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Light-Emitting Diodes: Research, Manufacturing, and Applications VIII
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Volume Number: 5366
Date Published: 21 June 2004
Softcover: 24 papers (228) pages
ISBN: 9780819452740

Table of Contents
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Recent results and latest views on microcavity LEDs
Author(s): Claude Weisbuch; Aurelien David; Tetsuo Fujii; C. Schwach; Steven P. DenBaars; Shuji Nakamura; M. Rattier; Henri Benisty; Romuald Houdré; R. Stanley; Jean-Francois Carlin; Thomas F. Krauss; Christopher J. M. Smith
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Optical cavity effects in InGaN/GaN quantum-well-heterostructure flip-chip light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Yu Chen Shen; Jonathan J. Wierer; Michael R. Krames; Michael J. Ludowise; Mira S. Misra; Farid Ahmed; Andy Y. Kim; Gerd O. Mueller; Jerome C. Bhat; Steve A. Stockman; Paul S. Martin
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Si-based resonant cavity light-emitting devices
Author(s): Maria Eloisa Castagna; Salvatore Coffa; Anna Muscara; Alessandro Costa; Sebastiano Ravesi; Simona Lorenti; Marco Camalleri
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High-performance resonant cavity light-emitting diode for plastic optical fiber application
Author(s): Shu-Woei Chiou; Yea-Chen Lee; Yung-Chuan Yang; Chih-Sung Chang; Tzer-Perng Chen
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InGaAlP thin film LEDs with high luminous efficiency
Author(s): Reiner Windisch; Paola Altieri; Rainer Butendeich; Stefan Illek; Peter Stauss; Wilhelm Stein; Walter Wegleiter; Ralph Wirth; Heribert Zull; Klaus P. Streubel
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Light-emitting diodes with integrated omnidirectionally reflective contacts
Author(s): Thomas Gessmann; H. Luo; Jing-Qun Xi; Klaus P. Streubel; E. Fred Schubert
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AlGaInP light-emitting diode with metal reflector structure
Author(s): Wayne Jan; Tzer-Perng Chen; Chih-Sung Chang
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Highly efficient UV-based conversion LEDs for the generation of saturated colors with improved eye safety
Author(s): Bert Braune; Herbert Brunner
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Development of solid state light sources based on II-VI semiconductor quantum dots
Author(s): Lauren E. Shea Rohwer; Billie L. Abrams; Jess P. Wilcoxon; Steven G. Thoma
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Optimization and performance of AlGaN-based multi-quantum-well deep-UV LEDs
Author(s): Mary H. Crawford; Andrew A. Allerman; Arthur J. Fischer; Katherine H. A. Bogart; Stephen R. Lee; Robert J. Kaplar; Weng W. Chow; David M. Follstaedt
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Analysis of nitride-based quantum well LEDs and novel white LED design
Author(s): Dong Xiao; Ki Wook Kim; Salah M. Bedair; John M. Zavada
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Absorption in InGaN-on-sapphire LED structures: comparison between photocurrent measurement method (PMM) and photothermal deflection spectroscopy (PDS)
Author(s): Sven Silvius Schad; Barbara Neubert; Jens Bruening; Christoph Eichler; Frank Habel; Ferdinand Scholz; Peter Unger; Daniel Hofstetter
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Influence of Mg doping profile on the electroluminescence properties of GaInN multiple-quantum-well light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Thilo Stephan; Klaus Koehler; Manfred Maier; Michael Kunzer; Peter Schlotter; Joachim Wagner
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Si-based rare-earth-doped light-emitting devices
Author(s): Maria Eloisa Castagna; Salvatore Coffa; Mariantonietta Monaco
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Materials and structural design of a mid-infrared light-emitting device
Author(s): Fritz Weik; Jens W. Tomm; Regine Glatthaar; Uwe Vetter; Dirk Szewczyk; Joachim Nurnus; Armin Lambrecht; Markus Grau; Ralf Meyer; Markus C. Amann; Bernd Spellenberg; Michael Bassler
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Estimating junction temperature of high-flux white LEDs
Author(s): Nadarajah Narendran; Yimin Gu; R. Hosseinzadeh
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Beyond the limitations of today's LED packages: optimizing high-brightness LED performance by a comprehensive systems design approach
Author(s): Thomas J. Brukilacchio; Charles DeMilo
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New material options for light-emitting diode packaging
Author(s): Carl H. Zweben
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Investigation of AlGaN buffer layers on sapphire grown by MOVPE
Author(s): Philipp van Gemmern; Yilmaz Dikme; Necmi Biyikli; Holger Kalisch; Ekmel Ozbay; Rolf H. Jansen; Michael Heuken
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Reflectivity fitting for accurate thickness and compositional determination in RCLEDs
Author(s): Terry E. Sale; Konstanze Hild; T. J.C. Hosea; Masumi Hirotani; Y. Kato
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Scribing of GaN wafer for white LED by water-jet-guided laser
Author(s): Thomas Nilsson; Frank Wagner; R. Housh; Bernold Richerzhagen
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High-throughput scribing for the manufacture of LED components
Author(s): Dimitris Karnakis; Elizabeth K. Illy; Martyn R. H. Knowles; Erdan Gu; Martin D. Dawson
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Novel LEDs using unique lateral p-n junctions on GaAs (311)A patterned substrates
Author(s): Nethaji Dharmarasu; Pablo Oscar Vaccaro; Shanmugam Saravanan; Jose Maria Zanardi Ocampo; Kazuyoshi Kubota; Nobuo Saito
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3D simulation and analysis of AlGaN/GaN ultraviolet light-emittings diodes
Author(s): Joachim Piprek; Thomas M. Katona; Steven P. DenBaars; Simon Li
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