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Solid State Lasers XIII: Technology and Devices
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Volume Number: 5332
Date Published: 8 July 2004
Softcover: 32 papers (302) pages
ISBN: 9780819452405

Table of Contents
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Spectroscopic analysis of the Er3+ (4f11) absorption intensities in NaBi(WO4)2
Author(s): Dhiraj K. Sardar; Charles C. Russell; Raylon M. Yow; John B. Gruber; Bahram Zandi; Edvard P. Kokanyan
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Synthesis and spectroscopic properties of Cr-doped ZnS crystalline thin films
Author(s): Shengyaun Wang; Sergey B. Mirov; Vladimir V. Fedorov; Renato P. Camata
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Rb5Nd(MoO4)4: a self-tunable birefringent laser crystal
Author(s): Joaquin M. Fernandez; M. Asuncion Illarramendi; Ignacio Iparraguirre; Ibon Aramburu; Jon Azkargorta; Mihail Voda; Mohamed Al-Saleh; Rolindes Balda
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Efficient diode-pumped Nd:KGW laser grown by top nucleated floating crystal method: Part II
Author(s): Yehoshua Y. Kalisky; Leonid Kravchik; Georges Boulon; G. Metrat; Alain Brenier; Milan R. Kokta
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Co:GGG edge cladding with adjusted absorption coefficients in composite crystals
Author(s): Huai-Chuan Lee; Helmuth E Meissner; Oliver R Meissner
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Intracavity modulation of THz p-Ge laser gain by interband optical excitation
Author(s): Chris J. Fredricksen; Andrei V. Muravjov; Robert E. Peale
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High-energy ultrashort laser pulses from a simple oscillator and their efficient frequency conversion
Author(s): Georgi I. Petrov; Nikolai I. Minkovski; Vladislav V. Yakovlev
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Tunable distributed-feedback color center laser using stabilized F2+** color centers in LiF crystal
Author(s): Dmitri V. Martyshkin; Jason Glenn Parker; Vladimir V. Fedorov; Sergey B. Mirov
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Simultaneous visible and near-infrared emission from a pulse-stretched alexandrite laser source
Author(s): Bruce Boczar; Thanga Thevar; Ivelina Rousseva; Norman Kramer; Brian Pryor; Rick Frost
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Simultaneously Q-switched and mode-locked passive modulators for the microchip lasers
Author(s): Junewen Chen; Jun-Ting Lin; Te-Chien Hung
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High-peak-power erbium lasers resonantly pumped by fiber lasers
Author(s): Scott D. Setzler; York E. Young; Kevin J. Snell; Peter A. Budni; Thomas M. Pollak; Evan P. Chicklis
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Eyesafe erbium glass microlaser
Author(s): Scott J. Hamlin; Alan D. Hays; C. Ward Trussell; Vernon King
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Passively Q-switched eyesafe Yb:Er:glass laser
Author(s): Narasimha S. Prasad; Chris J. Urbina; Bradford C. Tousley; Ramesh K. Shori; Jennifer L. Stone-Sundberg; Milan R. Kokta
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High-pulse-energy 3.9-µm lasers in Ho:BYF
Author(s): Russell Stutz; Harold C. Miller; Kenneth M. Dinndorf; Arlete Cassanho; Hans P. Jenssen
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Advances in high-power diode-pumped ultraviolet lasers
Author(s): Acle V. Hicks; Charles X. Wang; Gary Y. Wang
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A compact OPO/SFG laser for ultraviolet biological sensing
Author(s): Mikael Tiihonen; Valdas Pasiskevicius; Fredrik Laurell; Per Jonsson; Mikael Lindgren
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532-nm laser sources based on intracavity frequency doubling of extended-cavity surface-emitting diode lasers
Author(s): Andrei V. Shchegrov; Arvydas Umbrasas; Jason P. Watson; Dicky Lee; Charles A. Amsden; Wonill Ha; Glen P. Carey; Vincent V. Doan; Bryan Moran; Alan Lewis; Aram Mooradian
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Nd concentration optimization for efficient low-cost 473-nm diode-pumped Nd:YAG/KNbO3 microchip assembly
Author(s): Thierry Georges; Julien Rouvillain; Yohann Garin; Raymond Le Bras; Patrice Feron
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Reliability and robustness of the cyan 488-nm laser
Author(s): Doug Burbidge; Carla J. Miner; J. Evans; S. Wallace; Peter Cottreau; Edward H. Wahl; Barbara A. Paldus
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Moving solid state cyan lasers beyond 20 mW
Author(s): Guido M. H. Knippels; S. Koulikov; Boris Kharlamov; G. Vacca; Chris W. Rella; Bruce A. Richman; Alex A. Kachanov; Sze Meng Tan; Edward H. Wahl; H. Pham; Eric R. Crosson
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High-power Yb:YAG laser
Author(s): Dennis G. Harris; Charles E. Turner; Lawrence F. Rubin; Kenneth C. Widen
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Progress in the development of solid state disk laser
Author(s): John Vetrovec; Rashmi S. Shah; Tom Endo; Andrea Koumvakalis; Kevin Masters; William Wooster; Kenneth C. Widen; Steven Lassovsky
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Initial operation of the mercury laser: a gas-cooled 10-Hz Yb:S-FAP system
Author(s): Camille M. Bibeau; Andy J. Bayramian; Raymond J. Beach; Robert W. Campbell; Adrian DeWald; Wilburt H. Davis; Jay W. Dawson; Larain E. DiMercurio; Christopher A. Ebbers; Barry L. Freitas; Michael R. Hill; Kevin M. Hood; V. Keith Kanz; Joseph A. Menapace; Stephen A. Payne; Mark H. Randles; Jon E. Rankin; Kathleen I. Schaffers; Christopher J. Stoltz; John B. Tassano; Steve J. Telford; Everett J. Utterback
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Solid state dye lasers pumped directly by diode lasers
Author(s): Dennis P. Pacheco; William H. Russell; Henry R. Aldag
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Lasing properties of near-infrared laser dyes in the liquid and solid state
Author(s): Mark R.W. Venner; Antony D. Case; David J. Fulker
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Photophysical properties, photodegradation characteristics, and lasing action for coumarin dye C540A in polymeric media
Author(s): Guilford Jones; Zhennian Huang; Dennis P. Pacheco; Jeffrey A. Russell
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Compact broadly tunable UV OPO for trace detection using REMPI mass spectrometry
Author(s): Rhett James Barnes; Eli Margalith; Harald Oser; Michael J. Coggiola; Steven E. Young; David R. Crosley
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Single-frequency lasers for remote sensing
Author(s): Floyd E. Hovis; Michael Rhoades; Ralph L. Burnham; Jason D. Force; T. Schum; Bruce M. Gentry; Huailin Chen; Steven X. Li; Johnathan W. Hair; Anthony L. Cook; Chris A. Hostetler
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Adaptive compensation of thermal lens in Faraday isolators
Author(s): Efim A. Khazanov; Anatoly Poteomkin; Victor Zelenogorsky; Andrey Shaykin; Anantoly Mal'shakov; Oleg Palashov; David H. Reitze
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LiNbO3 Pockels cell for Q-switch of Er:YAG laser
Author(s): Jan Sulc; Helena Jelinkova; Petr Koranda; Michal Nemec; Miroslav Cech
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High-power optically pumped semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Juan L. A. Chilla; Stuart D. Butterworth; Alexander Zeitschel; John P. Charles; Andrea L. Caprara; Murray K. Reed; Luis Spinelli
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Results and scaling laws of thin-disk lasers
Author(s): Adolf Giesen
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