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Optical Biopsy V

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Volume Number: 5326
Date Published: 13 July 2004

Table of Contents
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Stokes shift emission spectroscopy of key biomolecules in human tissues
Author(s): Robert R. Alfano; Yuanlong Yang
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Laguerre nonparametric deconvolution technique of time-resolved fluorescence data: application to the prediction of concentrations in a mixture of biochemical components
Author(s): Javier A Jo; Qiyin Fang; Thanasis Papaioannou; Laura Marcu
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Pathological changes in Alzheimer’s brain evaluated with fluorescence emission analysis (FEA)
Author(s): Alexander Christov; Todd Ottman; Paula Grammas
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Spectroscopic monitoring of kidney tissue ischemic injury
Author(s): Jason T. Fitzgerald; Andromachi P. Michalopoulou; Christoph Troppmann; Stavros G. Demos
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Raman measurement of carotenoid composition in human skin
Author(s): Igor V. Ermakov; Maia R. Ermakova; Werner Gellermann
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Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy of torsional vibrational modes of tryptophan
Author(s): B. L. Yu; Q. Xing; Robert R. Alfano
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Enhancement of spectral change from change of cell nucleus size distribution in epithelium using multiclass linear discriminant
Author(s): Kazuhiro Gono; Makoto Igarashi; Takashi Obi; Masahiro Yamaguchi; Nagaaki Ohyama
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Effect of nonsphericity of scattering centers on light transport in turbid media
Author(s): Judith R. Mourant; Toru Aida; Leslie Coburn; Janak Ramachandran
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Optical mapping of nonmelanoma skin cancer
Author(s): Anna N Yaroslavsky; Victor Neel; Richard R. Anderson
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Coherent backscattering spectroscopy: a new technique for probing short transport paths in living tissues and early precancer detection
Author(s): Young L. Kim; Yang Liu; Vladimir M. Turzhitsky; Ramesh K. Wali; Hemant K. Roy; Vadim Backman
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Multilayer resonant light scattering nanoshells as a novel class of nonbleaching labels for multimarker molecular imaging
Author(s): Yang Liu; Kun Chen; Young L. Kim; Guillermo Ameer; Vadim Backman
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A polarized light imaging instrument for characterizing skin lesions
Author(s): Ian M. Stockford; Stephen P. Morgan; John A. Crowe; John G. Walker
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The NASA smart probe project for real-time multiple-microsensor tissue recognition
Author(s): Russell Andrews; Robert Mah; Luiz Da Silva
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Brain physiological state evaluated by real-time multiparametric tissue spectroscopy in vivo
Author(s): Avraham Mayevsky; Efrat Barbiro-Michaely; Hofit Kutai-Asis; Assaf Deutsch; Alex Jaronkin
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Diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma of human skin by Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Riziene de Mattos Freire Pereira; Airton Abrahao Martin; Carlos J. Tierra-Criollo; Ivan D.A.O. Santos
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Comparison between the fluorescence spectroscopy and the 125I albumin-labeling technique for the study of skin edema dynamics
Author(s): Milene da Silva Melo; Renato Amaro Zangaro; Antonio Guillermo Jose Balbin Villaverde; Edson Antunes; Enilton Aparecido Camargo; Rodrigo Alvaro Brandao Lopes Martins; Denise Maciel Ferreira; Marcos Tadeu Tavares Pacheco; Egberto Munin
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Functional cerebral activation detected by an integrated system combining CW-NIR spectroscopy and EEG
Author(s): Luigi Rovati; Sergio Fonda; L. Bulf; Renata Ferrari; Gianpaolo Biral; Giorgia Salvatori; Andrea Bandera; M. Corradini
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