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High-Power Diode Laser Technology and Applications II
Editor(s): Mark S. Zediker

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Volume Number: 5336
Date Published: 1 June 2004

Table of Contents
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High-power laser source with spectrally beam-combined diode laser bars
Author(s): Charles E. Hamilton; Steven Chase Tidwell; Dawn Meekhof; Jon Seamans; Neil Gitkind; Dennis D. Lowenthal
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Broad-area laser array synchronization using external cavity
Author(s): Yun Liu; Vassili A. Kireev; Yoshiro Takiguchi; Yehuda Braiman
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Compact tunable diode laser with diffraction-limited 1 Watt for atom cooling and trapping
Author(s): Sandra Stry; Lars Hildebrandt; Joachim Sacher; Christian Buggle; Mark Kemmann; Wolf von Klitzing
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Frequency locking and synchronization of nanosecond-pulsed broad-area lasers
Author(s): Yun Liu; Vassili A. Kireev; Yehuda Braiman
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Improvement of the beam quality of a 1000-µm-wide broad-area diode laser with self-injection phase locking in an external cavity
Author(s): Mingjun Chi; Birgitte Thestrup; Paul Michael Petersen
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Lateral mode selection in a broad-area laser diode by self-injection locking with a mirror stripe
Author(s): Birgitte Thestrup; Mingjun Chi; Paul Michael Petersen
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Development of high-brightness high-power fiber laser pump sources
Author(s): J. Allen Priest; Brian O. Faircloth; Reuel B. Swint; James J. Coleman; David V. Forbes; Mark S. Zediker
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Reliable high-power single-mode GaAlAs/GaAs laser diodes mounted epi-side up
Author(s): Aland K. Chin; Zuntu Xu; Kejian Luo; Lisen Cheng; Al Nelson; Wei Gao
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Characterization of tapered diode laser bars for the use in high-power diode laser systems
Author(s): Alexander Knitsch; Martin Traub; Karsten Rotter; Dieter Hoffmann; Peter Loosen; Reinhart Poprawe
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Improved optical fibers for enhanced coupling with high-power diode lasers
Author(s): Bolesh J. Skutnik; Brian Foley
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Effect of joint configuration on high-power diode laser welding of steel
Author(s): Antti S. Salminen; Anna Fellman; Veli Kujanpaa
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Chances and limitations of high-power diode lasers
Author(s): Friedrich G. Bachmann
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High-power direct-diode laser successes
Author(s): John M. Haake; Mark S. Zediker
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Reliability of high-power multimode pump modules
Author(s): Ed Wolak; Kuochou Tai; Jay Skidmore; Andre Wong; Lei Xu; Dick Duesterburg; Mark DeFranza; Prasad Yalamanchili; Victor Rossin; Sidney Li; Brian Engstrom; Erik Zucker; Rob Waarts; Don Hargreaves
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Transient thermal tuning properties of single emitters in actively cooled high-power cm-bar arrays
Author(s): Jens Wolfgang Tomm; Fritz Weik; Axel Gerhardt; Tien Quoc Tran; Jens Biesenbach; Holger Muntz; Gabriele Seibold
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High-efficiency high-power 808-nm laser array and stacked arrays optimized for elevated temperature operation
Author(s): Paul A. Crump; Trevor R. Crum; Mark A. DeVito; Jason Farmer; Michael Grimshaw; Zack Huang; Scott A. Igl; Steve Macomber; Prabhu Thiagarajan; Damian Wise
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The influence of the position accuracy of a laser diode and the influence of the top copper layer thickness on the temperature distribution of the single emitter in connection with an active cooled heat-sink
Author(s): Ingo Baumeister; Karsten Schmidt; Ken Credle; Trevor R. Crum
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New material options for high-power diode laser packaging
Author(s): Carl H. Zweben
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Mechanical stress-reducing heat sinks for high-power diode lasers
Author(s): Christian Scholz; Konstantin Boucke; Reinhart Poprawe
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High-power long-wavelength (1.4 to 1.5 mm) laser array and stacked arrays
Author(s): Zack Huang; Paul Crump; Trevor R. Crum; Mark A. DeVito; Jason Farmer; Michael Grimshaw; Scott A. Igl; Steve Macomber
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High-power high-efficiency 910- to 980-nm broad-area laser diodes
Author(s): Victor Rossin; Erik Zucker; Matthew Peters; Matthew Everett; Bruno Acklin
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Thermal characteristics of high-power long-pulsewidth quasi-CW laser diode arrays
Author(s): Byron L. Meadows; Farzin Amzajerdian; Nathaniel R. Baker; Vikas Sudesh; Upendra N. Singh; Michael J. Kavaya
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Diode array reliability experiment
Author(s): David J. Gallant
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High-COMD nitridized InAlGaAs laser facets for high-reliability 50-W bar operation at 805 nm
Author(s): Christofer Silfvenius; Peter Blixt; Carsten Lindstrom; Alfred O. Feitisch
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Passively cooled diode laser for high-power applications
Author(s): Guido F. Bonati; Petra Hennig; Karsten Schmidt
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DPSSL and FL pumps based on 980-nm telecom pump laser technology: changing the industry
Author(s): Norbert Lichtenstein; Berthold E. Schmidt; Arnaud Fily; Stefan Weiss; Sebastian Arlt; Susanne Pawlik; Boris Sverdlov; Jurgen Muller; Christoph S. Harder
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