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Photonics Packaging and Integration IV

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Volume Number: 5358
Date Published: 10 June 2004

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Variable optical attenuator realized on silicon V-groove for optical beamforming networks
Author(s): Hayattin Yilmaz; Andreas Breuel; Wolfgang Vogel; Manfred Berroth
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Compact CWDM design and packaging
Author(s): Christine Luo; Daoyi Wang; John Kong; Lingzhi Li; Jing Li; Andrew Chang; Yao Li; Wei-shin Tsay
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High dynamic range integrated 10 Gb/s receiver
Author(s): Yakov G. Soskind; Scott Hart; George Kyriakopoulos; Jeff Perkins; Bryan Ranes; Alexey Turukhin; Tom Wall
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Low profile flat pack: a high-power fiber coupled laser diode package for low-cost high-reliability applications
Author(s): Raj Singh; Trebor Heminway; Richard Krasnick; Peter Griffin; Michael Powers
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Hybrid VCSEL modules with integrated amorphous silicon power monitors
Author(s): Christopher L. Chua; Francesco Lemmi; Jeng-Ping Lu
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Hybrid integration of optical modules for planar deflector switches
Author(s): Alexei L. Glebov; Michael Peters; James Roman; David Kudzuma; Kuo-Chuan Liu; Michael Lee; Kishio Yokouchi
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Radiation mode coupling between active and passive chips based on a self-formed compact polymer interconnect for single-mode chip-to-chip optoelectronic integration
Author(s): Kung-Li Deng; Min-Yi Shih; Thomas B. Gorczyca; Todd Tolliver; Renato Guida; Matthew C. Nielsen; James Loman
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Optical I/O technology for digital VLSI
Author(s): Edris M. Mohammed; Thomas P. Thomas; Daoqiang Lu; Henning Braunisch; Steven Towle; Brandon C. Barnett; Ian A. Young; Gilroy Vandentop
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Progress toward the development of manufacturable integrated optical data buses
Author(s): Nick Pugliano; Nancy Chiarroto; John Fisher; Noel Heiks; Tuan Ho; Garo Khanarian; Matthew Moynihan; Nathan Pawlowski; Jim Shelnut; David Sherrer; Bruno Sicard; Hai-Bin Zheng
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Improvement of multiprocessing performance by using optical centralized shared bus
Author(s): Xuliang Han; Ray T. Chen
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The fabrication of pyramid-shaped fiber microlenses for coupling the high-power diode lasers into the single-mode fibers
Author(s): Szu-Ming Yeh; Y.K. Lu; S.Y. Huang; H.H. Lin; W.H. Cheng
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Fiber-to-waveguide evanescent coupler for planar integration of silicon optoelectronic devices
Author(s): Zhaolin Lu; Peng Yao; Sriram Venkataraman; David Pustai; Chunchen Lin; Garrett Schneider; Janusz Murakowski; Shouyuan Shi; Dennis W. Prather
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Cost-effective packaging of laser modules using LTCC substrates
Author(s): Kimmo Keranen; Jukka-Tapani Makinen; Juhani Heilala; Otso Vaatainen; Kari Kautio; Jyrki Ollila; Jarno Petaja; Mikko Karppinen; Veli Heikkinen; Pentti Karioja
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Flexible optical waveguide film with 45-degree micromirror couplers for hybrid E/O integration or parallel optical interconnection
Author(s): Chulchae Choi; Yujie Liu; Lei Lin; Li Wang; Jinho Choi; David Haas; Jerry Magera; Ray T. Chen
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Laser writing of polymeric channel waveguides for optical interconnect packaging
Author(s): Michael R. Wang; Namkhun Srisanit; Jame J. Yang
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Optical interconnect on printed wiring board
Author(s): Mikko Karppinen; Jukka-Tapani Makinen; Kari Kataja; Antti Tanskanen; Teemu Alajoki; Pentti Karioja; Marika Immonen; Jorma Kivilahti
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WDM polymer substrate mode photonic interconnects for satellite communications
Author(s): Jian Liu; Lanlan Gu; Ray T. Chen; Douglas M. Craig
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An adaptive optical filter based on thermo-optic (TO) polymeric waveguide lattice filters
Author(s): Xuejun Lu
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