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Internet Imaging V

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Volume Number: 5304
Date Published: 15 December 2003

Table of Contents
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Content-based video retrieval and summarization using MPEG-7
Author(s): Werner Bailer; Harald Mayer; Helmut Neuschmied; Werner Haas; Mathias Lux; Werner Klieber
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Data submission of 3D image sets to a bio-molecular database using active shape models and a 3D reference model for projection
Author(s): Fons J Verbeek; Don D. Rodrigues; Herman Spaink; Arno Siebes
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Color Imaging management in film processing
Author(s): Alain Tremeau; Hubert Konik; Philippe Colantoni
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Combining spanning trees and normalized cuts for Internet retrieval
Author(s): Sharat Chandran; Abhishek Ranjan
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Accessing images with multiple representations
Author(s): Simone Santini; Amarnath Gupta
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Efficient content-based P2P image retrieval using peer content descriptions
Author(s): Wolfgang T. Muller; Martin Eisenhardt; Andreas Henrich
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SMIL and SVG in teaching
Author(s): Horst Eidenberger
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Real-time interactive virtual tour on the World Wide Web (WWW)
Author(s): Sanghyuk Yoon; Hai-jung Chen; Tom Hsu; Ilmi Yoon
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Distributed collaborative environment with real-time tracking of 3D body postures
Author(s): Thomas M. Alisi; Alberto Del Bimbo; Fabio Pucci; Alessandro Valli
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Multimedia approach to social research
Author(s): Cristiano Mutti
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Multimedia links and metadata channels for distributed shared browsing and authoring
Author(s): Ullas Gargi; Pere Obrador
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Color image quality on the Internet
Author(s): Sabine E. Susstrunk; Stefan Winkler
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Combining color and shape information for content-based image retrieval on the Internet
Author(s): Aristeidis Diplaros; Theo Gevers; Ioannis Patras
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Content-based quality evaluation of color images: overview and proposals
Author(s): Alain Tremeau; Noel Richard; Philippe Colantoni; Christine Fernandez-Maloigne
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A framework for querying heterogeneous images repositories
Author(s): Maria G. Albanesi; Emanuele Falchero; Federico Guerrini; Marco Ferretti
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An innovative system for formulating complex, combined content-based and keyword-based queries
Author(s): Herwig E. Rehatschek; Peter Schallauer; Werner Bailer; Werner Haas; Alfred Wertner
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Creating agents for locating images of specific categories
Author(s): Ali Mustafa; Ishwar K. Sethi
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Project Rescue: challenges in responding to the unexpected
Author(s): Sharad Mehrotra; C. T. Butts; D. Kalashnikov; Nalini Venkatasubramanian; Ramesh R. Rao; G. Chockalingam; R. Eguchi; B. J. Adams; C. Huyck
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Internet broadcast of hockey: a scale prototype
Author(s): Jeffrey E. Boyd; Maxwell Sayles; Luke Olsen; Paul Tarjan
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Automatic acquisition of motion trajectories: tracking hockey players
Author(s): Kenji Okuma; James J. Little; David Lowe
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Video segmentation by hidden Markov model using multimodal MPEG-7 descriptors
Author(s): Tae Meon Bae; Sung Ho Jin; Jin Ho Choo; Mansoo Park; Yong Man Ro; Hoi-Rin Kim; Kyeongok Kang
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Effective interactive web-based control of large-scale high-bandwidth sensor systems
Author(s): Robert Allan Cross
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Web interface for image processing algorithms
Author(s): Serge Chastel; Guido Schwab; Dietrich Paulus
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Hybrid color spaces applied to image database
Author(s): Jerome Da Rugna; Philippe Colantoni; Nabil Boukala
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A novel stereo pair coding algorithm based on hybrid block matching disparity estimation
Author(s): Jungong Han; Zhaoyang Lu
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Research on realization scheme of interactive voice response (IVR) system
Author(s): Xin Jin; Guangxi Zhu
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Automatic blur detection for meta-data extraction in content-based retrieval context
Author(s): Jerome Da Rugna; Hubert Konik
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Consultation model integration in the SIRBeC cultural heritage web
Author(s): Isabella Gagliardi
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LMIK - learning medical image knowledge: an Internet-based medical image knowledge acquisition framework
Author(s): Mamatha Rudrapatna; Arcot Sowmya; Tatjana Zrimec; Peter Wilson; George Kossoff; Phil Lucas; James Wong; Avishkar Misra; Sata Busayarat
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MPEG-7 audio-visual indexing test-bed for video retrieval
Author(s): Langis Gagnon; Samuel Foucher; Valerie Gouaillier; Christelle Brun; Julie Brousseau; Gilles Boulianne; Frederic Osterrath; Claude Chapdelaine; Julie Dutrisac; Francis St-Onge; Benoit Champagne; Xiaojian Lu
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Image annotation using SVM
Author(s): Claudio Cusano; Gianluigi Ciocca; Raimondo Schettini
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Interactive specification and extraction of free form surfaces from the Visible Human
Author(s): Laurent Saroul; Sebastian Gerlach; Roger-David Hersch
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