque characterization and vessel wall segmentation in magnetic resonance images of atherosclerotic carotid arteries
Author(s): Isabel M. Adame; Rob J. van der Geest; Bruce A. Wasserman; Mona Mohamed; Johan Hans C. Reiber; Boudewijn P. F. Lelieveldt
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