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Fiber Lasers: Technology, Systems, and Applications
Editor(s): L. N. Durvasula

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Volume Number: 5335
Date Published: 7 June 2004

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All-fiber 1.15-mJ pulsed eye-safe optical source
Author(s): Valery N. Philippov; Jayanta K. Sahu; Christophe A. Codemard; William A. Clarkson; Joo-Nyung Jang; Johan Nilsson; Guy N. Pearson
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Passively Q-switched Er-Yb double-clad fiber laser with Cr2+:ZnSe and Co2+:MgAl2O4 as a saturable absorber
Author(s): Valery N. Philippov; Johan Nilsson; William A. Clarkson; Amin Abdolvand; V. E. Kisel; Victor G. Shcherbitsky; Nikolay V. Kuleshov; Valirii I. Konstantinov; V. I. Levchenko
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High-peak-power pulse amplification in SM fibers
Author(s): Matthias P. Savage-Leuchs; Ryan C. Stafford; Larry Borschowa; Mark S. Bowers
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Polarization-maintaining master oscillator fiber amplifier (MOFA) for high-repetition-rate applications
Author(s): Carlos H. Avila; Ralph L. Burnham; Youming Chen; William Torruellas; Horacio R. Verdun; Richard A. Utano
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Gain calculation for Er/Yb-doped fiber amplifiers
Author(s): Qiang Wang; Robert G. Ahrens; Niloy K. Dutta
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Diffraction-limited polarized emission from a multimode Yb-doped fiber amplifier after nonlinear beam cleanup
Author(s): Laurent Lombard; Arnaud Brignon; Jean Pierre Huignard; Eric Lallier; Gaelle Lucas-Leclin; Patrick Georges; Gilles Pauliat; Gerald Roosen
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Continuous-wave all-fiber MOPA with SBS phase conjugate mirror
Author(s): Valeri I. Kovalev; Robert G. Harrison; Jayanta K. Sahu; Johan Nilsson
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An 18-mW 488.7-nm cw frequency-doubled fiber MOPA source
Author(s): Daniel B. S. Soh; Christophe A. Codemard; Jayanta K. Sahu; Johan Nilsson; Seungin Baek; Shunhua Wang; Fredrik Laurell
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400-mW 1060-nm ytterbium-doped fiber DFB laser
Author(s): Christophe A. Codemard; Louise M. B. Hickey; Kuthan Yelen; Daniel B. S. Soh; Rachel Wixey; Mark Coker; Mikhail N. Zervas; Johan Nilsson
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Short-length high-gain ASE fiber laser at 1.54-um by high-codoped erbium and ytterbium phosphate laser glasses
Author(s): Ruikun Wu; John D. Myers; TaoLue Chen; Michael J. Myers; Christopher R. Hardy; John K. Driver
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Spectral beam combining of high-power fiber lasers
Author(s): Anping Liu; Roy Mead; Tracy Vatter; Angus Henderson; Ryan Stafford
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Self-organized coherence in fiber laser arrays
Author(s): Monica L. Minden; Hans W. Bruesselbach; Jeffrey L. Rogers; Metin S. Mangir; D. Cris Jones; Gilmore J. Dunning; David L. Hammon; A. J. Solis; Lira Vaughan
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Mode-locked pulsed fiber array scalable to high power
Author(s): Eric C. Cheung; Mark E. Weber; David W. Mordaunt
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Recent advances in high-power and high-energy multicore fiber lasers
Author(s): Peter K. Cheo; George G. King; Yanming Huo
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Spectral combining of high-power fiber laser beams using Bragg grating in PTR glass
Author(s): Igor V. Ciapurin; Leonid B. Glebov; Vadim I. Smirnov
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Large flattened-mode optical fiber for reduction of nonlinear effects in optical fiber lasers
Author(s): Jay Walter Dawson; Raymond Beach; Igor Jovanovic; Benoit Wattellier; Zhi M. Liao; Stephen A. Payne; Christopher P. J. Barty
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Large-mode-area double-clad fibers for pulsed and CW lasers and amplifiers
Author(s): David Machewirth; Victor Khitrov; Upendra Manyam; Kanishka Tankala; Adrian Carter; Jaroslaw Abramczyk; Julia Farroni; Douglas Guertin; Nils Jacobson
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Nonlinear mode competition and phasing in Yb-doped fiber amplifier
Author(s): Erik J. Bochove; Robert R. Rice; Philip R. Cunningham
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Air-clad large-mode-area photonic crystal fibers: power scaling concepts up to the multi-kW range
Author(s): Andreas Liem; Jens Limpert; Thomas Schreiber; Stefan Nolte; Holger Zellmer; Andreas Tuennermann; Jes Broeng; Guillaume Vienne; Anders Petersson; Christian Jakobsen; Thomas Peschel; Volker Guyenot; Volker Reichel; Sonja Unger
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Phase locking of multicore photonic crystal fibers
Author(s): Laurent F Michaille; Terence John Shepherd; Charlotte Rachel Helen Bennett; David Maurice Taylor
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Investigations of the coupling between core modes and cladding modes in a double-clad Yb-doped photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Carsten K. Nielsen; Erling Riis; Anders Petersson; Jes Broeng
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Air-clad photonic crystal fibers for high-power single-mode lasers
Author(s): Jes Broeng; Guillaume Vienne; Anders Petersson; Peter M. W. Skovgaard; Jacob R. Folkenberg; Martin D. Nielsen; Christian Jakobsen; Harald Simonsen; Niels Asger Mortensen
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Side pumping of double-clad photonic crystal fibers
Author(s): Jakob Juul Larsen; Claus Friis Pedersen; Guillaume Vienne
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Progress in high-power fiber lasers
Author(s): Venkata A. Bhagavatula; Rajaram J. Bhat; George E. Berkey; Xin Chen; Matthew J. Dejneka; Michael T. Gallagher; L. C. Hughes; Karl W. Koch; J. Koh; Ming-Jun Li; Victor X. Liu; Daniel A. Nolan; H. M. Rasmussen; Christine L. Tennent; Natesan Venkataraman; Donnell T. Walton; Jing Wang; Chung-En Zah; Luis A. Zenteno
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Fiber lasers at JDS Uniphase
Author(s): Robert G. Waarts; Siamak Makki; Jinning Yuan; David M. Giltner; Brian Engstrom; Richard P. Tumminelli; Leonard J. Marabella
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Latest development of high-power fiber lasers in SPI
Author(s): Stephen Norman; Mikhail N. Zervas; Andrew Appleyard; Michael K. Durkin; Ray Horley; Malcolm P. Varnham; Johan Nilsson; Yoonchan Jeong
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Frequency detuning properties of EDFL pulses generated by harmonic mode-locking and regenerative amplification: a comparison
Author(s): Yung-Cheng Chang; Gong-Ru Lin
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High-performance ultrafast fiber laser systems
Author(s): Jens Limpert; Andreas Liem; Thomas Schreiber; M. Reich; Holger Zellmer; Andreas Tuennermann
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High-energy femtosecond fiber lasers
Author(s): Frank W. Wise; F. O. Ilday; Hyungsik Lim; J. R. Buckley; L. Kuznetsova
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Colloidal quantum dots entrained in microstructured optical fibers
Author(s): Carvel E. Holton; Kenith E. Meissner; Erik Herz; Daniel Kominsky; Gary R. Pickrell
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Wideband tunable high-power narrow-linewidth erbium-ytterbium-doped fiber laser using compression-tunable fiber Bragg grating
Author(s): Carlos Alegria; Yoonchan Jeong; Christophe A. Codemard; Jayanta K. Sahu; Libin Fu; Mohd Ridzuan Mokhtar; Morten Ibsen; Seungin Baek; Daniel B. S. Soh; Valery Philippov; Johan Nilsson
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Beam steering of a fiber-bundle laser output using phased array techniques
Author(s): David Caradoc Jones; Andrew M. Scott; Susan Clark; Chris Stace; Roy G. Clarke
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A model of a fiber amplifier incorporating amplified spontaneous emission
Author(s): David Caradoc Jones; Andrew M. Scott
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High-power All-Fiber components: the missing link for high-power fiber lasers
Author(s): Francois Gonthier; Lilian Martineau; Nawfel Azami; Mathieu Faucher; Francois Seguin; Damien Stryckman; Alain Villeneuve
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Single-frequency thulium-doped silica DFB fiber laser at 1735 nm
Author(s): Soren Agger; Poul Varming; Jorn Hedegaard Povlsen
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