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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5367

Medical Imaging 2004: Visualization, Image-Guided Procedures, and Display
Editor(s): Robert L. Galloway
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Volume Details

Volume Number: 5367
Date Published: 5 May 2004
Softcover: 92 papers (862) pages
ISBN: 9780819452801

Table of Contents
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ITK and ANALYZE: a synergistic integration
Author(s): Kurt E. Augustine; David R. Holmes; Richard A. Robb
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The medical imaging interaction toolkit (MITK): a toolkit facilitating the creation of interactive software by extending VTK and ITK
Author(s): Ivo Wolf; Marcus Vetter; Ingmar Wegner; Marco Nolden; Thomas Bottger; Mark Hastenteufel; Max Schobinger; Tobias Kunert; Hans-Peter Meinzer
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The 4D Cluster Visualization project
Author(s): Michael J. Redmond; Ethan K. Brodsky; Yu-Hen Hu; Tom M. Grist; Michael J. Schulte; Walter F. Block
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The design and implementation of a C++ toolkit for integrated medical image processing and analyzing
Author(s): Mingchang Zhao; Jie Tian; Xun Zhu; Jian Xue; Zhanglin Cheng; Hua Zhao
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A medical imaging and visualization toolkit in Java
Author(s): Su Huang; Rafail Baimouratov; Pengdong Xiao; Anand Ananthasubramaniam; Wieslaw L. Nowinski
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Automatic calibration of an optical see-through head-mounted display for augmented reality applications in computer assisted interventions
Author(s): Michael Figl; Christopher Ede; Wolfgang Birkfellner; Johann Hummel; Rudolf Seemann; Helmar Bergmann
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VR-based interactive CFD data comparison of flow fields in a human nasal cavity
Author(s): Andreas Gerndt; Torsten Kuhlen; Thomas van Reimersdahl; Matthias Haack; Christian Bischof
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Augmented-reality-based segmentation refinement
Author(s): Alexander Bornik; Bernhard Reitinger; Reinhard Beichel; Erich Sorantin; Georg Werkgartner
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Tools for augmented-reality-based liver resection planning
Author(s): Bernhard Reitinger; Alexander Bornik; Reinhard Beichel; Georg Werkgartner; Erich Sorantin
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Augmented reality system for MR-guided interventions: phantom studies and first animal test
Author(s): Sebastian Vogt; Frank Wacker; Ali Khamene; Daniel R. Elgort; Tobias Sielhorst; Heinrich Niemann; Jeff Duerk; Jonathan S. Lewin; Frank Sauer
User performance analysis of different image-based navigation systems for needle placement procedures
Author(s): Fred S. Azar; Nathalie Perrin; Ali Khamene; Sebastian Vogt; Frank Sauer
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Bone morphing with statistical shape models for enhanced visualization
Author(s): Kumar T. Rajamani; Johannes Hug; Lutz Peter Nolte; Martin Styner
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Slice-based prostate segmentation in 3D US images based on continuity constraint
Author(s): Mingyue Ding; Igor Gyacskov; Xiaping Yuan; Maria Drangova; Aaron Fenster
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Real-time interactive visualization and manipulation of the volumetric data using GPU-based methods
Author(s): Carlos Augusto Dietrich; Luciana Porcher Nedel; Silvia Delgado Olabarriaga; Joao Luiz Dihl Comba; Dinamar José Zanchet; Ana Maria Marques da Silva; Edna Frasson de Souza Montero
Haptic vascular modeling and visualization in web-enabled interventional neuroradiology simulation system
Author(s): Yiping Lu; Xin Ma; KiaFock Loe; CheeKong K. Chui; Wieslaw L. Nowinski
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Fast treatment planning with IVUS imaging in intravascular brachytherapy
Author(s): Raffaele Novario; Carla Bianchi; Rita Lorusso; Chiara Sampietro; Fabio Tanzi; Leopoldo Conte; Mario Vescovi; Massimo Caccia; Mario Alemi; Chiara Cappellini
CISUS: an integrated 3D ultrasound system for IGT using a modular tracking API
Author(s): Emad M. Boctor; Anand Viswanathan; Steve Pieper; Michael A. Choti; Russell H. Taylor; Ron Kikinis; Gabor Fichtinger
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Atrial myocardium model extraction
Author(s): Bernhard Pfeifer; Friedrich Hanser; Christoph Hintermueller; Robert Modre-Osprian; Gerald Fischer; Michael Seger; Christian Kremser; Bernhard Tilg
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Usefulness of image morphing techniques in cancer treatment by conformal radiotherapy
Author(s): Hussein Atoui; David Sarrut; Serge Miguet
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Accuracy of needle implantation in brachytherapy using a medical AR system: a phantom study
Author(s): Stefan Wesarg; Evelyn A. Firle; Bernd Schwald; Helmut Seibert; Pawel Zogal; Sandra Roeddiger
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Improved automated brachytherapy seed localization in trans-urethral ultrasound data
Author(s): David R. Holmes; Richard A. Robb
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Robotic-aided 3D TRUS guided intraoperative prostate brachytherapy
Author(s): Zhouping Wei; Gang Wan; Lori Gardi; Donal B. Downey; Aaron Fenster
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Fluoroscopy to ultrasound image registration using implanted seeds as fiducials during permanent prostate brachytherapy
Author(s): Yi Su; Brian J. Davis; Michael G. Herman; Richard A. Robb
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3D guide wire tracking for navigation in endovascular interventions
Author(s): Shirley A.M. Baert; Theo van Walsum; Wiro J. Niessen
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Hybrid tracking system for flexible endoscopes
Author(s): Johann Hummel; Michael Figl; Wolfgang Birkfellner; Christopher Ede; Rudolf Seemann; Helmar Bergmann
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3D surgical planning and navigation for CMF surgery
Author(s): Jonas Chapuis; Tobias Rudolph; Blake Borgesson; Elena De Momi; Ion P. Pappas; Wok Hallermann; Alexander Schramm; Marco Caversaccio
Computer-aided distal locking guidance of intramedullary nail by x-ray image analysis
Author(s): Nongluk Covavisaruch; Kamthon Simmami; Wiwat Vatanawood; Winyou Ratanachai
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Accuracy assessment and interpretation for optical tracking systems
Author(s): Andrew D. Wiles; David G. Thompson; Donald D. Frantz
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A computer-graphic display for real-time operator feedback during interventional x-ray procedures
Author(s): Kevin Chugh; Petru Dinu; Daniel R. Bednarek; Darold Wobschall; Stephen Rudin; Kenneth Hoffmann; Ron Peterson; Ming Zeng
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Geometric modeling of the temporal bone for cochlea implant simulation
Author(s): Catherine A. Todd; Fazel Naghdy; Stephen O'Leary
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Development of surgical simulator based on FEM and deformable volume-rendering
Author(s): Yoshitaka Masutani; Yusuke Inoue; Koichi Ishii; Nori Kumai; Fumihiko Kimura; Ichiro Sakuma
3D imaging and modeling of the middle and inner ear
Author(s): Fopefolu O. Folowosele; Jon J. Camp; Robert H. Brey; John I. Lane; Richard A. Robb
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Segmented images and 3D images for studying the anatomical structures in MRIs
Author(s): Yong Sook Lee; Min Suk Chung; Jae Hyun Cho
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Visible Korean human images on MIOS system
Author(s): Donghwan Har; Young-Ho Son; Sung-Won Lee; Jung Beom Lee
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Toward realistic radiofrequency ablation of hepatic tumors 3D simulation and planning
Author(s): Caroline Villard; Luc Soler; Afshin Gangi; Didier Mutter; Jacques Marescaux
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Development of remote surgical navigation and biopsy needle guidance system using Open-MRI and high-speed network
Author(s): Yasuhiko Okura; Yasushi Matsumura; Shigeki Kuwata; Hiroshi Takeda
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Integrated registration and visualization of MR and PET brain images
Author(s): Helen Hong; Heewon Kye; Yeong-Gil Shin
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Accelerating virtual surgery simulation for congenital aural atresia
Author(s): Bin Li; Zigang Wang; Eric Smouha; Dongqing Chen; Zhengrong Liang
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Projection models for stereo display of chest CT
Author(s): Xiao Hui Wang; Walter F. Good; Carl R. Fuhrman; Jules H. Sumkin; Cynthia A. Britton; Thomas E. Warfel; David Gur
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A novel machine interface for scaled telesurgery
Author(s): Samuel T. Clanton; David C. Wang; Yoky Matsuoka; Damion M. Shelton; George D. Stetten
Dynamic organ modeling for minimally-invasive cardiac surgery
Author(s): Stanislaw Szpala; Marcin Wierzbicki; Gerard Guiraudon; Terry Peters
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Nonrigid registration and multimodality fusion for 3D image-guided neurosurgical planning and navigation
Author(s): Jacques G. Verly; Lara M. Vigneron; Nicolas Petitjean; Christoph Martin; Michel Hogge; J. Mercenier; V. Jamoye; Pierre A. Robe
Modeling and localization of web-based fusion image using VRML in clinical stroke case
Author(s): Sang Ho Lee; Sun Kook Yoo; Yong Oock Kim; Haijo Jung; Sae Rome Kim; Mijin Yun; Jong Doo Lee; Hee-Joung Kim
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Comparison between skin-mounted fiducials and bone-implanted fiducials for image-guided neurosurgery
Author(s): Jennifer Rost; Steven S. Harris; James D. Stefansic; Karl Sillay; Robert L. Galloway
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Three-dimensional stereo reconstruction of a mass of radioactive coils after embolization of cerebral aneurysms
Author(s): Alain Gravel; Jean Raymond; Benoit Godbout; Michel Daronat; Philippe Leblanc; Guy Cloutier; Jacques de Guise
A haptic-enhanced 3D real-time interactive needle insertion simulation for prostate brachytherapy
Author(s): Xiaogang Wang; Aaron Fenster
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Image data acquisition and segmentation for accurate modeling of the calvarium
Author(s): Georg Eggers; Sascha Dauber; Werner Korb; Thomas Welzel; Ruediger Marmulla; Stefan Hassfeld
Imaging and the new biology: What’s wrong with this picture?
Author(s): Michael W. Vannier
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