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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5368

Medical Imaging 2004: Physics of Medical Imaging
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Volume Number: 5368
Date Published: 6 May 2004
Softcover: 102 papers (990) pages
ISBN: 9780819452818

Table of Contents
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Digital tomosynthesis mammography using a parallel maximum-likelihood reconstruction method
Author(s): Tao Wu; Juemin Zhang; Richard Moore; Elizabeth Rafferty; Daniel Kopans; Waleed Meleis; David Kaeli
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Novel approach to extend the scanner coverage beyond detector field-of-view
Author(s): Jiang Hsieh; Edward Chao; Brian Grekowicz; Amy Horst; Scott McOlash; Tom J. Myers
Can a Fourier-based cascaded-systems analysis describe noise in complex shift-variant spatially sampled detectors?
Author(s): Ian A. Cunningham; Mike Sattarivand; George Hajdok; Jingwu Yao
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Penalty on the detective quantum efficiency from off-axis incident x rays
Author(s): George Hajdok; Ian A. Cunningham
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Systematic development of input-quantum-limited fluoroscopic imagers based on active-matrix flat-panel technology
Author(s): Larry E. Antonuk; Qihua Zhao; Zhong Su; Jin Yamamoto; Youcef El-Mohri; Yixin Li; Yi Wang; Amit R. Sawant
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Multiple-gain-ranging readout method to extend the dynamic range of amorphous silicon flat-panel imagers
Author(s): Pieter G. Roos; Richard E. Colbeth; Ivan Mollov; Peter Munro; John Pavkovich; Edward J. Seppi; Edward G. Shapiro; Carlo A. Tognina; Gary F. Virshup; J. Micheal Yu; George Zentai; Wolfgang Kaissl; Evangelos Matsinos; Jeroen Richters; Heinrich Riem
Indirect flat-panel detector with avalanche gain
Author(s): Wei Zhao; Dylan C. Hunt; Kenkichi Tanioka; John A. Rowlands
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Ghosting comparison for large-area selenium detectors suitable for mammography and general radiography
Author(s): Vincent Loustauneau; Michel Bissonnette; Sebastien Cadieux; Marc Hansroul; Eric Masson; Serge Savard; Brad T. Polischuk
Measurement of the detective quantum efficiency (DQE) of digital x-ray imaging devices according to the standard IEC 62220-1
Author(s): Hartmut Illers; Egbert Buhr; Detlef Bergmann; Christoph Hoeschen
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PbO as direct conversion x-ray detector material
Author(s): Matthias Simon; Ronald A. Ford; Anthony R. Franklin; Stefan P. Grabowski; Bernd Menser; Gerd Much; Augusto Nascetti; Michael Overdick; Martin John Powell; Detlef U. Wiechert
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Influence of optical gaps on signal and noise properties of luminescent screen x-ray detectors
Author(s): Andreas Koch
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Inverse method for estimating elastic modulus of arterial walls
Author(s): Xiaoming Zhang; Mostafa Fatemi; James F. Greenleaf
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Neutron stimulated emission computed tomography of stable isotopes
Author(s): Carey E. Floyd; Calvin Howell; Brian P. Harrawood; Alexander Crowell; Anuj Kapadia; Robert Macri; Jessie Xia; Ronald Pedroni; James E. Bowsher; Mathew Kiser; Georgia D. Tourassi; Werner Tornow; Richard Walter
Novel integrated bio-optical system for oxygen saturation measurement
Author(s): Vishal Saxena; Jon Nielsen
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Ultrafast laser-based micro-CT system for small-animal imaging
Author(s): Andrzej Krol; Jean-Claude Kieffer; John Nees; Liming Chen; R. Toth; Bixue Hou; Russell E. Kincaid; Ioana L. Coman; Edward D. Lipson; Gerard Mourou
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Noise properties of intensity diffraction tomography
Author(s): Mark A. Anastasio; Yin Huang; Daxin Shi; Greg Gbur
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Soft-tissue and phase-contrast imaging at the Swiss Light Source
Author(s): Philipp Schneider; Nishant Mohan; Marco Stampanoni; Ralph Muller
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Progress in the development of a dedicated breast CT scanner
Author(s): Alexander Kwan; Nikula Shah; George Burkett; J. Anthony Seibert; Karen K. Lindfors; Thomas R. Nelson; John M. Boone
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Geometry analysis of an inverse-geometry volumetric CT system with multiple detector arrays
Author(s): Samuel Robert Mazin; Taly Gilat Schmidt; Edward Solomon; Rebecca Fahrig; Norbert J. Pelc
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Soft-tissue contrast resolution within the head of human cadaver by means of flat-detector-based cone-beam CT
Author(s): Jens Wiegert; Matthias Bertram; Dirk Schaefer; Norbert Conrads; Niels Noordhoek; Kees de Jong; Til Aach; Georg Rose
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Fully automatic and reference-marker-free image stitching method for full-spine and full-leg imaging with computed radiography
Author(s): Xiaohui Wang; David H. Foos; James Doran; Michael K. Rogers
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Performance of a novel 43-cm x 43-cm flat-panel detector with CsI:Tl scintillator
Author(s): Tatsuya Yamazaki; Tomoyuki Tamura; Makoto Nokita; Satoshi Okada; Shinsuke Hayashida; Yoshihiro Ogawa
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Absorbers for medical x-ray detectors with optimum spatial resolution: a simulation study
Author(s): Martin Hoheisel; Jurgen Giersch; Michaela Mitschke; Philipp Bernhardt
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Noise simulations for an inverse-geometry volumetric CT system
Author(s): Taly Gilat Schmidt; Rebecca Fahrig; Norbert J. Pelc
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Assessment of breast lesions on stereoscopic and monoscopic digital specimen mammograms: an ROC study
Author(s): Heang-Ping Chan; Mitch M. Goodsitt; Mark A. Helvie; Lubomir M. Hadjiiski; Justin T. Lydick; Marilyn A. Roubidoux; Janet E. Bailey; Alexis Nees; Caroline E. Blane; Joseph Shen; Michelle Foster; Berkman Sahiner
Design and performance features of a new mammographic film/screen system
Author(s): William E. Moore; Robert E. Dickerson; David J. Steklenski
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Optimized exposure control in digital mammography
Author(s): Nataliya Shramchenko; Philippe Blin; Claude Mathey; Remy Klausz
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Dose reduction in mammography with photon counting imaging
Author(s): Stefan J Thunberg; Leif Adelow; Ola Blom; Anders Coster; Johan Egerstrom; Mathias Eklund; Per Egnell; Tom Francke; Ulf Jordung; Tomas Kristoffersson; Karin Lindman; Lars Lindqvist; Daniel Marchal; Hans Olla; Erik Penton; Vladimir Peskov; Juha Rantanen; Skiff Sokolov; Per Svedenhag; Christer Ullberg; Niclas Weber
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High-resolution (20 cycles/mm) digital x-ray mammography using amorphous selenium directly coupled to CCD readout devices
Author(s): David M. Hunter; Gueorgui Belev; Giovanni DeCresenzo; Safa O. Kasap; James G. Mainprize; Gordon Mawdsley; John A. Rowlands; Charles Smith; Tumay O. Tumer; Vladimir Verpakhovski; Shi Yin; Martin J. Yaffe
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Scatter rejection in scanned multislit digital mammography
Author(s): Magnus Aslund; Bjorn Cederstrom; Mats Lundqvist; Mats Danielsson
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Development of angiography system with cone-beam reconstruction using large-area flat-panel detector
Author(s): Katsumi Suzuki; Shigeyuki Ikeda; Ken Ueda; Tadashi Nakamura; Masakazu Okabe; Takayuki Kadomura; Rika Baba; Richard E. Colbeth
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Optimizing abdominal CT dose and image quality with respect to x-ray tube voltage
Author(s): Walter Huda; Kent M. Ogden
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X-ray scatter in quantitative megavoltage computed tomography: implications for adaptive radiation therapy
Author(s): George Hajdok; Jerry J. Battista; Ian A. Cunningham; Tomas Kron
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Region of interest (ROI) computed tomography
Author(s): Ravishankar N. Chityala; Kenneth R. Hoffmann; Daniel R. Bednarek; Stephen Rudin
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Dynamic CT simulation for minimal invasive surgery
Author(s): Patrick Hugonnard; Regis Guillemaud; Stephane Bonnet; Pierre Grangeat; Anne Koenig
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Quantitative assessment of cone-beam CT system by 3D point-spread function
Author(s): Zikuan Chen; Ruola Ning; David L. Conover; Yong Yu
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Multi-element two-dimensional Si pin photodiode array fabricated on a single 30-µm thickness die
Author(s): Alexander O. Goushcha; Andrew J. Popp; Ed Bartley; Richard A. Metzler; Chris Hicks
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Dose profile measurement of a four-dimensional CT (4D-CT) including scattered radiation
Author(s): Masahiro Endo; Schin'ichiro Mori; Takanori Tsunoo; Kanae Nishizawa; Takahiko Aoyama
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New CsI:Na-selenium x-ray detector
Author(s): Dae Woo Seok; Jang Yong Choi; Sang Sik Kang; Gi Won Jang; Chi Woong Mun; Sang Hee Nam
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Measurement of correlated noise in images of computed radiography systems and its influence on the detective quantum efficiency
Author(s): Hartmut Illers; Dirk Vandenbroucke; Egbert Buhr
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Design and performance of a new a-Si flat-panel imager for use in cardiovascular and mobile C-arm imaging systems
Author(s): Carlo A. Tognina; Ivan Mollov; Jiann M. Yu; Chris Webb; Pieter G. Roos; Mark Batts; Delenah Trinh; Robert Fong; Nima Taie-Nobraie; Boris Nepo; Isaias D. Job; Keith Gray; Sarah Boyce; Richard E. Colbeth
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Improved properties of PbI2 x-ray imagers with tighter process control and using positive bias voltage
Author(s): George Zentai; Larry Partain; Raisa Pavlyuchkova; Cesar Proano; Gary F. Virshup; Paul Bennett; Kanai Shah; Yuri Dmitriev; Jerry Thomas
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Analysis of the noise components of the various imaging plates
Author(s): Hiroshi Matsumoto; Yuichi Hosoi; Yasuhiko Goto; Satoshi Arakawa
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X-ray scatter correction for dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry: compensation of patient’s lean/fat composition
Author(s): Jean-Marc Dinten; Michel Darboux; Thomas Bordy; Christine Robert-Coutant; Georges Gonon
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Determination of imaging performance of a digital mammography
Author(s): Yoshie Kodera; Miho Takamura; Emi Tsuboi; Masahisa Ogawa; Rie Suzuki; Aya Chihara; Akiko Horii; Masamitsu Shima; Yoshihito Machida
Threshold contrast visibility of microcalcifications in digital mammography
Author(s): Ann-Katherine G. Carton; Hilde Bosmans; Dirk Vandenbroucke; Chantal Van Ongeval; Geert Souverijns; Frank Rogge; Guy Marchal
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Characteristic curve measurement based on bootstrap method using a new calcium phosphate stepwedge in mammography
Author(s): Norimitsu Shinohara; Hiroshi Fujita; Takeshi Hara; Katsuhei Horita
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Intensity diffraction tomography for phase objects
Author(s): Daxin Shi; Mark A. Anastasio; Yin Huang; Greg Gbur
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u-tomographic images of a few soft materials and embedded biological soft tissue at x-ray energies: a new approach based on geometrical considerations
Author(s): Donepudi Venkateswara Rao; Tetsuya Yuasa; Takao Akatsuka; Roberto Cesareo; Giovanni Ettore Gigante
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Infrared laser transillumination CT imaging system using parallel fiber arrays and optical switches for finger joint imaging
Author(s): Yoshiaki Sasaki; Ryota Emori; Hiroki Inage; Masaki Goto; Ryo Takahashi; Tetsuya Yuasa; Hiroshi Taniguchi; Balasigamani Devaraj; Takao Akatsuka
Dual-energy quasi-monochromatic x-ray source development
Author(s): Jonathan M. Richardson
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Gibbs ringing artifact, spatial correlation, and spatial resolution in MRI
Author(s): Tianhu Lei
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Detection of interstitial lung disease in PA chest radiographs
Author(s): Marco Loog; Bram van Ginneken; Mads Nielsen
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Scanning laser tomography: influence of working distance
Author(s): Jaclyn Vinson; Dirk-Uwe G. Bartsch
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Simulation of the Allegro PET system using GATE
Author(s): Frederic Lamare; Alexandra Turzo; Yves Bizais; Dimitris Visvikis
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Simulation of interdetector scattering in BGO block detector
Author(s): Ali A. Alghamdi; Nicholas M. Spyrou; Mohammed E. Mesbahi
Crosstalk modeling of a CT detector
Author(s): Aziz Ikhlef; Smitha Thrivikraman
Comparison of a digital flat-panel x-ray image intensifier and conventional film-screen system for radiostereometric analysis (RSA)
Author(s): Xunhua Yuan; Maria Drangova; Steve Pollmann; Ricky Miron; Robert Bourne; David W. Holdsworth
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Correction method of surface effects in infrared laser transillumination CT imaging
Author(s): Yoshiaki Sasaki; Hiroki Inage; Ryota Emori; Masaki Goto; Ryo Takahashi; Shinji Tanosaki; Tetsuya Yuasa; Hiroshi Taniguchi; Balasigamani Devaraj; Takao Akatsuka

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