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Photons Plus Ultrasound: Imaging and Sensing
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Volume Number: 5320
Date Published: 12 July 2004
Softcover: 34 papers (282) pages
ISBN: 9780819452283

Table of Contents
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Thermoacoustic in vivo determination of blood oxygenation
Author(s): William L. Kiser; Robert A. Kruger; Daniel R. Reinecke; Gabe A. Kruger; Kathy D. Miller
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Phantoms for development of LOIS as a modality for diagnostic imaging of breast cancer
Author(s): Paul Mark Henrichs; James Meador; Ketan Mehta; Tom Miller; Andrew Yee; Alexander A. Oraevsky
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Photoacoustic imaging of blood vessels in the chorioallantoic membrane of a chicken embryo
Author(s): Roy G. M. Kolkman; Arjan Huisjes; Ronald I. Siphanto; Wiendelt Steenbergen; Ton G. van Leeuwen
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Optoacoustic imaging of gold nanoparticles targeted to breast cancer cells
Author(s): Mohammad Eghtedari; Massoud Motamedi; Vsevolod L. Popov; Nicholas A. Kotov; Alexander A. Oraevsky
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Dental depth profilometric diagnosis of pit and fissure caries using frequency-domain infrared photothermal radiometry and modulated laser luminescence
Author(s): Raymond J. Jeon; Andreas Mandelis; Victor Sanchez; Stephen H. Abrams
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Visualization of HIFU-induced lesions with thermoacoustic tomography
Author(s): Xing Jin; Yuan Xu; Lihong V. Wang; Claudio I. Zanelli; Samuel M. Howard; Yuncai Fang
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Development and testing of an optoacoustic imaging system for monitoring and guiding prostate cancer therapies
Author(s): Gloria M. Spirou; I. Alex Vitkin; B. C. Wilson; William Mark Whelan; Paul Mark Henrichs; Ketan Mehta; Tom Miller; Andrew Yee; James Meador; Alexander A. Oraevsky
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Pulsed near-infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy of blood
Author(s): Jan G. Laufer; Clare E. Elwell; Dave T. Delpy; Paul C. Beard
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Noninvasive functional photoacoustic tomography of blood-oxygen saturation in the brain
Author(s): Xueding Wang; Geng Ku; Xueyi Xie; Yiwen Wang; George Stoica; Lihong V. Wang
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Laser-induced photoacoustic tomography enhanced with an optical contrast agent
Author(s): Xueding Wang; Geng Ku; Xueyi Xie; Malgorzata A. Wegiel; Darryl J. Bornhop; George Stoica; Lihong V. Wang
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Joint study of lipopolysaccharide suspensions with thermal lensing and optoacoustic methods
Author(s): Nataliya V. Orlova; Anton V. Brusnichkin; Mikhail A. Proskurnin; Andrey V. Fokin; Oleg B. Ovchinnikov; Sergey V. Egerev
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Adhesion monitoring of skin grafts by photoacoustic measurement: experiment using rat allograft models
Author(s): Mutsuo Yamazaki; Shunichi Sato; Daizo Saito; Yoshiaki Okada; Hiroshi Ashida; Minoru Obara
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Vibration potential imaging: theory and preliminary results
Author(s): Andrew C. Beveridge; Shougang Wang; Vitalyi Gusev; Gerald J. Diebold
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Combined ultrasound, optoacoustic, and elasticity imaging
Author(s): Stanislav Y. Emelianov; Salavat R. Aglyamov; J. Shah; S. Sethuraman; W. G. Scott; R. Schmitt; Massoud Motamedi; A. Karpiouk; Alexander A. Oraevsky
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Three-dimensional photothermoacoustic depth-profilometric imaging by use of a linear frequency sweep lock-in heterodyne method
Author(s): Ying Fan; Andreas Mandelis; Gloria Spirou; I. Alex Vitkin; William Mark Whelan
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Spectral optoacoustic imaging using a wavelength-multiplexing technique
Author(s): Guenther Paltauf; Miriam Steininger
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Cw-OPO-based photoacoustic spectrometer for highly sensitive detection of ethane and other volatile organic compounds
Author(s): Frank Mueller; Alexander Popp; Stephan Schiller; Frank Kuehnemann
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Acousto-electric tomography
Author(s): Hao Zhang; Lihong V. Wang
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High-resolution imaging using ultrasound-modulated optical tomography
Author(s): Sava Sakadzic; Konstantin Maslov; Jun Li; Vikram K. Kinra; Lihong V. Wang
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Signal and noise in ultrasound-modulated optical tomography: a Monte Carlo study
Author(s): Gang Yao; Lihong V. Wang
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Enhanced detection of acousto-photonic scattering using a photorefractive crystal
Author(s): Lei Sui; Todd Murray; Gopi Maguluri; Alex Nieva; Florian Blonigen; Charles DiMarzio; Ronald A. Roy
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Photoacoustic tomography of rat brain in vivo using multibandwidth ultrasonic detection
Author(s): Geng Ku; Xueding Wang; Xueyi Xie; George Stoica; Lihong V. Wang
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Agile ultrasound-modulated optical tomography techniques using smart fiber optics
Author(s): Nabeel Agha Riza; Amana Bokhari
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Photothermal imaging of moving cells in lymph and blood flow in vivo
Author(s): Vladimir P. Zharov; Ekaterina I. Galanzha; Valery V. Tuchin
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Photothermal evaluation of the influence of nicotine, antitumor drugs, and radiation on cellular absorbing structures
Author(s): Vladimir P. Zharov; Valentin Galitovsky; Parimal Chowdhury; Timothy Chambers
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Pulsed-ultrasound tagging of light in living tissues
Author(s): Aner Lev; E. Rubanov; Ami Pomerantz; Bruno Gad Sfez
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POISe: pulsed optoacoustic interferometric spectroscopy and imaging
Author(s): Stefan A. Carp; Arnold Guerra; Samuel Quiba Duque; Vasan Venugopalan
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Ultrahigh-sensitivity wideband Fabry-Perot ultrasound sensors as an alternative to piezoelectric PVDF transducers for biomedical photoacoustic detection
Author(s): Edward Z. Y. Zhang; Paul C. Beard
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Transparent Fabry-Perot polymer film ultrasound array for backward-mode photoacoustic imaging
Author(s): Paul C. Beard; Edward Z. Y. Zhang; Benjamin T. Cox
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Experimental validation of photoacoustic k-Space propagation models
Author(s): Benjamin T. Cox; Jan G. Laufer; Kornel P. Kostli; Paul C. Beard
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Removing image artifacts in optoacoustic tomography using virtual transducer restoration
Author(s): Igor Patrickeyev; Alexander A. Oraevsky
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Application of time reversal to thermoacoustic tomography
Author(s): Yuan Xu; Lihong V. Wang
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Spatial resolution in three-dimensional photo-acoustic reconstruction
Author(s): Minghua Xu; Lihong V. Wang
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Image reconstruction in ultrasound-modulated optical tomography
Author(s): Jun Li; Lihong V. Wang
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